Friday, February 14, 2014

Nigerians don't have sex!

YET, we manage to be the most populous country in the entire continent of Africa!
Immaculate conception things. 
God resides in Nigeria
We are truly blessed. 

How else will you explain the fact that not a single person wants a free gift from pure romance
You people can like to fall my hand sha! 
I told my sister that i didn't expect comments on that post
cos i know my people
Everyone is a virgin until they have their first child
Even then sef, they are still virgins
Direct connection to Mary

I don't have power for you people today.
I have Sunday off and I shall be bursting you all out of your sexual closet.
Wait for me, I'm coming. 


  1. I don't know what you're saying o. Me I want a free gift!

  2. I didn't know there was a gift involved! I actually ordered some stuff, toys sef! LOL...

  3. That is funny because i actually commented but somehow it didn't post and i was too lazy to repost. I basically said pure romance must target people in med school cos that was when i first heard of them, I love the house "parties" i have been too and have liked the few things I have gotten from there and I vouch for the quality of their products. :) I want a gift too.

  4. Just laughing......if I talk now....our people?......I no fit shout o jare!.

  5. Sting how can you put a "confession box" at the market square and expect people to come? We Nigerians are known for chop and clean mouth, including when we chop the one that is rightly ours. :D


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