Saturday, May 24, 2014


Quite literally......

I think because I've been in one of the coldest states for the last few years, I kinda romanticized 
Atlanta's weather. 
While I will never be a fan of driving in the snow, I surprisingly adjusted pretty well to the cold. The coldest temperature I experienced in Atlanta before leaving was 23 degrees which only lasted for one day (back then). I didn't think I would be able to survive
Now if I see 23 degrees in the winter it's a good day.
I have become one of those people who come to the south and laugh when people around me are complaining it's cold.
I have braved the cold in scrubs in -1 degree weather. This happened a lot in Feb, cos I was always running late and couldn't afford to change when I got to the hospital. 

I'm in Atlanta right now and I'm not loving all this sun, it feels like summer and I was talking as if it was Summer, my 4 year old niece corrected me that it was spring. 
I was supposed to take my niece to ride her bike on the street yesterday, but at 6pm the sun was still shining as if someone was cooking in hell fire.

If I could take Atlanta's weather and pair it with my school states summer, it would be perfect for me. 
Anyone know a state that meets that criteria? 
I think I'm adding Atlanta to the list of places I don't want to be in the Summer. 
I can't stand the humidity. Same reason I don't like Florida. 
I lived there for 6 months and always preferred to be indoors cos the heat was not a joke. 
I've never been to Texas but I know that place might as well be hell fire 
In the summer. 

I hate to leave this blog lying fallow, so I will be blogging about random stuff
Like I said this has not been a good year for blogging. 


  1. Welcome back to the A. It is hot and I am like "FINALLY". I moved here because of the promise of hot weather instead I got one of the longest winters ever. My dream state is Arizona.

  2. I was in Atlanta in the fall, i live in California, i prefer humid weather to dry heat. I am still waiting for your address so i can send your gift card oh

  3. hahaha... you make it sound dreadful


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