Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hands on Head- MICU month

I'm dreading tomorrow
My friend asked me today if i got tomorrow off
I wasn't aware there was a holiday tomorrow
I don't blame him. He's at the VA this month, where they observe all holidays. 
Lucky him

I went to sign up for the torture chamber that is the medical ICU aka MICU instead
I slept until 1pm today
Not exaggerating
I initially woke up around 7ish
Went to the fridge and ate two meatpies i got from a baby shower yesterday 
and went back to sleep
until 1pm!!!

I was supposed to go to the movies today to see that Kevin Hart movie but
I had to cancel because i was so exhausted
Besides going grocery shopping today, i don't know what else i did with the day
I don't know how i ended up with the sickest patient on the team
He wasn't that sick when i got him

I really think i have been in America too long
I couldn't bring myself to handwash my white coat
cos the last time i did it the back of my hands hurt and i felt like my skin was going to peel
It really hurt to be honest
I have to wear my off white coat tomorrow, i guess
That white coat has seen better days

I'm going to sleep
My patient needs to get better because the whole ordeal is starting to stress me out
I spent my only day off thinking and worrying about him
I have been chart stalking him since yesterday
This is just crazy, i tell you. 


  1. I dont understand why you cant wash your coat in the washing machine? Use bleach and hot water and wash it alone if scared of germs abi?

    1. lol...I live in an apartment complex with coin laundry. I just did laundry last week. I can't pay to wash only one white coat.

  2. I have no where to dry if I hand wash sef ........takes days for ordinary table napkin to dry!!


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