Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Twenty Random Things

This is for New Dawn and Ms. Cookie (I had no clue you had a blog, madam. Well done). I have been meaning to do this post for a while now, but nothing was coming to mind.  Digging deep people!

  1. I discovered I had a natural talent for drawing in JSS 3. I'm naturally good at drawing what I see. Piss poor at drawing from my imagination. I really like drawing cartoons. As part of healing thyself, I took my first drawing class which ended last week. It was an awesome experience. I intend to take more art classes. I really want to learn how to paint. 
  2. I am allergic to Eba. I break out in boils whenever i eat it. My paternal grandmother had the same food allergy. 
  3. It is believed that I am the reincarnate of my paternal grandmother. I'm not sure what i think about that. I choose to see her as my guardian Angel.
  4. I only have 23 teeth but you can't tell from looking in my mouth as there has been almost $10,000 worth of dental work done (minus insurance). I kid you not! 
  5. If i wasn't in medicine, I would be a writer. I actually write and was very recently told by a couple of people including a writing coach that I have a gift and to make sure I keep on writing, but I am reluctant to call myself a writer. 
  6. People think I am funny. I have no idea why because i never try to be funny and most of the things i say that they laugh at, I'm actually being serious. Although, i would admit that i do spout some nonsense from time to time, but never with the intention of being funny. 
  7. I had to finally admit to myself that I really am a ball of mush on the inside.
  8. I got my first speeding ticket this month. The police officer wrote i was going 89 which was a blatant lie, but since it was out of town, I have to suck it up and pay the fine.
  9. I hate the Police. Just don't like them. 
  10. I shaved my head twice this year. I haven't done that since i was a kid. Prior to the first shave in Feb, I was natural. I love the feel of my bald head. Rubbing it is very soothing. I was tempted to shave it again last week, but i'm going to suck it up and let it grow. 
  11. 99.9% of the time, I don't use make up. Didn't do it when i was younger, so never got into it. Although a couple of years ago, I spent some good money on MAC products which i never used until recently. I break it out these days for professional photos and interviews. You will never catch me on a normal day with make up.
  12. 99.999% of the time I don't drink alcohol. No reason other than I don't like the taste
  13. I worked in a liquor store for 5 years :) 
  14. I have never been to a club. True story. The thought of a lot of people in a confined space is not my idea of fun. No interest. I automatically have a headache when people start talking of going to the club. 
  15. People who don't know me, think i am quiet. I tend to be more reserved when i'm not feeling the setting. 
  16. I never thought there would come a time when I would have no interest in blogging. It's something that makes me very sad because it was such a great outlet and i enjoyed it so much. I wonder if it is related to Anhedonia
  17. I talk to my mom everyday. She's the only person If i miss her call, that i try to call back before i go to bed. 
  18. I love Crime shows. I've watched all the ones on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Every single available episode. 
  19. I don't know if i believe in God but I definitely know what I don't like being around super religious people. 
  20. I wear Buddhist prayer beads all day everyday because it reminds me to practice mindfulness and stay focused on the now. I have no intention of becoming a Buddhist or any other religion.

I think i did good! New Dawn is determined to get me back to blogging come hell or high water. I also have another post to complete courtesy of her.  What would I change about my physical attribute or character?

New Dawn, I just want you to know that i appreciate you more than you would ever know. Same goes for Segun Pryme. Ms. Cookie, I read your comment and was actually surprised by it. I didn't think there was anything to miss, but apparently there is and it makes me want to work harder to get to the point where I am okay and enjoy blogging again.
Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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