Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Can't believe i am excited about Thursday not because it's my birthday but because i get done at 12pm and have the rest of the day to study.'

This is the most i have been disinterested in my birthday. Actually, it's the first time. My brain hasn't even registered that fact. Life. SMH


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance.

    I did send you a mail tho.

  2. Which email address did u send it to? Looked through chacha4mi, didn't see it or are u Miss sassy?

  3. Happy birthday in advance fellow scorpio. So where's the party at? LOL. Take care and good luck with your studies. Parcel my cake oo

  4. ...and yet again, 'tis our season. The scopios..... and like is peculiar with scopios, you don't get a birthday greeting (or surprise) till 29th, a day before 30th.

  5. Happy almost birthday! I guess this how you know you're a medical school student eh? When it's all about the schooling and not about you. I hope you find a few minutes to celebrate though!

  6. Happy Birthday in advance!!!
    Take time to celebrate o!!!


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