Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Anonymous Confessions

My favorite blog is Stella dimiko korkus. I've been reading her blog since 2007. I remember years ago when someone hacked her blog and closed it because she posted something they didn't like. She's always been an original and I love how blunt she is. She can spit fire which I love but I think she has toned it down a bit. I was happy when she finally got the type of traffic her blog deserves and she has been doing good things on that blog.

She recently put up a couple of posts asking people to confess anonymously. My dear, I don read, I don tire. Forget the numerous abortions and sleeping around, there was even a murder confession and someone who cooks for her husband with menstrual blood.

After reading those comments, I officially declare myself Jesus's baby sister, seated specially on the right hand corner of God. Even with all my unbelieving, non church going ways, I now by the power vested in me by me, declare myself a saint. Henceforth, I will be known as St. Sting.

Wat!!!! Ha! I haven't lived life o. See what medicine has done to me. I just chuckin myself for one corner dey read book, bad I no see do. Walahi. Now I know why Christianity has bale up the average Nigerian. When dem don commit finish, dem go say, but God has forgiven me. This God too good o.

May God forgive us all.

Now how can I get rid of this good girl image? It's too late to sleep around for money or use abortion as birth control cos any belle wey I get, sorry child, prepare to enter this evil world.

The thing wey dey pain me pass be say these are the most judgemental people. Na dem holy pass. As someone rightly said, na cemetary dey their closet.

I try not to be judgemental because we all have our cross to bear, but how on earth can someone have not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4 but 8 abortions? What the fuck is wrong with you? Get on fucking birth control for God sake. I'm pro-choice but God damn! After you will turn around and say God has forgiven you. You are so lucky I'm not God because I'll take those products of conception and slap you with them before I forgive you. Go buy some condoms, get on the pill, get an IUD, read, educate yourself about contraception, there's no excuse for that mess, because as much as we like to sugar coat it, that's a child that's not coming into this world for a frivolous reason. Fuck you for that shit.

Excuse the cussing, I tried really hard not to but that one just pisses me off. 8, 9, 10 abortions?! Abortion is not supposed to be used a birth control. If you can find someone to perform an abortion, then u can find someone to put you on birth control. Please fear the God that you want to forgive you. Still sorry for him small.

As for the one cooking with menstrual blood, no amount of Jesus will save that one.


  1. OH BOY!!!!! OFF i run to SDKs! Whaaatttt?!!!

  2. Hahah biko, lemme go and read too. Lawd have mercy..

  3. Hahah biko, lemme go and read too. Lawd have mercy..

  4. Hmm


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