Sunday, September 22, 2013

Jesus Nice

Jesus Christ =  Jesus Nice
As far as my 4 yr old niece is concerned.
And no, she didn't go to church, she went to school where she learnt how to talk to Jesus Nice.
She thinks Sunday school is school not church.
Kids are the best.

If you want to KIT with me, I'm on Twitter and Instagram
You can't stalk me privately
You have to request to follow me. 
Sorry, no vex. 
I just don't want any Thomas, Dickson and Harrison to have access to my stuff
Let's contain the madness

I'm not anonymous on Instagram
so if you want to see the unfortunate mug i have been assigned to go through life with, 
you can follow me. 
Put a face to the crap you read

There's really no other incentive
Why do people want thousands of followers?
I think i'm slow with this social media thing and the whys of it.
I just applied to have my facebook permanently deleted (not deactivated)

I'm not abandoning this blog though
I still dey kampe
It's just easier to update twitter with my rants
whenever and whereever the spirit leads

The instagram and twitter buttons on the side are not for decoration.
Use it and don't let me wound you. 
Have a nice week
God bless, nothing less
Jiggy more


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