Thursday, August 4, 2016


I am currently on a well earned and very well deserved vacation with the fam in Georgia. I'm lying here, chilling and wondering why people's idea of a vacation is to go out and do things. My ideal vacation involves doing nothing. I don't want to go anywhere, see anything, do anything except eat, sleep, maybe watch TV.

When we go on vacation we assign out inbasket to another resident to cover it. In the past, I would cover along just so the resident doesn't have to do too much. I did that on Monday, then i said fuck that shit! I'm on vacation and don't need to be doing shit. Especially when the resident who covered my inbasket on Monday told me the Nurses were been shitty to me, which i noticed but never really pay attention to.

First month of second year of residency done.... Like play like play, day dey go. It's been a crazy experience so far. My advice to people applying for residency is not to be like me during interviews. Actually take notes and ask questions. I went by gut feeling and got my number one rank choice. Have i had regrets? Many many many times. LOL. But it's all good, It's called buyer's remorse as my program is pretty decent. However, because i didn't take notes and interviewed in 19 places, they pretty much blended together which is how I ended up in a program that gets harder the higher up you go instead of the reverse. They want you to be acting like an Attending by the time you graduate. Okay now, no wahala.

Which is why the last thing i want to do is sit down and blog, hence the deadzone this blog has become. If i could dictate my blogs then we would be in business because i have lots of complaining to do about life and i can lie down and talk. Even the dictating sef, sometimes is hard for me because most times when i get home i have generalized body aches from my head to my feet and just want to sleep. Plus plenty gist. update.....

Story for another day....if ever. Although i will say this... Life is very, very funny.  Sometimes you just have to take the bull by its horn, grab its balls and squeeze it and if you get killed in the process you freaking lived.

Carpe the freaking diem! You only have one life to live my people. Live it!

So how una dey? Gist me!. What have you guys been up to? Anyone have any questions for me? Ask me and I'll answer in my next post. I still have a couple days before i go back to work, let me treat you people to some Sting time.

I started season 4 of Jenifa...Jenifa and Pelumi...LOL


  1. She writes!
    Hey sting ..
    Since it seems like there is an app for everything, there's got to be one for translating dictated post, so you can write more :-)

    Enjoy your vacation.

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  2. Just came back from a vacation that I need another vacation to recover from but it was amazing and I wouldn't have done it any different. Even though I need like two full days in bed to be fully alright.
    I do have questions. Thinking of applying for residency again. And I have all these........worries and fears.

  3. Vacation and rest...I wish I can sit in one place when i go on vacation.


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