Saturday, July 30, 2011


I'm thinking of getting a tumblr account. I never thought i would consider it. I like how different people's tumblr pages (?) are so uniquely theirs. Some are really interesting. I was reading Zara's tumblr all afternoon after i came back from the library until i fell asleep. Her tumblr is way more interesting than her blog and i think she's more active there. We'll see sha. I'm finally getting more active on twitter but i'm not a hundred percent into it yet.

Even though i have 23 days left of my summer holiday (yes, i am so counting), i'm already dreading 2nd year. Hearing stories of people repeating and being kicked out has put the fear of God in me and i'm trying to focus and remove the clutter from my life. I have to go to school physically, mentally and emotionally at my best. I just have to remember to take deep breaths and ENJOY the rest of my holiday. I've put myself out there a lot more than i ever have in terms of meeting up with people, being friendly and stuff like that. I'm usually content to just chill when i come home and not see anyone, but this time i'm trying to do things differently and so far so good. 

Today, i decided to stop being a chicken and go to the library for a few hours so i can get work done. I didn't go upstairs which is the quiet study area but decided to read downstairs which is a more general study area. I wasn't trying to run into ol' dude today. Now tell me, unless you are below 10 and still learning how to read, who in their right mind reads a novel aloud to themselves? This dude, whom i first noticed because of his sagging pants and way of speaking (which i refuse to categorize because i'm being sensitive today :), decides to pull a book and start reading to himself , out loud. I mean, he wasn't shouting or anything, but it was a low hum of his voice, which was very annoying. I turned around and glared at him twice, but he was oblivious to my dagger stares. After an hour of being an obnoxious, oblivious jackass, i guess his mouth got tired and he decided to put the book back on the shelf next to where i was sitting. I made sure he say the stink eye i gave him this time. Tomorrow, i'm going back to the quiet area, old man be damned. I'll just say hi and pretend like he didn't call me twice.

I think it's really cute when someone who i'm older than with 3 years calls me little sister. He knows i'm older than him but i guess he refuses to let it register in his brain because all the time we worked together, he thought he was older than me and he treated me as such (in a big brother kind of way). I always wondered about that, until i found out he thought i was younger than him. I quickly corrected that impression but it just won't sink in. My therapist friend who is only a little older than me, has the same problem. He keeps insisting that i'm like 4 years younger than he is. I've told him the truth, he has refused to believe it. I can't shout, i have sore throat. I'm not complaining though. I've accepted my baby/young looking face. I thank God for good genes, now if i can can just lose the extra poundage, all will be well with the world. That is, until i find something else to bother me.

P.S Doesn't my new blog look remind you of Facebook? I liked it for all of one day but now i'm over it. I'm hoping it grows on me sha cos i'm not changing it.

Happy Birthday to my twin brother and sister. I can't believe how old you guys are. It definitely reminds me of my old age. Yikes!


  1. Tumblr is cool, I have one but I cant even remember the password. hahhahha... I visit other peoples but never mine.
    @ Looking younger: haaaa.. it's a good thing oo, some of us look older than we are, believe me you don't want that :(.

    I like your blog look, it's very clean.

  2. I love tumblr!!!I used to update everytime but not like before anymore
    LOL @ the library guy,i think he was just looking for stares and stink eyes..aaaah i do that too.
    Good luck with second can do it!!

  3. I like your blog theme. I'm really into tumblr too- Muse origins has a tumblr page and my personal blog is there too. So many cool pictures in tumblr.

    I bet you'll do great in school. I heard one famous rich person reads out loud too lol (can't remember his name)

    Muse Origins (Creative Nigerian Features)
    Muse Origins

  4. Till date I still have not gotten the grip to tumblr...Blogger still got my heart.

    You will do great in school, with God on your side, it is well.

    If I was the one in the library, I would have told the guy to shut up, which kind of nonsense is that.

  5. Reading out loud? That is really some strange sight that I am finding hard to imagine. Whenever I am on your blog, it is until I get to around the 5th sentece that I remeber that it's you. You kept the old look for so long, but I know we will get used to this

  6. haha yuh it has the fbk blue color. I like it :) Goodluck with school restarting! It is well dear, u r unconquerable!

  7. Tumblr? No M'am. I am social networked enough.
    The problem with looking young...I don't allow that age patronising bull anymore. I believe I have earned my years..treat me accordingly.
    Treasure your remaining 3weeks!


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