Tuesday, May 20, 2008


See me see wahala.... I have a stalker on my hands oh! This guy has called me back to back 29times in the last 20mins. Make that 30 times.

How do i meet these kinds of people? I remember talking to my therapist last yr about the nigerian guy that i met that was trying to get me involved in his online dating scam activities and i just burst out laughing. She asked me why i was laughing and i said cos i don't know how i meet all these kinds of people.

With this dude that's calling, it's almost like a movie. Thankfully he's very far away from me if not i would be worried. The guy is so freaking annoying and he's such a manipulator. I hate that. He's the same guy that made me mad in my previous post.

Make that 31 times he has called.

He's worrying me right now. I would take his call but i don't want to get into another senseless conversation AGAIN tonight. Imagine this dude saying he wants to be with me, yet he has a girlfriend. (To cut a very long story short) As soon as i tell him not to call me anymore he changes his story that he was just trying to make me jealous. What?!! This is after i had asked him repeatedly since yesterday if he was joking and he said no. He said he has seen who he wants (moi) and what's wrong if he wants to go after me. I told him i don't want to be with him and hung up on him. He kept calling, then i finally picked up and that's when he said he was joking. Trust me, he wasn't. He has no reason to make that kind of joke for 2 straight days. Mind u, he keeps accusing me of having a boyfriend even after i had told him i don't have one. Talk about guilty conscience, and he had asked me on Sunday what would i do if i found out he had a girlfriend. He brought it up again yesterday, and that's when he decided to confess and come clean. Now, as soon as i ask him not to call me anymore, he was joking.

Do i look mildly retarded? What kind of stupid joke is that? So he said if that's what i want he'll leave me alone, i said fine. Now he won't stop calling me. He's sending me text messages asking me to pick up the phone so he can tell me everything. I thot he said he was joking, so what everything is he telling me?

That's it! I'm on a boy break until i learn to start weeding out the potential stalkers and lunatics. They are driving me crazy or maybe i'm driving myself crazy cos i don't have to deal with these old goats.

So the heifer called me a couple more times last night and left me about 4 voice messages. He had the guts to say he didn't know what he did, but whatever it is he is very sorry. What?!!! I don't know how he left me that message with a straight face. He said he doesn't know what message i was trying to send by not picking up his calls and he has no idea why i am so angry and he just kept apologizing. If u call me 5 times and i don't pick up the phone, what message am i sending? He called me 34 TIMES!!!! What freaking message did he think i was sending? He's crazy!

Not once did he mention that he was joking when he said he had a girlfriend. If he really was joking he would have said so in the voice message instead of pretending he didn't know why i was mad. This is the same shit i have had to deal with in the last month. He does or says some stupid stuff and when i react to it he manipulates the situation to make me feel like i'm being mean to him for no reason. I had told this guy last week, i didn't want to be with him. Two days later, he's back acting like those words never left my mouth. He kept asking me to tell him what i want with him even after i had already told him.

So he doesn't feel bad, i said he should chill until after my exam in July and we'll talk about it. It was never my intention to string him along but since he refused to listen to what i had previously said,i had to say that to get him off my back. Still that didn't work. I only started talking to this dude a month ago, i've never met him. His sister was my dorm prefect in boarding school and that's the only reason i started talking to him in the first place. I go on yahoo messenger this morning and he had left me this video by Joe (If i was your man. Youtube it if u are interested). I don't think it's cute. I think he's a psycho cos he has no reason to be so into me. Calling me 34 freaking times, for what?!


  1. Wow wahala, sorry o. Just keep ignoring his calls and deleting those texts messages. Eventually his slow mind will take the hint and stop calling. You would think some guys will understand that its not by force, but some of these men don't understand this; no means yes to them.

  2. He is so lying! He definately has a babe. What kind of stupid jealousy was he trying to create. Humm..I have had one stalker for awhile now o. He started calling my regular line and sending I luv u messages. I actually thought my friends were behind it and having a laugh so I didn't take it seriously. Then he somehow got my 2nd and very private number. That freaked me out. Told him never to call me..his response: "You are making me very angry and believe me you do not want to see me angry"

    Fear gripped me o! avoided his calls and deleted the messages after that

  3. "Do i look mildly retarded? What kind of stupid joke is that?"

    I doubt it's a funny situation but this made me laugh out loud for real.

    This dude is a psycho. You can either entertain yourself by keeping the communication lines open or never talk to him again. Trust me, he'll find another girl to play this game with in no time. LOL

  4. I woudln't even waste my time talking to this guy ever again. Trying to have a rational conversation with someone like him is a good exercise in insanity.

  5. This guy sounds like he is on crack. Cheap crack. Please continue to ignore his phonecalls and delete his texts..

  6. I don’t see why you let this guy bother you so much. See, to put him where he belongs, you have to calm down and laugh at everything. There is no need letting him get you worked up. Start making him feel stupid when he calls you. Another tip, waste his credit, pick the call and leave it on the table till he cuts it, do that again and again

  7. @okrika: I have no intention of picking his calls.

    @tairebabs: Thank u, i know his ass is lying. Maybe he thinks i'm dumb. The poor girl now would think she has a boyfriend. Idiot!

    @tout noir: I'm glad u found some humor in the situation. I laughed too when i read ur comment. I definitely agree he's a psycho

    @goodnaijagirl: I totally agree, after engaging in such senseless conversations a number of times.

    @NDQ: I guess he didn't get the memo that crack is wack. I need to hook him up with Whitney.

    @standall: I might just do as u suggested, pick the call and ask him to hold on until he's tired. Stupid ass old man.

  8. @original mgbeke: Yes 34 times. My phone is always on vibrate anyway so i wasn't too pissed. I was just baffled at his persistence.

  9. My dear stinger......permit me to say, that guy is getting the exact reaction he wants from you.
    Oh, that you don't answer his calls doesn't necessarily bother him; what matters to him is that he is contantly in your 'minds i'.

    How? You may ask. By giving thots to his actions......which is pretty difficult not to.

    Eventually, he hopes....continually being in your 'mins i' will soften your resolve. I fear, at this rate....it just might.

  10. lol, what kind of juju did you put on this man??

    (Sorry to make light of your situation)

  11. lol, I just read my girl Tee's comment. That is EXACTLY what I would have done. Don't you just love Tee!

  12. ahh shwuu, where u find that one, abeg, block the number..

    talk about uneeded stress...dnt listen to what he has to say, he seems like the midly retarted one.

  13. shoot! wat kind of randomness is that!!.....i do wonder wat goes thru guys minds wen they're calling/trying so hard.....as in after a while, get some pride, n move on!!!!

    guys like this piss me off! but like someone said....u can use it as amusement! :o)

  14. ok wow...Crazy is def in the house! psycho is more like it...34 times...i'll av cursed his ass out on the 4th ring..geez...
    well like Standtall said...guys hate their egos being messed with, so make him feel really stupid..

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  16. I feel bad for his babe. I'm sure she's there thinking she has a responsible man and the imbe is walking around denying her. Na wa oo

  17. As in, this one don pass crase pesin ooh!

    Isn't there away you can block ppl 4rm calling ur number? I don't think this one understands no at all, 34 times ke?ahn!ahn

  18. Ach! That's so annoying! Sorry about that.

    Your blog is fan-tastic! I luv the pics, the atmosphere, everything. Whew!


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