Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sweet tooth

Today....I'm sad! 
It's official. 
I've lost my sweet tooth :(
I've been trying to deny it for months because it honestly baffled me
The words "too sweet" never existed in my vocabulary
I drank Very Vanilla Silk Soymilk for years and now it's too sweet
The dulce de leche goya wafers i love are now too sweet and seem like i'm just eating cardboard and sugar
I drink my tea these days without sugar or honey and i'm able to appreciate the flavor
and love it *gasps*
I never thought that was possible

What in the world has happened to my taste buds? 
I mean, i bought walker's shortbread and gave it away unopened because i had no desire to eat it

The world is coming to an end, i tell you. 


  1. Oh no!!! *clasps bossom*....What are we gon' do now?!

  2. Please i can't laugh! End times tingz. Nigerians blame everything on the End Times.

    Don't have money to buy a Range Rover? #EndTimesTingz

    Eyaaa, maybe your sweet tooth will come back. Claim it in Jesus name!!!!!

  3. Lol I think mine went a while ago. It's weird though because it randomly visits from time to time, but for the most part my sweet tooth doesn't like in my mouth anymore.


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