Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Akamu anyone?

Why in God's name do libraries have to be so cold? Eh?! It's like a second winter in the library. It's all nice and sunny outside but freezing in the library. Like a sheep without shepherd, i have been jumping from one library to another trying to find one with a decent temperature. I have become a library whore. I can't study when i'm cold oh! Even if i have on a sweater, it doesn't work i'm just too uncomfortable. My school library is the height. I even started taking a blankie to the library. So if u happen to live in my city and u see a girl in the library huddling under a blankie like she's in her bedroom, just know it's me. But if the chic is a "wowo for sale", it's not me. I reject!

Anyway, i had taken myself to the public library close to my house (after leaving the community college library, which has the best temp. so far but they close early). After studying for a short while i suddenly got a craving. For what, u might ask........... Akamu (pap) and liquid peak milk . I was surprised at myself cos i don't know where that kind of craving came from. It's not like i'm pregnant or anything, unless my name is Mary, which i can assure u it is not. I haven't had that meal in a long time, not even when i was still in naija. So, that's how i started thinking of food (Suya) instead of studying. Mehn......... i need to go to naija seriously.

Moving on.......... my best friend's boyfriend of 7yrs suddenly decided to break up with her for no good reason. I did the hook up when we were still teenagers, now this dude is now a doctor and he has decided to ditch my friend. I have asked for his number and i am going to do power ranger for my friend. She's very heart broken and i can definitely feel her pain. 7 yrs? Na beans? That boy better get ready for me, cos he's going to get it. I saw it coming cos he's been misbehaving since he graduated from med school last year. He stopped calling her claiming he was too busy. I have friends that are in the same boat as him and i asked them if you would be too busy to call ur girlfriend during ur housemanship, and they said u would definitely have time if u were not on call. Now, he called my friend one day and she didn't pick up cos she left her phone at her sister's house, that's the excuse he now used to break up with her. Saying he is going to be a very busy man and he can't marry a woman he doesn't trust. Just becos she didn't pick him his call. That dude is trifling. I knew when he was cheating on her, but i didn't tell her cos i knew she would not leave him and i did not want to scatter someone's relationship all the way from here.

This is the first relationship i hooked up, all the other's after this have ended up in disaster so i have definitely retired my match-making cap. I suck at it.


  1. Don't give up hun, u don't suck at it, they are just human and humans are... well humans lol. Think of all the happy moments they had... it was because u introduced them. Now u're being a good friend and being there for u're hommie and that's what matters.

  2. i refuse to play matchmaker
    sometimes that shit comes back to bite u in the ass

    ole med school dude
    what kinda bullshit is that?

  3. My guess is that the boyfriend is screwing someone else. And I honestly do not know why libraries are so cold. Something about preserving the books.

  4. I'm willing to take the risk, sting: hook me up!

    (Ah, the sweet scent of desperation, abi?)

    I'm always so philosophical about breakups when I hear that there was trifling going on: she is better off without him. I cannot stand infidelity and I'm keeping hope alive, believing that it's not a given in all relationships.

    Seven years IS a long time to spend with him and it's sad that perhaps she even supported him through his work to get his medical degree and now she's left with nothing. It's tough because if they had met when she was in her 20s, I'm thinking she wouldn't stay with a guy for 7 years without having some sort of commitment. The good news then is since they started dating when she was in her teens she's still got lots of good years left and will be able to find someone deserving of her.

    Don't be afraid of trying the matchmaking again. It's hard enough to find a match these days without our friends who might know eligible bachelor/ette(s) refusing to help us out! :)

    And I'm guessing sugabelly has the answer to your library quandry.

  5. I wonder how it feels to see something you helped to make HAPPEN crumble right before ur very eyes...painful I guess.

    As a personal rule, I don't match-make. I like the natural play of things more...lol

  6. akamu crave.....sounds very like u are preggers...but since u aiint...have no idea why u got the crave..pls dont call the guy let him be......a lot of tymes we try so hard to hang on to guys God in His wisdom is trying to cut us away from just cos they aiint for us.let ur pal be......the one for her is on the way...matchmaking is tricky-most tymes we suck at it.......

  7. @nigerian: I'm disapointed. I had dibs on god mother and chiefs bridesmaid. I feel robbed.

    @dejanae: That is some serious bullshit.

    @sugabelly: I think he definitely is. Olodo of a person.

    @goodnaijagirl: With my track record, i don't think u want me to hook u up oh.

    @jaycee: Trust me, i am pissed. I feel robbed. That relationship was my excuse for having matchmaking skills.

    @ibiluv: Preg kini? I'm not oh. You are probably right oh. Make i sofry drink panadol for another person headache, but............

  8. I feel bad for your friend, but she's a big girl, she can take care of herself and you'd be better off supporting her than getting all power ranger on Mr. dokitor.

    and you throwing words like suya and akamu or ogi is just not right. Especially when I'm in the middle of nowhere with no access to either. Abi, ki lon se e now????

  9. HELLO, long time

    pap, me and my sister were laughing about his a couple of days ago, she was feeling sick, I asked her, what do you want, she replied nothing, just light pap.

    We busted out in hysterics, just the way she said it...lol anyway

    yh, I cant wait to go to naija myself. Eat all the eatables

    That man was looking for an excuse to break up with her, it seems like, graduating, just shacked his head anyhow.

    Tell her, she can move on to bigger and better things, let idiots be

    speaking of matchmaker, I think its a bad thing

    My very close girl friend, hooked me up with one of her friends, the relationship ended up in tragedy, and who do I blame? My friend of

  10. course, who else do you blame

  11. I have always wondered y libraries are so cold myself, that's y I feel better reading in my bed.

    abt match-making, personally I don't do it. I avoid "help me talk to ur friend" situations. Just introduce them and leave them to do whatever. It's not ur fault, he probably hooked up with someone else. Just make sure ur friend knows u're there for her.

  12. Wow just like that after 7years, hmm na crase dey worry the boy o. He needs a proper tongue lashing. All of a suddent the one that was there for you before MD come enter your name is not good enough hmm men like that make me sick.

    Anyway sha good luck with those finals my last one is today (i should be reading).

  13. u can take the girl outta the razz zones buh u cant take razz outta the girl...

    ...uhmmm...u have bad mojo...u quit hooking people up...keep it that way...lol...

  14. It's so sad. Perhaps it just wasn't meant to be... though he's a loser of course. Your friend will hopefully meet someone better who'll love and appreciate her more.

    How are u?

  15. The guy wants the relationship to end and your friend should respect his wishes, another guy will find her unless she likes being deceived

  16. Sum guyz are just not worth it.. i think wat ur friend needz most is u to be there 4 her.. Riily luvin ur blog..1st tym here and itz awesome

  17. chai sweerie, its been a min. see me and my busy ass sef. akamu! fogerrit..lol..just hold ur long throat.
    how many times do i have to say this, guys are jerks. the world is better off without them..lol.pele to ur friend o..seven years is not beans or akamu.

  18. yh girl

    Akamu and akara...you know the good stuff hehe

    i curse the day i did matchmaker for my friend, she was the one pestring my life that shell single, singl ethis single that.

    so i say let me hook her up with my friend, the idiot messed her up.

    and who gets the blame me,i dont know how that is possible.

    ive decided never in my life, will i attempt match making

    hw u dey long time oh

  19. Dannng to be dumped after 7 years...I will kill the goat...

    But maybe you should let them sort themselves out...

    As for the library babe I feel you on inability to read when its cold...but I also have a problem reading when it's hot!!!

  20. I carry a portable heater to the library when I study. :) Works perfectly and I pity the person who has the audacity to tell me to carry my heater out of the library.

  21. oohhhh. i avnt had akamu in a WHILE!
    abt the breakup, the guy becoming a doctor had something to do with it. A lot more girls are throwing themselves at him and he is feeling cool wiv himself. He disses the gurl who stayed wiv him thru med school, little does he know that she is the best for him, she would always have been there. But i guess he would never know now. Tell ur gurl to move on to better things, theres a hottie out there who she deserves better.


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