Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Here i am thinking i just came up with a word and i googled it and found out it already exists in the urban dictionary.

This is just a quick PSA brought to you by all the Shestaches I've seen lately
Ladies! If you can see it, then it means EVERYONE else can see it
It doesn't matter if you are a white chic and you bleach it. 
We still can see it, it just looks blonde
If you are a black chic and you think those fine thin barely there hair over your lips are only visible to you
Girl, you lie! 
We can see it

Nair is your friend
Don't believe those people that tell you that if you shave hair on your face, it goes back thicker and faster
That is a lie from the pit of hell

Let's not forget those errant chin hairs that threaten to mess with your cool factor
Once again, 
Nair is your friend
If all else fails, grab a pair of tweezers
and get to plucking
but don't blame me for any hyperpigmented spots tweezing might cause
But then again
thanks to Dencia
we now have whitenicious 
Before you say Sting said you should buy Whitenicious to bleach your whole body

You are Welcome! 

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