Monday, November 25, 2013

Demons and Living corpses

Thanks to Amazon prime, Netflix and more free time, i have been watching a lot of TV shows lately. I just started season 7 of Intervention (which is the first season Amazon prime has available) and it's so obvious that a lot of people have serious demons to deal with in life and we have some living corpses amongst us. It is very sad to watch. Drug addiction is a horrible thing and some people are never able to shake it. During my psych rotation, i was on Psych consults and we were consulted for an older man in his 70s with suicidal ideation. He was very angry when we walked in. The nurses had warned us prior because he had been giving them hell. The NP had gone with me but i was the one supposed to conduct the interview. The man barked at him and was quite frightening to be honest but as mean as he seemed by the end of talking to him, he was in tears and apologising. Come to find out that he was angry at himself for not being able to get rid of his addiction. He had been trying to get clean since the 70s and it was relapse after relapse, now he has grandkids he wants to be there for but he can't because of his addiction. I felt for him and watching intervention, it's easy for me to empathize with some of them because i understand how much of a disease addiction is and realize the uphill battle they have to face. It's quite sad actually.

Orange is the New Black! Seriously!!!!! The first time i heard about the show was the halloween black face incident with Julianne Hough. When i say i haven't watched any sort of TV this year, i am not kidding. That show sucked me in and I didn't realise until the season was over that there was only season 1. I wouldn't have started watching it if i knew that because i like to accumulate seasons of shows before i start watching especially if it's a good show because i can't stand suspense. Which is why i still haven't watched Scandal. I hope it lives up to the hype when i do watch it.

Then last but not least, Duck Dynasty. I haven't laughed at any show as much as i did watching season 1. I'm yet to watch season 2-4 because they are not free on prime and I have no patience for the free TV sites these days, but i'm working on getting the DVDs. It is an unexpectedly good reality show. Uncle Si is a hoot. I love Jase too, i think they are very intelligent and witty.

I also got into my Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Bridezillas and Toddlers and Tiaras (for a little bit).

What shows do you TV watching people recommend?


  1. As you seem to like demons and living corpses, try Supernatural

  2. LOL Exactly how I felt after watching OITNB..I mean it was so gross but I have to confess it was very funny! I watched Breaking Bad just a few months ago (thank God for Netflix)...I thought that was the SLOWEST show ever! I think I only enjoyed it because of the hype and the weird setting.

    Then my regulars are Monday-Castle, Tuesday - Trophy Wife, Wednesday - Nashville, Thursday - Greys Anatomy and Scandal, Friday - last Man Standing.

    Geez, see my life?

  3. Game of thrones. Suits. I like food and sweets so all them food shows work for me esp Cake Boss and Fabulous Baker brothers. Bridezillas. Say yes to the dress. Greys Anatomy


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