Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fatbusters! 2.0

Hello people of Blogsville,

So i have created the site. Head on over to Blog(s)Ville FaTbusteRs for more information. Tee, Original Mgbeke, NoLimit, Nice Anon, Awa Chery, and CaramelD, please let me know ur email address so that i can send you an invitation to the site.

I just got the cutest white pink walking shoes. I'm so ready for this. I already have running shoes that have never seen sunlight (they have only been used on a treadmill). They are really cute too (gray and pink). It's all about the cuteness! They are my right size but they are kind of uncomfortable. I just read somewhere that i should have gotten a half size larger. Oh well.

I have more gist, but i'm too hungry to think.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Awesome! I'm glad you guys are on board. First and foremost, this is a friendly competition based on honesty. The basic things we need are a scale and a camera. Since this is the biggerst loser, the goal is not the final weight a person is, but who lost the most weight. For those who use Kg instead of lbs, multiply by 2.02 to convert to pounds.

The competition will last for 8 weeks and there will be a weekly weigh in. The first weigh in to establish our starting weight will be Friday May 1st and the final weigh in will be Friday, June 26th. I will create a blog later today and everyone who is interested will be sent an email inviting them to be team members. That way, you can easily upload ur pictures after each weigh in. If you can't upload a picture (of the scale which shows ur weight), stating it would suffice. We will believe you since we have agreed to be honest. Abi? After every weigh in, i will tally up and we can see who's in the lead.

Since this is a friendly competition, you can also post tips which have been helpful and we can encourage each other. However, it is STILL a competition. I have never being on a diet before, and i honestly don't know if i can be on one. So i intend to do this by cutting back and lots of running on the treadmill. Everyone is allowed to do what works for them, however diet and exercise is strongly encouraged. Starvation diet is a no no, so are diet pills. Anything else goes. I guess.

So I have taken a picture of my scale to show what the pictures with ur weight should look like. No i don't weigh 0.0lbs, that was taken before i weighed myself. :-)

I will try to put up the website tonight. Please leave ur email in the comment section of this post so i can invite you to be an author on the blog.

In case anyone is apprehensive about everyone knowing how much they weigh, we can always make the blog private. So we have that option, it's up to you guys.

Competition starts on Friday. Start making ur adjustments now.

EdiT: I'm on my way to go buy my walking shoes. Are you guys sure u r ready for me! Gen gen gen!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Biggest loser competition

I just sent my sister who is stationed in Qatar a care package and i included 4 packets of turtles, a candy that she specifically asked for in January. I looked for that candy everywhere and didn't find it until around Easter. Anyhoo, i'm so proud of myself for finding the elusive Turtles, i've never had it, have no idea what it tastes like. I had never even heard of it until she asked for it. I was thinking she's going to be excited when she gets it only for her to say she's not going to eat it until May 22nd. Ki ni? After i don search the whole Atlanta looking for that candy.

Apparently, she and her colleaugues are having a biggest loser challenge and the final weigh in is on May 21st. Can u imagine. She has already lost 25lbs and has 19 more to go. I told her i was so jealous. I have apparently gained 15lbs since January. Once again, can u imagine? Now that it's no longer cold and i don't wear my trustee hoodies anymore, it's very clear that i have packed on the pounds especially on the belly region. What the frack is up with that? That is so not sezxy!

So me and a friend decided to start our weight loss competition today to end on June 8th. 6 weeks to drop the lbs.

That gave me an interesting idea. I'm totally sure i'm not the only one in blog(s)ville wanting to lose weight, so how about we have a biggest loser competition for the people who are interested. Bikini season is right around the corner ladies, so time to drop those lbs. Guys are welcome to participate.

What say you guys? Toluwa i volunteer u. No oh, i haven't seen her so i'm not implying she's fat but i remember she was complaining she needs to lose weight one time. It's going to be really simple, since we can't see each other we have to be totally honest. Before i go on with more details, please leave a comment indicating if you are interested.

Seriously guys let's do this. It might be fun. Keyword: Might.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


1.35am: I just got back from Six flags over Georgia.

Deep breath.................... Sigh............. I will NEVER, EVER, Ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, everevereverever get on another roller coaster for the rest of my life. Today was my first time and it will be my last time. I thought i was going to die. You should have heard my terrified screams. I screamed to the point spit was flying out of my mouth. I'm telling u the truth! (inside joke)

Guess how many rides i rode? SIX. Yes, I'm a sucker for pain. I was the only female in my group. I went with my brother and 2 friends. I refused to be all girly and chicken out even though i thought i was going to throw up and then die, in that order. They rode 7 rides, but i had to chicken out of the Superman, cos i didn't think i would survive that one unscathed. The line for that ride was so long, it took them an hour to get on. My stomach and POUNDING head had settled by that time and i was able to get on another ride (Acrophobia), which takes you 200ft up, and then suddenly..............DROPS you without warning, free fall straight down. By the time that ride got to the ground, i was glued to that seat. I sure say my granpapa hear me dey shout for inside grave. I was so frightened.

NEVER AGAIN..... i have paid my debt to myself. Six flags (check).

Ok fine! Maybe i will go again in 10-20years after my brain has gotten a chance to forget. On the other hand, my brother is super stoked and can't wait to go back. Tufiakwa!

I had to stop by Wendy's to get the extra large fries to reward myself for the harrowing experience my body, spirit and soul went through for the last 5 hours. Healthy eating has been temporarily suspended for tonight.


4/26/09- I just went back and counted, i actually went on 7 rides- Batman, Acrophobia, Goliath, Mind bender, Scream machine, Ninja, The Georgia Scorcher. The only one i didn't ride that the others did is Superman. I can't believe i rode 7. Peer pressure is a biatch.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hey Everybody,

I'm in the process of looking for a place. I have seen a couple of places on craigslist but they don't allow dogs. Some allow cats but never dogs. Why are they hating on the doggies? Anyway, my school doesn't have student housing. It's a stand alone med school, meaning it doesn't have an undergrad institution attached to it. I heard there are houses within walking distance of the school, but i think i might have to actually go over to the state to look at places.

Anyhoo, my school provides a roommate questionaire which we have to answer and send back. Then they compile it and send to all students who are interested in looking for a roommate. I have never had a roommate b4 and spent some time debating if i should have one. After much consideration, i decided that ideally, i don't want one. However, at this point i want to keep all my options open just so i don't get stranded without a place to stay come August.

So one of the questions the questionaire has is, what qualities would u like in a roommate? Another one was, do u mind having your roommates boyfriend/girlfriend stay the night? My co-workers said i should put down that i don't want an outgoing person who always has friends over and with regards to the boyfriend/girlfriend issue i should say absolutely not to them spending the night. Isn't that a little extreme? They were speaking from experience though. They even said i should get someone who is single. Hmmm...... being single is not a permanent state, okay! What if they become booed up afterwards?

I know some of you have had roommates before, so i need help. What qualities should i look for? They is a space for more comments on the questionnaire, so i can write whatever. I'm really apprehensive about living with people i don't know from Adam, although i know it might turn out to be a great experience. My sister had roommates in college. It started out pretty good, then it turned to a horror story. I don't want to deal with that AT ALL.

Share ur roommate stories, advice, tips, whatever. Thanks.

Monday, April 20, 2009

My weekend in Pictures

I had a very busy/interesting weekend. We went to 6 different tourist attractions (plus 4 restaurants). I have pictures of 5 of the places we went to. I bet you guys can figure out where we went without me telling you. Let's see who gets all 5. The only clue you get is that i live in Atlanta. If you live in Atlanta, u are not qualified for this guessing game. The winner(s) gets.......... Nothing really.

I almost died from laughter watching my friend climb on this thing with her tight jeans. She's on the big side, so that added to the hilarity of the situation. The policeman and some random lady that were watching couldn't contain themselves also. I told her not to but she didn't listen.

I had to crop myself out of this picture, that's why it's a little short. I did my ta da pose. Pity you can't see it.

Dead giveaway right? Thank me later

We took some really lovely pictures of the park, unfortunately i happen to appear in them, and can't crop myself off. Sorry. I didn't get a picture of the fountain works (?) cos people were playing in it. The fountain is interesting to watch cos it does all these displays. I should take a video if it next time.

Polar bear. Hmmmmm.... scratches head, where is this?

Think, think.......................................................

Ta da! Don't tell me you still don't know.

Oya, let me help you.

Crab (?)
Shark looking fishy with long nose.(^_^)
I bet you know where this is now.
We were not supposed to take pictures of this exhibition, but i already got a couple b4 i was told. No wonder those people were giving me the side eye.
Notice how the one in the middle is a little crooked. I went to lean against it to take a picture and it moved like it was about to fall. I screamed and ran away b4 the attendants came.
Man in beaded cloth aka Lagbaja

One of my favorite artifacts or whatever they are called. It is very detailed. One of the ladies had a purse on her lap and another one held a fan. I don't think u can see that from this picture.

CNN ($13 to take the tour which we didn't), Centennial Olympic park (free), World of Coca-cola (loved the 3-D search for treasure thingy) ($15), Georgia Aquarium ($27 for admission only), and The High Museum($18, but this dude gave us free tickets as we were about to enter the building. Sweet!). We also went to Underground Atlanta (free), but we didn't take pictures. We were supposed to go to the Martin luther King historic center (free) but i had to work. Besides i have been there before but i wanted my friend to see it. It was fun being a tourist that weekend even though i have been in ATL for close to 7yrs. We are off to Six Flags over Georgia on Friday, my first time. Whoo hoo!

Invisible got 4 out of 5 but he cheated because his girlfriend lives in Atlanta. So boo to him.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Interview thursday

My interview with Standtall went up today. I think i might have talked a little too much cos my responses were a bit long. Hope u guys find it interesting. I didn't read it again cos it was just too weird. Oya, support me oh!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm sorry

I was having a really bad day a couple of days ago when i put up that post. I was at work crying hysterically and i needed an outlet that's y i put that post. I would like to think i have developed much better coping skills but i was just overwhelmed at that point. I might need to go back to seeing a therapist cos i find it's very helpful when i have someone to talk to about what bothering me, without them shutting me down half way and telling me it will be okay or not really listening. I am most definitely going to quit my job at the hospital in May. I only scheduled myself for half the month and i don't think i will be going back on a regular basis until i leave for school.

I was (am) exhausted, overwhelmed, out of balance, very unhappy and i need a break. Those idiots at the Nigerian embassy in Atlanta are out of booklets so i can't renew my passport, so my trip to Nigeria will probably not happen.

It's easy to feel alone and forget the big picture sometimes. Some of you guys surprised me. It was really weird in a good way. Thanks for all the comments, including the comment by tobenna about me becoming schizophrenic. It actually made me laugh. Writefreak, Temite, Bumight, and Jummy, Shukran.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Someone needs to talk some sense into my head. So here's what's going on. I've always known the school i'll be attending in August has "diversity" issues. I asked about it during my student interviewer during my interview and she said there is some diversity and there are interest groups for different ethnic groups. Ok! The minority interviewees had a "special" lunch held for them. We didn't even have the option of attending the regular lunch. We were very much encouraged during the lunch to pick the school. I'm like, whatever. I don't care just admit me into any med school and i'll attend.

So yesterday i decide to check out the facebook group for our class. Right now there are 74 members (it's going to be 200 incoming M-1's), I look through all the members and i did not see one black person. I freaked the fuck out. Seriously. So i'm like, i must have missed some one, so i go through the list again and find one black dude who is actually the creator of the group. I didn't feel much better. I feel really weird. I know there are going to be a few more people of color at the end of the day, but it's still kinda scary. WHY? I know by virtue of being black, i'm a minority in this country, but i've never really been a minority anywhere (at least mentally).

Check this out. I grew up in Nigeria, definitely not a minority. Moved to Atlanta, we have one of the largest black populations in the States. I live in a black neighborhood (my friend even commented on only seeing one white person since she's been here), and have mostly worked in a black neighborhood. At my first job, 98% of our customers were black. At the first school i attended, there were mostly international students cos it was a community college close to where refugees were settled. The University i attended and were i currently work is very diverse, i don't think there is a majority of any group. That's one of their selling points. The hospital has a more black workers, although the patients are equally mixed. So in my almost 7 yrs in this country i have never had to look to far to see people who look like me. It's never been an issue.

I didn't think it would even be something to consider which is why i had no problem applying to all the schools i applied to in the first place. I think people are people regardless of their skin color. So please, why am i now freaking out? Maybe i'm worried i won't fit in or i would stand out too much. When i was in sec school, at one point i was the only one who wore glasses ( i wore glasses from when i was 7 until i was 16), it was always easy for the teachers to say, you with the glasses, answer the question. I don't know what my problem is but i'm freaking out.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I call bull!

I saw this on cosmo magazine - Magic numbers to remember. According to the U.S Airforce you can only survive

3 minutes without air.
3 hours without shelter in extreme conditions.
3 days without water.
3 weeks without food.
3 months without companionship or love.

I agree with four out of five, but what the hell do they mean by you can only survive 3 months without companionship or love. I call bull on that one. I'm not even sure i understand what they mean by that. Are they talking of complete isolation from human contact? What about people on death row that are locked up 23 hrs a day and only get to go out an hour everyday without interacting with anyone? I think these people just make stuff up. Makes no sense to me. What do u guys think?

Monday, April 6, 2009


If you always do the same things you've always done, you'll always get the same things you've always got!

I saw this on a piece of paper at the hospital last weekend. I figured i could apply it to my current situation. I appreciate all the comments you guys left on my last post. I wish things were better between me and my mom. Regardless of how mad i am at her, i love her and appreciate her for everything she's been through and had to endure to ensure she raised us right. She is one of the most hardworking people i know and i wanted to be just like her when i was younger. Her story is the reason why i became interested in women's issues and identify as a feminist today. She has been through a lot and i'm really proud of where she's at today. I really hate that we are not close cos i would love that, but i know it would take a lot for that to happen. I think this is the best time for me to leave home cos it would help our relationship. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, abi?

I've looked at myself. God knows i'm not perfect but i can say I have done the best that i am capable of doing. I've tried but no one wants to meet me halfway. I'm sure she would have a lot to say about why she's not close to me, which is fine. The problem is i'm not aware of what it is. How can i fix anything when they don't even bother telling me what needs to be fixed? I have a lot of anger inside of me and i think besides me being short tempered naturally, I've used anger as a coping mechanism for so long. When i was younger, i didn't have control over anything that was happening. There was no one to talk to, so i would lash out because i was trying to be heard. They heard me, but they never heard what i was really saying. My mom couldn't see past the displays of anger and understand how unloved and unwanted i felt. I've been dealing with these negative emotions for too long, and i have to figure out how to let them go.

I acknowledge that i am responsible for my actions and my feelings are my own and i'm entitled to have them. I can only do what i can do and cannot make anyone else do what i would like them to do or be how i would like them to be. This situation is bigger than what only i can handle or fix so i'm letting it go. I'm going to focus on forgiveness and understanding so that i can begin to heal my mind and my relationships with people. I need to get my mind right for myself so i can be the best me i can be.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I don't hate anyone

Okay, i had a moment yesterday. I don't hate anybody. I just hate a lot of things that are going on. This is nothing new, i've been fighting my family issues for years. I grew up thinking my mom disliked me. Whether it was the truth or just my perception is another story, but what remains is that that was my reality. Do u have any idea the emotional deprivation that leads to especially since i didn't have a father or another adult figure to act as a buffer.

I've had to live with the shame of feeling like i wasn't good enough. I reasoned that something has to be wrong with me unless she wouldn't treat me this way. I've tried to talk to her about it, but it always leads to a blow out cos she takes it like i'm attacking her and she's the victim. My feelings are never acknowledged talk less of being addressed. My teenage years were the most horrible years of my life because of this woman. I have so many negative memories of those years. I remember her telling my dad over the phone that i was having sex when i was sixteen and i wasn't. I have never been so embarrassed in my life cos my dad was practically a stranger to me. I only saw him once a year if that.

I don't think she's a horrible person or anything close to that. She just doesn't know how to have a relationship with me. I have tried on numerous occasions to talk to her or get close to her but it doesn't work. She's only friendly to me, when i sister is not around and that is not even always the case. She takes whatever issue i bring to her attention and turns it around, and it becomes all about her and she's the victim. The difference between the way she treats me and my other siblings is so glaring. The only time she talks to me is to lecture me and tell me the things i already know or stuff that's irrelevant. I was so disappointed a couple of weeks ago when she was on one of her lecture sessions and she told me that i talk too much on the phone and i talk to too many people. I only talk to ONE person regularly on the phone and it's never when i'm at home or for long periods cos he's not a phone person and i totally dislike talking on the phone these days. I was like wow, i exist in the same space as this lady and she doesn't even know the first thing about me.

Today was the straw that broke the camel's back. My sister has been very bitchy to me for a good while now, but i try to be the bigger person and still be civil and engage in conversations with her. I'm older than her, yet i have to say hi to her unless she just ignores me and acts like i'm not there. (This is nothing new, she's never acted like she liked me, so it's not out of character for her to behave that way to me). It got to the point where i couldn't take it anymore and told my mom. Big mistake! She spent the first 10 minutes playing the victim card and making the conversation all about her (this is one reasons i never try to talk to her), when i tell her that if she doesn't want to address the issue i'm bringing to her attention we should forget about what i told her, she finally tells me i said something to my sister about my dog and some bullshit that still doesn't make sense to me (I don't want to put my sister's business out there before i get in trouble again). I do not even remember that conversation and what i'm being accused of saying is nothing, cos i was never going to leave my dog behind anyway. I was like is that why she's mad and my mom totally takes her side, and the whole thing went down hill from there. I totally dislike passive aggressive people. These people have been treating me like shit for the last couple of months over some dog comment i made? I was mad. Seriously, in the last 2 months i've had maybe two 5 minutes conversations with my mom. She only answers me when i greet her and thats it for the rest of the day. My sister is even worse than that. I had no idea what i did cos nothing happened. They just turned cold(er) towards me.

I did something i haven't done since i was 16. I threw stuff around. I threw a table across the room, pushed my sister's computer monitor off the table. I didn't care if i hurt someone. I was that angry. Why am i the only one who gives a shit about being close to these people, yet they are holding petty grudges against me. What did i say that was so bad? I've felt like crap for the last couple of months, but i have been brushing it off and hoping it gets better. My mom says all these horrible things about me and i don't even understand how she comes up with it.

I'm at the point where enough is enough. I went to therapy because i was depressed as a result of almost being killed and instead of talking about the issue which brought me there in the first place i spent 95% of the time talking about my family issue. I've had enough. I refuse to force myself into a relationship that is not emotionally healthy for me. These people are not concerned about my well being, as far as they are concerned i am a robot with no feelings or emotions. Why should they give a shit how i feel. Thank God i didn't get into a school in Georgia, Morehouse even sent me a rejection letter yesterday. 13hrs is far enough for me. They can pretend that i no longer exist after i leave. I'm sure that would suit their purposes better.

P.S. The usual advice i get is try to talk to ur mother, blah blah. Be straightforward and lay the issues out without any emotion. That shit doesn't work with my mother. I have tried NUMEROUS times. As far as she is concerned i'm this horrible, difficult child who she can't understand or deal with. Besides, it's always about her anyway, who gives a shit how i feel.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm the decider!

Are u people sure i'm mentally okay? I'm not sure about myself anymore oh! I've been feeling sick all day. I have a headache, sore throat and my body aches all over. I'm about to have a cold or something plus i've been hungry all day like i have tape worm in my belly cos i've been eating since i woke up this morning. Anyhoo, so i'm sitting here feeling crappy, our research scientist comes in and asks me to do something but i have to wait for her to give me a final decision before i do anything. I illegally start browsing and stumbled on this information online that completely tickles my ego. I didn't know i was an egomaniac before today oh! See as my head just dey swell. I automatically felt so much better (the sickness don return now sha!). I bet u want to know what i saw? Amebo, i'm not telling.

I've decided! I'm going to chill on this blog until further notice. I can't be running back and forth like a headless chicken (i've seen one of those, that is some scary shit!). It just gets annoying when i can't talk about some things i really want to. I'm still going to start another blog about my med school experiences if i think it's worth talking about. I'm not going to talk about boring med school lecture stuff, it will be more about how i adjust to moving and all that jazz. Four more months. Can't wait!

Since i'm the original decider, i've also decided that I'm taking Lenie with me. I have been contemplating leaving him at home. My mom wanted me to leave him at home until one day when he pooped in the bathroom and she had to clean it cos i wasn't home. She was so pissed at me. The next day, when i mentioned that i was thinking of taking him with me, she said i should take it, so that was kinda decided for me sha! Besides my sister hates him around her and i don't think anyone is going to walk him and all that stuff if i'm not there. No one loves him like i do, he's my number one little puppy.

He was coughing and itching really bad last week, i had to take him to the vet and ended up paying $204 for the little twerp. His cough was due to allergies and it stopped a day after cos they gave him a shot. I paid $100 for that shot and this ointment they gave me for his eyes (he has eye issues), the rest of the money was spent on his heartworm medication which doubles as a flea and tick medication. I went to only to find out that the vet severely overcharged me for the ointment and the heartworm medication. Ointment only cost $9.99 online but the vet sold it to me for $26. The heartworm/flea and tick medication (revolution) which was sold for $100.00 costs $86.00 online. Dude is just a crook.

P.s. Whoever invented ear plugs should be given a nobel peace prize! I slept like a baby yesterday with my pink "sleep like a princess" earplugs that i got yesterday. I can do this!

P.P.S Ladies, would you be jealous or have a problem if your boyfriend has a female best friend? Serious question!
Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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