Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sleep is for the Weak

Sleep is for the weak
No be me kill Jesus (God forgive me!)

Nicknames for classmates so far. (the list increases daily)
  1. Lady koi koi (na so so koi koi shoes that one dey wear)
  2. Pineapple (random pick so we can codedly talk about the person)
  3. Your BFF (one busy body like that) - She cool though.
  4. Drummer boy (We went for a potluck review session, during the review, instead of this one to write with biro like his mates or type like a human being, he was pounding his keyboard, no be small thing)
  5. Turner Syndrome and friends (Long story short, my friend said she looks like she has turner's syndrome)
  6. Surgeon (Dude in lab group who likes to cut)
More to come. This is just me delaying/escaping my reality. Chineke God in heaven, i'm channeling you o!


  1. Your classmates sound interesting. But pineapple? LWKMD.

    All the best ooo. No worry, e go better.

  2. i'm chuckling over here at those name, babe.

    Keep your head up!

  3. omo! u na bad o! what's ur own name na?

  4. At least your having some fun!
    hang in there babe!


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