Monday, November 30, 2009

A good woman

Kai.... i saw something on FB today that just touched my heart. A husband singing the praises on his wife on her birthday and it is so evident it was a heartfelt message. Made me wish for a good marriage, husband, family, life. I just had to share it. I have removed all names and stuff like that. No be me write am o. All credit goes to the loving husband.

My Dear Wife, it pleases my heart and that of our kid's to congratulate and felicitate with you on the attainment of yet another milestone in your historic, eventful and blessed course of life you have lived so far, first as a daughter to the XXXXXX family and now as a wife and prosperous mother in the XXXXX family. Your birthday today is an opportunity to say thank you for your uprightness, dedication and commitment as a loving, caring and dutiful mother and wife. Today , (Kids) and I salute you . We stand in a ceremonial guard of honor in your name today. My Celestial and Soul's Idol, pearl of pure womanhood, personification of humility, definition of patience, my Amazing Grace, you have been my proverbial rock of Gibraltar, since (wedding date) when we walked down the aisle, you haven’t for a moment given me cause to look back and regret, rather you have been an avalanche of joy, my talisman and genie.

Your Virtue of Tolerance,patience,steadfastness,maturity,faithfulness,contentment and above all your belief in God Almighty as been the bedrock and success of our marriage. You have personified truth in all you do and brought forth kids as glowing as diamond. You have proven to be worthy to be called a Star in your chosen profession as a (profession) and your duties as a wife and mother. I am blessed to have a wife like you and My kids are honored and blessed to have you as a mother, guardian and friend.

At a time like this when I am engaged in a constant move for full capital restoration, you have held forth the home front and kept my back. God bless you. Happy Birth Day woman of substance. Happy Birthday woman of my dream. Happy birthday (her name). May this your milestone Birthday bring along with it, all that you desire,may you continue to prosper and may God in His infinite mercy guide and protect you. GOD BLESS (HER NAME) OUR MUMMY AND QUEEN, SEND HER VICTORIOUS ,HAPPY AND GLORIOUS ,LONG TO MUMMY OVER US, GOD BLESS (HER NAME).

How sweet is this? I want my husband to say such things about me and really mean it. I'm sorry if u guys don't see what i see, but i loved this.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Sunday

I'm so Nigerian! LOL... Only a Nigerian would say Happy Sunday. One of my professors told me this past Tuesday that i don't sound like a Nigerian. See me trying to argue (anyway, i don't blame him. He should hear me speaking pidgin english b4 he says that nonsense). He was like, u lost the English accent most Nigerians i know speak with? Huh?!!! Nigerian speaks with an English accent or Nigerians pronounce some words like the English? I no come know again o! I don't believe an average Nigerian has an English accent. I was listening to someone, whom i could have sworn had connection to the UK, maybe she lived there for a while b4 coming here or whatever. Anyhoo, her explanation for her "English" accent was that she was Nigerian and we were colonized by the British. Oturu!!!! Verdict: Fail! Fake accent!!!! Especially since she has been living in the States for a while.

Abi, am i not Nigerian again? Was i not raised there? I should know how my pple sound, even the tush, ajebutter ones na. We don't have an English accent, we might pronounce and spell words like the British, but we don't speak with an English accent, whether we were colonized by the British or not!!!!! We speak with a Nigerian accent! I am open to correction o! Maybe i have been away too long and no longer remember how my pple speak, but i highly doubt that is the case. Me, i open my mouth and whatever comes out, however it comes out, that's what u get o! I don't even think about how i sound anymore. Used to when i first moved here cos it seemed like no one could understand me. All i got after i spoke was, huh?! Huh? Huh, urself. Fool!

Anyway, my holiday is officially over. Time to stop sleeping six hours a night like someone who doesn't have problems. Well, i don't have problems cos God is in control, but sleep time is over sha. Finals are in three weeks, so we only have this week, and next week is the week b4 finals. I hate the week before any exams, so stressful. I don sleep all my sleep until Dec 17th cos i have great plans for Biochem, Anatomy and Devo.

I have my Medical Interviewing exam next week. I'm not worried about that one. Ask open ended question, listen, show empathy, abi? Ok, i'm ready for them. Anyhoo, in the spirit of it being Sunday, i thought i should share a few sites i like. My friend in Naija was very happy when i gave him the music site, so i guess some of u might like them .

Music: Gidilounge. Naija music, it's free and updated regularly.
Naija tee shirts, sweat shirts and all that good stuff: Cafepress/naijatees . I really like this site. I got two hoodies from there (separate times). I ordered a large (size) one time and I felt it was too big, so i asked about exchanging it. They told me not to worry and sent me a Medium FOC. I gave my sister the other one.
TV : Television without pity . I used to go to the forums on candid reality TV a lot because i like reading what pple have to say about the shows i watch. These pple can be vicious. They had to close the "Jon and Kate" thread cos of the viciousness, but i love reading those stuff. I don't go there as much cos i hardly watch TV these days.

Friday, November 27, 2009

I am traumatized

and deeply disturbed. I also need to stop typing on my computer with dirty fingers, but that's another issue. Went to dinner yesterday and someone took a picture of me, which i saw on facebook. Oh my dear, merciful God. I am FAT!!!!! No joke. I was 158lbs last friday, yesterday morning i was 163lb and i was wondering how or why that happened. Apparently i gained the 5lbs all on my face. Needless to say, i untagged myself from those pictures, sharp sharp.

I am seriously bothered by this whole weight thing. I don't want to join the masses of Americans who are struggling with weight, i just want it to be over. Anything over 150lbs makes me officially overweight and i have been struggling with 163lb since April this year. I've had someone make a comment on facebook "Madam na u be this, u still fine but u need to lose weight". A couple of days ago, my friend was talking about the picture i put up yesterday (it's my facebook profile picture. I took it last week after i had been up all night studying and needed to cheer myself up). He was like, what do u do besides studying? I said nothing, just study. He said, well, u need to start working out cos u r chubby. When i wasn't talking to him after that, he said "Are u mad cos i said u r chubby? It's the truth now, but u know i still love u anyway". God, i don suffer sha!

I feel like not just eating anymore. I can't even do that cos i know it's a stupid idea and secondly my Gastritis won't let me. I am frustrated o! Frustrated!

On to other non related news - SSD is giving away Egg-Larva-Pupa-Woman by Ogo Ogbata. I must win something for once in my life o!

I'm going to take my early evening nap. I have a headache. I don tire for Biochem but activated oxygen, i must finish u today.

First black disney princess

Thursday, November 26, 2009

From Sting to You : Happy Thanksgiving

Don't say i never did anything for u guys. You get to c STING. It's a one day special, so enjoy. Instead of Black Friday, u get ermmmmm...... Green Thursday :)

If u know me...... sshhhhhhhhhhhhh. I have put back all my old posts and will be de-mommytizing my blog over the christmas break. I have to blog to stay sane. I'm a blogger, God dammit!

I thank God for God. He has kept me sane, and strong and able.
I am thankful for the support of family
I am thankful for my patron saint of smiles ;)
Most of all, i am thankful that i get to live my dream. I might bitch and moan, and kick and scream but at the end of the day, when all is said and done, I am right where i want to be, Medical School.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Female friends

I really would like female friends that are around my age and live in the same place i do. Lived in GA for 7yrs, left with not ONE single close female friend. I admit i withdrew and didn't want to make friends after what happened in 2005, but i want friends now. People always assume i have girlfriends esp guys and it makes me feel bad cos i don't. I don't want a whole posse, but one or two would be nice.

So my friend in naija introduced me to this girl in GA cos he thot i was still there. Come to find out she went to my alma mater and worked in the same building in school as i did. She looks so familiar (facebook pictures). We tentatively said we would meet up when i come home for Christmas. I would like to but have no idea where to go with her since i don't know her and have absolutely no experience making female friends. A guy is different cos there's always that little something extra going on. I know bloggers meet up all the time, so u guys need to help me out. I'm tired of not having female friends. Do i smell a new yr resolution coming up?

BTW, i hate this empty feeling i have these day. Loneliness is a bitch. I hate the word too, smells weak.

Na wa

I realize that most of my posts these days are me complaining about school stuff. How about i change this blog's name to The Lamentations of a Nigerian Scorpio, that would be more appropriate. Thanksgiving break officially started today. 5 WHOLE days of no new material coming in. I am excited o, i won't lie. I wish i was going to Nigeria this Christmas though. Ah, my life would have been perfect then. Oh well, na poverty cause am. I get to c my newest niece for the first time though so it's all good.

Back to studying or sleep. Whichever one wins the battle i am currently engaged in.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A little push

I'm starting to lose steam and i am all too aware of the danger of doing that. This is the final leg of the race, so to speak and i need to give it all I've got. I haven't studied today and i got so frustrated yesterday i went to bed at 10.30pm and woke up at 7am. Don't regret that at all. Can't remember the last time i had a full nights rest.

I burst into tears for no apparent reason today. I guess it's that time of the month. No other explanation for this craziness. I am so bored and lonely. I haven't felt that combination of those two feelings for over 4 years. Wow..... time flies sha.

Just thinking of what happened to me 4 years ago and how that has shaped my life. Can't believe it's been 4 yrs but i'm glad it is slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past. I think i have healed from it for the most part but i know i would be a completely different person, with completely different experiences if that craziness did not happen.

Need to stay motivated for Block 4. Gotta finish with a bang!

I miss my boo boo.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm bored

BTW, even if my archives don't indicate this, this is my 201th post. Most of my posts are saved as drafts these days. Interesting. This is my 4th blog, been blogging since Jan 23rd 2007. It's about to be 3 yrs. Hmmm.... i can't believe i'm becoming an oldie on blogsville.

Anyhoodle, i'm bored of studying. Not tired, just bored. Wish i could in all good conscience do something else, like watch a movie on youtube or read blogs. I really can't cos i'm way behind in Anatomy and Biochem, already. Thanksgiving break starts on Wednesday but i know pple are taking off this weekend. I'm going be here o! Hopefully i can get some decent studying done while relaxing a little bit. I'm excited for that.

This adjustment period has been tough on me. Finding what works is a bitch. For Block 1 and 2, i spent all day, everyday in school, locked up in some nerd room somewhere. Based on my grades, it wasn't very productive. I don't remember making a conscious decision to start studying at home, but after not doing so well even with all that work, the last place i wanted to be was in one of those rooms. I developed a negative association for those nerd rooms. Being there just increased my stress levels. I like studying at home so far. It's very convenient. I use my white board in my kitchen and say stuff aloud, less distraction from gisting also. Only downside i can see is that i don't get to see pple and i might be isolating myself. I'm ready to pay that price for good grades cos the ones i have been getting have been nothing to write home about.

After all that long story i just told u guys, i'm still bored and i still have to go finish reading Human development. Who cares how the urinary system developed? I don't! Mschewww......

P.S On a serious note, i'm scared of getting depressed (again). That tends to happen when i'm stressed and by myself for too long. I'm looking for ways to stay happy. Tips, suggestion etc etc are welcome.

P.P. S. You guys need to go comment on my last post o! I need to be aware of all the qualities i can possibly ask for from a guy. I like the question someone asked about what do i have to offer a guy. It's a good question. I think we should be able to match what we are asking for.

P.P.P.S. Does tribe matter? I know some pple or their parents don't like someone that's not from their tribe. My case is different. My mom has forbidden me to bring someone from my tribe. Ever since i was little, that has been the song she has been singing. My sister married someone from our tribe, didn't turn out so well, now it's a case of "I told you so" Thing is, i am not sure if he was the way he was cos of his tribe or if he would have been that way anyway regardless of what tribe he was from. I mean, he didn't change AFTER they married, the blatant signs were there all along. So was he a crappy person cos of his tribe or was he just a crappy person, period.

P.P.P.P.S The guy i like is from my tribe :(

Told Mom, she straight up said NO. Her words after that were "I refuse to go down that journey again". She is not the same tribe as my dad, by the way. So now she has my dad and her ex son-in-law as examples to prove that she was right all along. SaD!!!!!!!!!

Wetin pesin go do? Not sure at the moment.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ideal man

Been thinking of marriage lately. If u knew me, u would know that is very unlike me. However, not less than 10 of my classmates have gotten married in the last 6 months. Let's not even talk about the ones that got married last year and are now having babies. So i guess it's inevitable that i somehow caught the bug. That's not to say i see myself getting married anytime soon.

I've always been against the idea of changing my last name if i get married. I feel like my name is such a huge part of my identity, so why should i be subjected to that trauma of reforming my identity. Hmmm.... not anymore o. I guess i just hadn't met the right person with the right name. Yes o! I have a very nice sounding last name, no way would i trade down. So i guess that's y i have been against the idea of changing my name. Like i said not anymore. :)

So I was asked today by this person whom i will change my name for if he asked, what my ideal man was. Couldn't come up with the answer right away. I guess besides the obvious i need to give it some more thought. I think everyone's ideal man would be different cos everyone is looking for different things in a relationship or if u've never experienced something (positive or negative) you wouldn't think to include or exclude a certain quality. I still haven't come up with all the qualities of my ideal man, that would be for another day when i have peace of mind to be thinking of such things. Until then, pple of blogsville, tell me what qualities u think is absolutely necessary in a life partner.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I don tire

Book don tire me. My eyes dey red, brain dey pain me, back dey pain me, the devo boring put on top. Still i dey there, i go dey there until i finish. If i no finish, i no go leave am. I no fit sleep again o, after i sleep yesterday like pesin wey get sleeping sickness. We just finish block 3 exam on Friday, u go think say person go fit rest, for where?!! The madness don start again O!. No be pesin tell me make i carry myself go Target go buy energy drink. Na so i see am o! Devo dey use my eye see pepper meanwhile class average for last exam na 87. Hmmm..... na me and u this blk 4 devo, i go pass u o. Na by force, u no get choice. I must be doctor, that one na by force too!

Oya o, my break don finish. I don go.

If u can't read pidgin english, pele. I did not feel like writing in english. This one don pass english matter. I had to go back to my roots.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


3 down, one more to go on friday. Biochem, watch out. I intend to murder u. There will be bloodshed, i tell ya and i will come out the sole survivor.

I thank God for everything. I killed anatomy lab yesterday. Got only one structure wrong cos i changed my answer. Guess who's cadaver that particular structure was on? MINE!!!! I didn't go to lab not once this block, decided to put my time to better use. Apparently and understandably so, my lab partners might be tired of doing all the dissections, cos the other female in the group doesn't show up also. So this block as well as last block, our body donor was barely dissected. So i guess to "punish" us, the professors just stuck a pin in the gall bladder which was still very much connected to the liver and deep in the abdomen and you could only see the top. Here's where it got tricky (those sneaky bastards). The gall bladder is GREEN, so it's very easily identifiable, but i guess our lady had something wrong with her, and there was not a hint of green on her gall bladder. I initially put down gall bladder cos i was thinking based on its location it couldn't be anything else. Then i changed my answer cos i had never seen a gall bladder that wasn't green. Anyway, i guess karma had to get me for not going to lab somehow.

Oya o! Break is over. I have barely slept since Sunday. The last time i slept on my bed was Sunday. I just crash on the floor. I'm going to go eat, nap and then hit Biochem. Wish me luck guys. I really need to pass this exam.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Snapshot of my life/thots @ 12.00am

I really, really, really, really, really don't want to study ANYMORE. Can i just have one full night of peaceful sleep? Doesn't seem like that's going to happen. Block 3 exams next week. Got to pass those or else.............

It's a pity i don't "blog" anymore. Would have had some gist for u guys. October 29, 2009, absolute worst birthday in the history of Sting. I almost lost my mind, what else do u call balling up in a corner of your closet at 5pm crying like the world is about to end. Lost my precious phone ( i think i put it on top my car while i was looking for my school ID which was in my book bag the whole time), got a tongue lashing from my dean, was called disrespectful and unprofessional (I guess i have to show my ass wherever i go, trust me this was unintentional), threatened with an orange card cos of my "attitude", straight up told there was no way i could pass this semester (hmm... do u know who God is?), pretty much mocked because i passed medical genetics instead of high passing or honoring it. I don suffer for this life. All this on my birthday. We shall see sha.

Thank God for God
St. Augustine, my patron saint of smiles :)
Sanity still intact.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Lamentations II by Sting

About to soak my hands in warm water. I don't know if med school is for pple like me who like to scribble when we study aka tactile learners. At the rate am going, i will be crippled before i graduate. Carpel tunnel syndrome, anyone?

Forgive my short posts. I have no intention of really blogging. This is in lieu of me updating my status message on facebook. Still don't like twitter. Blogger continues to be my first and only love.

Oh, if i was going to update my facebook status, i would have said: Sting is questioning the efficacy of this fat free monster energy drink. I might have to switch back to my regular Monster assault.

Resolved not to be updating facebook status with "personal" stuff cos a friend made a snide comment about it on my birthday. She thinks she's sleek. Side eye to her, X10.
Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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