Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Light at the end of the tunnel

Hmmmm.... shey all of u said i should be looking/thinking of the light at the end of the tunnel. Ok oh! I have called on Jehovah to come down (Chineke, biko gbadata!). Only God will help me in this voluntary prison i have sentenced myself to for four years. At least i passed Medical genetics. P=MD. Na so oh! I was begging for a pass at the end of the day. Wetin be honors for this one. I was failing the thing o! I dash them this one. Hopefully i will be able to do better on the rest. Although at the moment i am battling with my dreaded enemy BIOCHEM. We shall see.

So besides my jail sentence what has been happening? Stuff, more stuff and nothing at all. I am relationshipless. Which is not a bad thing cos i don't know what i was doing b4. My friend said something that cracked me the hell up. She said "Money doesn't buy love, but it's a good down payment". I love her. We keep each other going. It would have been tough going through this alone. Right now she(we) are on the hunt..... point and kill. LOL. I can't explain. Random. I know!

Med school don tire me. I want my old life back, and the first thing i will do when i get it is pack my things and go to Nigeria and go and marry some rich Alhaji and be his 4th and favorite wife. No need. Case closed!

By the way, i paid someone $200 to torture me on Sunday o! It was not a small something. Shey when they said i should braid my hair in Atlanta, i refused abi. I was like, no oh, i want to take care of my hair and wash it every week. I went to be buying hair product like i own a salon. Hmmm..... Story! Mumu oshi! I didn't know what i was getting into. After stress and probably formaldehyde from those cadavers have made half the hair on my head fall out in less than a month, and tying my hair to school during exam week looking like someone's village wife, nobody told me to go braid my hair. The winch i went to decided to kill me in the process. $200 for me to now have boils on my head. It's almost like she was trying to braid my brain with the hair. I can't even shout. Nobody sent me message.

I'm going to bed jo! I have a date with my cadaver abi na body donor tomorrow. I HATE anatomy lab by the way. I have tried, but Mba. It's not for me. I don't want to be a surgeon, so if i never touch the body, that is fine with me. I think i've only dissected twice or three times since we started a month ago, and that's just for eye service make dem no talk say i never touch cadaver. We started face and neck this week, all this while we had the face covered so i hadn't see my donor's face. Some other groups looked at theirs before hand, but i wasn't in a hurry. Why? Anyway, so we uncovered her face..... hmmmmm! I have seen things in my life. Shey i said i wanted to go to medical school. Oya now, come and go.

This woman's face has been haunting me o! I was driving and i saw someone that looked like her. Ask me how? I don't know. Body that had her mouth open in one kind of scary manner. I keep seeing her face in my head and it is scary cos she looks dead. lol. Sorry. I think i have PTSD. At least i can diagnose myself with that one. I'm traumatized. Underneath the human face has a lot of fat and it's disgusting and our lady is skinny as hell. We are taking out the brain tomorrow. That should be fun! Drama! Maybe na tomorrow i go faint the faint wey i wan faint since. LOL..

It's generally not that bad sha! Half the time i'm in there i'm thinking of food cos i'm usually hungry. Maybe formaldehyde makes me hungry or it's the boredom of standing around for 2 hours doing nothing. My group members already know i'm not a cutter so they don't even bother asking me. The only other girl in my group might as well be a vestigial organ. She doesn't even bother to show up these days. At least i still try to show my face and leave as early as possible, which is right before they need people to wash the tools. You used it, wash it!

Play time is over. Thanks for the comments on my previous posts. The encouragement is appreciated. I just need to vent and then i'll feel better. No, i don't delete my posts, i just take them down. My OCD is worrying me, that's y ;)

I miss u Lenie. I love u, my little puppy. You better remember me when i see u in Dec. if not, wahala go dey o! People still dey chop dog meat for Calabar.


  1. Ah Sting pele o! Men i no envy you...lol
    Cadaver and food...ewwwww...diskusting, like my neighbour's son will say!

  2. Oh dear, sorry oh. I pray you have the strenght to take each day at a time. Thank God for wonderful friends.

    Try oh with your cadaver...after writing exam to enter uni...this is no time to slack :-)

    Take care.

  3. You were driving and saw someone that looked like her? LOLLLLL....Pele.

  4. eh yah.. sorry.. you'll definitely laugh last..wen u become that bigtime dokita.

    ur friend is funny, like her my sister says..
    'they say money doesn't buy happiness, well, neither does poverty'.

  5. lmbo!!! Pele. No be say you wan do melecine?? To eat to corn, you must first weed the soil.
    Okay, that made no sense what so ever. I'm tired. Work is tiring me, I'm not thinking at 100% capacity right now, (if you yab me).
    You'll be alright though. It will be over before you know it.

  6. Eya, when you succeed in your field now, you will forget all the hassle you had to go through.

    Take care of the bumps

  7. about the hair
    i can emphatize
    i always make sure whenever i am surronded by black people i get it done cuz there are places in Indiana where boils are the norm

  8. Pele o! Me reading this is traumatising! Too graphic. And you are living it. Tough call. All the best.

  9. I tell you it will be smooth sailing from here, shey you were complaining of the genetics and you passed? Forget any alhaji abeg, LOL

  10. med school perks...you should see the movie Pathology, makes me wish i was a medical doctor (anyway, i will be one in my next life)...how bad is your OCD? i think mine has reduced, somehow

  11. Trust me u're not the only non-cutter. I run from all instruments till they are all picked up by other people and i just stand around and look into my dissecting manual.

    I'm sure you have a very wonderful cadaver and u are complaining. You shd see what they have to put up with in naij as cadavers.

  12. Oh, my cadaver is perfect. No fat, skinny. We are assigned 5 to a cadaver. My friend who went to med school in naija said they were 20 to a cadaver. Craziness!!!!

    We did the head this week and i did not bother showing up the whole week. I just couldn't do it. We are taking out the eye on Monday. Gross!!! I have to be there since i skipped the whole week, this week.


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