Friday, May 2, 2014

Tales from med school

Attending: what is the short form of shortness of breath
3rd year Med student: SOB
Attending: That's son of a bitch
Resident and Med student laugh
Attending gives them a blank stare. Then goes in on the student who eventually starts to cry.
Attending: Go wipe your face.

*True story. Happened to a friend on her first rotation of third year. That attending has a reputation of being a biatch. She wanted my friend to say Dyspnea but I think she asked the wrong question.


  1. Eeyah not nice....maybe she should have thought twice before voicing that.

    There was this senior registrar who asked questions during rounds and was always happy to pick at the answers and add abuses...I always avoided answering..

  2. Not sure why but i found this scenario very funny :D

  3. Oh my.. funny.. Just found your blog. I live through that personal hell everyday. I actually quit medicine after internship but my parents refused to sponsor my unemployed, unmarried behind after a year so I'm back in the ward again. As a junior resident. Not much different from being an intern though, only this time, the consultants actually notice your existence.. and contrive to make you more miserable..


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