Monday, October 29, 2012

Oct 29

It's my birthday and i am sad and deflated and overwhelmed. Good thing i never planned out my life because if i had planned it, this is not where i would have wanted to be at this point. I think i am burnt out.. I'm just losing steam and i can't afford to right now. I have an OSCE on tuesday and a shelf on Wednesday, so i can't even enjoy the birthday anyway. Be that as it may, let's review the last year of my life

  • I found God
  • Then i lost him or he left me, one of the two. I'm boycotting him right now anyway, so it doesn't matter.
  • Med school has been using me to play panya and it hasn't stopped. Sighhhhhhhh.............
  • I am coming out of my shell and enjoying this new side of me
  • I found out i can actually tolerate bullshit, either that or med school has taken the fight out of me. I just don't want to deal with wahala anymore.
  • I discovered how strong I really am. "You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only option you have" - This is true
  • I boycotted guys for the rest of 2nd yr and got my life and sanity back. I loved every second of it.
  • I decided i don't want to be a Pediatrician or an Anesthesiologist (The only rotations i have done so far). Here's to hoping i like Internal medicine, my next rotation. I probably won't like anything with the way things are going.
  • Actually, i lied. I fell in love the first day i walked into GI clinic. It could have been lust or infatuation. Only time will tell.
  • I discovered medicine is cool. Sometimes i am awed by the things i've seen and it makes me want to be a good doctor. I just want to be great at what i do and have patients who think i'm awesome because i am knowledgeable and have good people skills. That's my goal in life.
  • I have accepted that my brain may never fire in the direction of me longing to be someone's wife but i think it's something i would be okay with doing if i met the right person (who will let me keep my name. lol)
  • Sadly, i have to admit by my grandmother's standards, I am no longer a spring chicken even though i might look like one. It's okay though, old hens taste better, so i'm cool with that. 
  • I stopped carrying medicine on my head. I started sleeping and taking plenty chill pills. It has helped my health a lot. My sanity is still questionable, but it's a process and we are getting there.  
  • I am convinced that i was built for a life of luxury. I would love an assistant to take care of the mundane aspects of my life. One can dream right? That is my number one fantasy. I was made to be a madam o. Cash madam, big madam, for my mind. All join. 
Sinfully delicious. My treat to myself, after all you only turn 65 once :)
 Happy Byday to me! 
Thankfully Hematology clinic is only 3 hours in the morning and i can study for the rest of the day. 
Whoop dee doo!


  1. Aww..Happy Birthday NS. I hope you find God again and I hope you have a beautiful day despite everything! Hugs!

  2. Happy Birthday Herbalist Sting...

  3. Happy birthday Madama de la Sting, wish you llnp.

  4. Happy birthday sweets, I hope you find God or he finds u again soon.

    Have a fab day!

  5. Happy birthday doll. Don't boycot God o. Navigate him back. Enjoy ur day...I know that may seem impossible now, but find time, a little time to spoil urself, even if it's just a one hour bubble bath u av.

  6. Happy Birthday my darling Sting! I love you so you had better smile and have a nice day!

  7. Happy BirthDay my Dr. Madam wen u think dat God has left u, just look around n u would see dat he his right here with u.... wishing LL&P

  8. Happy birthday Madame, here's to success in your endeavours, to the lavish life you work and pray fro, to fine fine husband like me, to fine fine children like me. Bless

  9. LMAO...
    Madame De La Sting M.D. turns 65..buhaqhhahahah
    HAppy happy happy birthday hun. I will whip up a batch of chinchin in your honor and toast to your birthday.

  10. Happy Birthday Sting! TRY to have fun... :)

  11. Happy birthday! You, Madam De La Sting are a very strong lady. You'll always pull through. Have an amazing day irrespective *kisses*

  12. HBD babe. Please drop the sadness and celebrate life.

  13. Happy Birthday Sting.That Daidai (digestive) is calling my name. I hope you enjoy today. God's doors are always open... I hope you find him again.

  14. Happy birthday Sting, I have always loved you and your blog. Keep doing that medicine something, the end is nearer than you think. All the best in the coming exams, HUGS!

  15. Happy birthday to you, you will make a good doctor, hang in there!

  16. HBD
    laughing @ your musings.


  18. Happy Happy birthday Sting MD!!!!
    Wish you more grace and God's favour.


  19. Happy Birthday Dame.. Be safe heard about the hurricane

  20. Happy Birthday Dr. Sting!!
    Many Happy Returns!
    Wishing you all the best!

  21. Happy birthday Sis :) I'll drink a glass of juice on your behalf.

    You haven't lost God. He's always near :)

  22. Awww Happy birthday and the best on your exam xoxo :D

  23. happy birthday, wishing you all your heart desires :-)

  24. Happy birthday to one of the most brilliant physicians ever. All the best in the glowing future!

  25. Happy birthday Sweetie!!! Mmuah Mmuah!

  26. happy birthday to you
    you don old

  27. Hah Madame Sting!
    Happy Birthday to you oh and many more years to you...
    E don tey sha oh..
    How life?
    Well, missed you oh...
    Just thought to say Hi and I'd be back..
    Please be a good doc oh.. You just might me my personal doc.. Lol.. Cheers! Have a good time!
    Formerly (2cute4u)

  28. happy birthday dear.jst so u know, God will NEVER leave u.

  29. Happy Belated Birthday Stingomama!

    Please find God back oh....even when you no get Him time, He still cares for you!

    Many more blessing to you in your passing years, may you become a pride to your generation. You deserve to be remembered!

  30. Happy birthday in arrears to you, madam sting

  31. Happy Birthday
    My little 'Soft Centre Chocolate Pudding'
    (Harder Exterior, soft squishy centre) LOL

  32. Happy Birthday in arrears Sting, your birthday is my wedding cool is that?


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