Wednesday, January 27, 2010


  • How can a wedding with 200 hundred guests be considered private? Seeing that just made me laugh. My sister's wedding had about 50-60 people and almost everyone there was closely related to her somehow. That's what i would consider a private wedding.
  • What's up with traditional wedding's having cakes? I have been side eyeing that trend for a while now. I went from being totally against it to being on the fence when i saw one that was different from the norm of box and kola nuts or whatever variation of it they usually have. 
I got this from facebook (without permission), but i think it's different from anything i've seen so far. So right now having a traditional wedding cake has turned from a No-No to a Maybe.
  • I went searching for more traditional wedding cakes and i found this site. Not bad. 
  • What am i going to do about all these guys that want to date me. I drive them away and more keep coming out of the woodwork.  How do u knw who the right one is?
  • I want an arranged marriage at this point. Arranged marriage ordained by God. God will just speak to me and say, this is the man for u. Oya, go and claim him. I don't want all this trial and error relationships anymore. 
  • I've been watching way too much TV for my own good. Watched the last two seasons of Bad Girl's Club. Been watching a lot of Platinum Weddings and Little Miss Perfect. 
  • How come majority of the pageant moms are fat?!!! Like seriously, a lot of them are obese. What's the correlation?
  • On one episode of the Bad girls' Club, someone got in trouble for writing about her friend on her blog and that ultimately led to her leaving the house cos of all the wahala it caused. I've never felt comfortable writing about people on my blog and if i do, i usually take it down after a while. It's hard to explain something that's written especially when you were venting and wrote negative stuff that you probably won't remember a couple of days after. I try to stay away from that esp if i'm still friends with that person. If we are no longer friends, then i might not care so much. 
  • I've tried to stop blogging many times, but i don't think i can stop abruptly. I'm learning to filter stuff that i put on here, cos u never know who's reading your blog. I don't kid myself that i am anonymous at all. I broke out my paper journal yesterday. I was having some weird feelings/thots that needed to be put on paper. I don't think pple who don't like to write understand how therapeutic it can be. When the Bad Girl who wrote the blog was explaining why she wrote it, i totally got where she was coming from cos that's how i feel abt writing.
  • I think pple can be funny sha!
  • Regardless, i still miss having friends. Anytime i say that, my M2 friend here always says,  but what about me? She's so sweet.


  1. love that cake design. love it! haha, i think imma use when my engagement comes, yes in 2000 and gbo gbo ro

  2. why must i comment to subscribe to latter comments lol

  3. Is that an option? I didn't set it like that.

  4. Love d part where u said u want an arranged marraige ordained by God..dats totally my dream

  5. Am not into the traditional cake thing but i like this one.
    The lord would send Mr right ur way soon...just dont ignore him when he comes knocking.

  6. I've not seen this one before. Igbo ones are usually of the palmwine calabash type and that was what I got.

  7. i love the cake.and yup, i KNOW that im not annon as i would like so what i put on my blog is something i'd tell my worst enemy.but the writing still makes me feel better.

  8. i looooove the cake. Everyone isn't really anonymous

  9. That IS a different it. Never really like the ones i've seen esp the little pple dressed in trad.

    Love platinum weddings, can't stomach pageant shows...good point about their mum tho' lol

  10. I want an arranged marriage at this point. Arranged marriage ordained by God. God will just speak to me and say, this is the man for u. Oya, go and claim him. I don't want all this trial and error relationships anymore. ---exactly my prayer!!

  11. That is a beautiful cake and it is well done.

    Girl, I feel you on the arranged marriage bit. Dating is pretty damn exhausting. so many questions, no answers.

  12. marriages are not already too expensive they go ahead & include a Cake by Tosan in the traditional event? na wa oh

    send me your specs & requirements, lemme look into that arrangee marraige thing...

  13. i've forgotten how much i enjoy reading your blog. good stuff.


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