Monday, June 29, 2009

Girly girl

It's 2.56pm in my side of town. What have i been doing all day since i woke up at 7am?

Trying to paint my damn nails!!! You see why i'm not girly?!!!! I didn't know it took this long and you are basically immobilized until they dry AND they take forever to dry. I have had to clean they off and reapply at least 3 times. It is sickening, but this is part of my total make over mission and i will not give up. Yes, I can!

I refuse to go to a nail salon cos when i start med school, i'm going to be broke, so i might as well get with the program now.

So besides, trying to paint my nails, i have also been been messing with my hair. I guess nail painting and hair styling don't go hand in hand. Now i know. Anyhoo, i did a hot oil treatment using olive oil, then i conditioned with mane and tail conditioner also mixed with olive oil, shampooed, sprayed a leave in conditioner and wrapped the hair. I am letting it air dry, cos i'm trying to minimize heat to my hair.

I have been called an El cheapo by my brother cos he thinks i should just go to the salon and be done with it, but those hair dressers don't really care about the health of you hair, so i'm taking charge. We'll see how it goes.

Have a good week guys.

P.S. My left hand looks like crap, i might have to re-paint it. Lord have mercy.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm on a mission

My computer has gone to shit, it turns off randomly, takes a good 30 minutes to load these days and now the spacebar doesn't work unless u pound on it really hard or touch it in a certain exact spot. What kind of shit is that? My father has so graciously given me some money for a computer mainly because he promised to get me a car when i got into med school, but since i got one for myself last year (which i'm going to be paying for the next 4 years), we changed it to a computer. He was going to give me $700 but i asked him if he would have spent $700 to buy a car. Ha! I got him there. So, i need suggestions on which computer to get. There's too many choices out there and they all have cons.

On to other news, i am on a mission to get healthy relaxed hair. My hair dresser (fuck stylist) doesn't do shit. All she does is wash it with shampoo, put in conditioner for less than a minute, (forget about deep conditioning), stick me under the dryer for too long, until all the moisture in my hair has been totally sucked out, and then use a flat iron to style it (causing even more damage to the hair). The style doesn't last for more than a day, I have to pay her $35 on top of all that nonsense o, if she's doing a touch up, that's $55. The stylist i had before her was much better, but she never wanted my hair to grow out, as she kept wanting to shave down the back. I guess it would ensure that i go to her each week to style it. The final straw was when she was rude to me, i never went back after that day.

The next place i landed was someone who was learning how to style hair. They didn't even have the courtesy to inform me prior to her putting her hands in my hair. I should have known when she was acting like she was afraid to touch my hair as she was washing it. After she was done "styling" it, i was so furious because they had to coach her through the whole process. I disregarded politeness and informed them that if i wanted my hair to look like that i would have done it myself at home. It was just a mess.

Anyhoo, my current stylist obviously doesn't care about my hair and i have decided to only go back there at the end of July to get a touch up. Until then i'm taking charge of my hair. I'm pretty sure i can do a better job and i don't have to give myself a tip for not doing anything. What's the deal with tipping stylists anyway? I always feel guilty if i don't leave a tip, so whether i am happy with the hair or not, i feel obliged to leave $5. That's just crazy. Hopefully, i can find a better hair stylist when i move, if not i'll just have to learn to do my hair myself.

I guess i can deal with the hair dilemma easily by braiding or weaves. Well, i hate weaves and have vowed never to do one again. The last time i had a weave was in 2006 and it lasted 5 days because i felt like i had something on top my head ever single second of those 5 days. I ran back to the stylist and asked her to take it off, never mind the $150 i paid to get it done. I had weaves back in Nigeria a couple of times. I don't remember feeling that way. It was a very weird, uncomfortable experience. Let's not even talk about the itching.

Braids, i used to be able to do, but sitting down for 8 hours is not something i am willing to do anymore. The last time i had micros was in 2004. I didn't braid my hair at all from 2005 -2008. I decided to switch to kinky twists which take 4 hours but everyone hates the look on me (they always neglect to tell me they hate it until after i take it off), so no more braids or weaves for me. Going natural is not an option i am willing to even consider given my hair texture. Plus, i don't think it would be a good look for me. I know two people who are natural, one looks really good with it and the other doesn't.

That's my story for this blessed Sunday morning. I can't believe it's been almost 6 years since i last went to church. Interesting stuff.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Me: Brother, did u hear what happened to BIL?
Brother: Wetin concern me? In life you have to learn how to mind your business and keep your eyes on the prize.

Oh Snap! He told me!!!!

In the midst of my rambling about God knows what........
Brother to me: A si li ba ku te (Which means, you gossip to the point your mouth tore, I don't know how to write Igbo so sorry if i didn't spell it right). I burst out laughing because i haven't heard that phrase in ages.

My brother is a character, and i too like gist.

Farrah Fawett finally dies after her battle with anal cancer and instead of the universe to let her have her day, she was upstaged by Micheal Jackson. Now, at this point i have had it up to here with EVERYONE. Real life, blogger, facebook!!! Where was everyone when Micheal Jackson was turned into a punchline and been mocked as a pedophile. I didn't see anyone paying him tributes or interrupting my regularly scheduled programs to talk about him.

People make me sick and this just proves that human beings are hypocrites whether we like to admit it or not. You tear someone down, disgrace the poor man, basically drive him away from the country, but as soon as he expires he is becomes the best thing since sliced bread. My issue is not whether MJ is the best or not. Dude is a legend, i just hate how people can flip flop just cos the man is dead. I am sick of it.

Na so dem for do Britney Spears if to say she die.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Life as a bum

Thanks everyone who left a comment on my last post. It's very much appreciated. I am exceedingly happy at this break. I came to this country at the end of Oct 2002, had a month to "adjust", started working Dec 2002 and this is the absolute first time i have never had to work since that time. Not only was i working full time, i was also going to school full time including summers. The summers i didn't take classes, i was working and studying for the blasted MCAT. So when i say i haven't a break before now, i really haven't.

No school, work, MCAT study?!!!! I'm in heaven. So what did my first day as a bum look like?
  • Woke up at 5.20am and took Lenie outside to do his business
  • Took my mom to work.
  • Got home and sat in front of the computer on blogger, facebook, hotmail, and televisionwithoutpity until 9am.
  • Got ready, walked Lenie from 10.30am until 11.15am. The sun was blazing hawt!!!! I managed to sweat my pretty hair out.
  • Went to get some forms printed at a friend's house. The three printers in my house have managed to give up the ghost somehow somehow.
  • Went to look for the hospital i need to go get my physicals done in. Fought with friend over directions. Has anyone heard of Isrealites journey???
  • Picked up my mom at 2.30pm.
  • Finally laid down to get some rest, as my eyes were about to close, got a call from the UK. 30 minutes of amebo.
  • Ate some boiled corn on the cob and groundnut, naija style.
  • Ate some more, can't remember what. Oh! I had a slice of my going away cheese cake. Absolutely the best.
  • Alright down to the business of bummery. This bed is so soft. Rain fell, finally we have some breeze.
  • Oya, get ur ass up let's go play tennis. Christ, brother!!!!!
  • Played tennis from 7pm -9pm. Whether i was playing tennis or the tennis was playing me is another story.
So that's how i spent the first day being a bum. I think it's hard to learn how to be a bum. I thought i would laze in bed all day and enjoy it, but i can't even stay in bed past 8am, if that. I'm sure i'll get the hang of it soon. I haven't given up. I must stay in bed until 2pm like i used to years and years ago.

P.S.I have updated my blogsville gist blog (with barely any gist), but rome wasn't built in a day, abi?
P.P.S If anyone is interested in joining fatbusters, now is the time. We are accepting new members at this point.

Ciao people.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Woo hoo Part 2

The first Woo hoo post i made was when i got accepted into medical school (God be praised), my second Woo hoo is because.............................. drumroll.... i have officially become a bum. No more work for me until school starts. Yeah!!!!! Woo hoo!

So i intend to pig out (did that yesterday), veg out and grow that beard i always wanted.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

What's new

  • First time in God knows how long i went a week between posts
  • I have seriously slacked on all my blogs. Fatbusters have been neglected and Blogsville gist hasn't gotten off the ground )-:
  • My last day of work is the 19th. Don't know i feel about that
  • I wasn't fired from the hospital. I am however going to officially quit sometime soon, even though i need the money badly at this point.
  • I am super worried about money, especially since i have to move soon.
  • I was given a "Job well done" pat on the back by my PI based on praise by another department. I was used as a model on how things should be done. So "I'm a tough act to follow". Eat ur hearts out, haters on the job who think i'm incompetent. God showed u!
  • I found an apartment in the land of "I have to look really hard to find black people" Chineke!
  • I am not excited at all. Super scared at the prospect of leaving home. Didn't think i would be.
  • I'm not taking my doggie. I am more than super heartbroken. The place allows only cats. Anyone knows some kind of juju i can use to change Lenie to a cat by the end of July?
  • I am not a cat person, but i absolutely love kittens. If only they stay that way. Cats are so boring and independent. All they need you for is food. So annoying.
  • We had two cats growing up, Jamie and Lucy. Jamie was my favorite cos we had him when he was weeks old and had to feed him with a syringe. He couldn't even walk when we got him.
  • We got him from the juju section of the market. Where they sell stuff used for those kinds of stuff.
  • Hey, i grew up in Benin.
  • Forgot to tell you guys that i also have 2 parakeets. I've had them for over 2 years. I don't know why i only talk about Lenie. I will not to be taking them along also. Don't care too much about that. I want to give then away if possible.
  • I'm thinking of getting a ferret or guinea pig or bunny. Most likely will be a bunny.
  • I need to get some kind of spirituality into my life. I need a connection to GOD.
  • I will most likely be closing this blog in the nearest future. Still not sure.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I walked out!

I walked out of my hospital job yesterday. Did i quit or am i going to be fired? I'm not sure at the point. So here's what happened. The last day i was scheduled to work over there was May 16th. I am PRN, so i have to turn in my availability beginning of every month. In April, i was so overwhelmed, i didn't see myself working through the whole month, so i put mt last available date as the 16th. I was supposed to turn in my 2 weeks notice that day and quit at the end of the month.

I didn't do it. They called me in to work May 29th and i did, no problem. I didn't turn in any availability for June, but they called me on Thursday and said they needed someone to do a 1:1, which means instead of watching 24-28 patients, you only watch one patient. If it's at night and the patient is stable and asleep, that's a pretty good deal. So since she needed someone for the whole weekend, i agreed to go in Friday and Saturday night. She promised me that it was going to be a 1:1 for sure and nobody will change the schedule.

I went in on Friday and everything was fine. When i came home Saturday morning, i only slept for 3 hours cos my nephew and niece were around and it just wasn't possible to sleep. Then i woke up and had to give my dog his medicated bath. I then carried myself to the track and worked out for an hour. I got home around 8pm, by the time i got a chance to lie down it was past 9pm and i had to be at work at 11pm. Suffice to say, i didn't sleep a wink.

On my way to work, i kept obsessing over whether that had changed the schedule. I just told myself that if they removed me from the 1:1, i'm coming back home. My instincts never lie. I get there, don't see anyone doing the 1:1, i'm wondering what's going on with that. I get behind the nurse's station and was told that i might have to work P hall cos they sent someone to the hospital with the person who was supposed to work there.

P hall is the worst hall to work. The most unstable patients are put there, they have the tendency to wake up early, plus there are camera's in each room, so u have to actually stand there and see the patients breathe and check the bathroom every 15mins and it is the largest hall so u have more distance to cover. There was no way, as tired as i was that i was going to do P hall and stay awake all 8 hours. Besides doing the 15min checks in each room, i would have to file the flow sheets, and make new nurses notes and then get vitals signs on all the patients later in the morning. If there was an admission, i would have to search the patient and do the initial assesment. I didn't sign up for that.

So the person who told me i might be doing P hall said i should wait and talk to the charge nurse. I turned around and walked back to my car. Instead of me to drive away like i planned, i wanted to give the charge nurse the courtesy of telling her i was leaving. Stupid! I should have known she won't let me leave when they were short staffed. So after talking to my friend who basically told me to make my own decision and stick to it, i went back in (big mistake) and told the charge nurse i wante to leave, of course she said i couldn't. So i went to speak to the lady i was supposed to take over from and she made me call the scheduler who promised me the 1:1. Long story short, scheduler said she will call me back and she didn't.

So i left abruptly without speaking to the charge Nurse again. I feel bad because i like the charge nurse and would not have left her stranded on a good day but i was TIRED. Now i think they probably have a bad impression of me. I should have just driven away the first time, i would have felt much better.

I don't know if i would be fired cos of this (probably), but like they say, i should have quit while i was ahead.

Friday, June 5, 2009


If you can't tell by now from reading my posts, i'll go ahead and spit it out. I am a moody person, have always been since i was a kid. Weird personality, what else can i say about that. I'm still brainstorming ideas for my blogsville gist blog. I'm excited about it, you should be too! Why?!!! Because i said so.

I've got two weeks to go at my lab...... Yes sir!!!! I'm all smiley and happy now at work cos i see light at the end of the tunnel. That job did not suit my personality at all. It's like been a personal assistant, but for a lab instead of a human being. I am the research tech, and i guess if u want to break it down in simple English, i manage the day to day running of the lab. Including, the monthly paperwork for the financial transactions.

Sting, when i open the oxygen tank it makes a noise
Sting, we saw a screw fall off the chair
Sting, order this!!!!
Sting, order this ASAP!!!!!
Sting, what happened to my order?
Sting, when is it arriving? It hasn't arrived? Why?!!!
Sting, something's wrong with the HPLC
Sting, the sonicator is not working right
Sting, i need 16gels made every day for the rest of this week
Sting, the scissors for perfusions are no longer sharp. Sharpen it, somehow!
Sting, we have double litters in the breeding colony, don't let that happen again!
Sting, i need you to do my petty cash reimbursements.
Sting, the red light is on on the water filter
Sting, the sink is blocked
Sting, our key is sticking in the lock
Sting, I didn't get my grant bank statement, go locate it.
Sting, kiss my ass and don't forget to wipe it afterwards!

Thank you GOD! It's about to be over.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Make una see as i don dey sabotage my life o! E be like say person dey voodoo me, no be small thing. I'm so irritable these days, every thing annoys me.

Anyhoo, i have booked my flight to go find an apartment next weekend. My maama is coming with me, hopefully i find an affordable place with covered parking and heat included in the rent. I no fit dey shovel snow everyday. Cold wan kill me for Atlanta, only God know how i will survive over there. I'm really really mentally tired.

To be honest, i don't think i know how to be happy. I just fill my life with all these activities so i don't have time to think. I don't know what to do with myself when i'm not working. I can't relax, i don't enjoy my free time. After much talk about quitting my hospital job, i couldn't bring myself to turn in my two weeks notice. I scheduled my last working day to be May 16th and was supposed to quit officially on the 31st but i couldn't do it. The weekend i didn't work was just weird. I ended up going in on the 29th but i hated every moment of it. I just can't stand being there. What's wrong with me?

My last day at the lab is the 19th of this month. I am looking forward to it, esp since i'm going to get paid until the end of July (i didn't get paid in Feb). I can't wait to stop but at the same time, i am scared that i would go crazy out of my mind if i'm not occupied.

That crazy dog is over there snoring like everything is right with the world, when it isn't. I should go and wake him just for the hell of it. I have to take him to the vet tomorrow for some bootleg skin infection. Only God knows the hundreds of dollars i'm going to spend. That vet is just fleecing the hell out of me.

P.S. How do u stop fighting with someone you really nice and who is very sweet to u but for whatever reason you guys can't stop fighting?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Interesting Stuff


Blogsville is getting really interesting with all the (pseudo) controversy that is going on. Hmm... i might just stick around after all. As you can see from the top of my blog, i am starting a new blog, titled blogsville gist. This idea has been in the works for a while now, i actually wrote my first post on March 1st, but i kept the blog under wraps as i was still trying to figure out what direction i wanted to go with blogging.

Why blogsville gist? Honestly, 2 things. I saw the template and fell in love with it. I just had to use it, but i didn't want it for this blog. The second reason is really very selfish, i saw myself kinda pulling away from blogsville. I hardly read other blogs and i generally was losing interest. I felt like if i started a blog that focused on other blogs on blogsville, it would help me keep up with reading blogs. No, i'm not going to be a blog critic. I think if ur blog sucks, u probably already know it :-) (just kidding). Besides, i'm all about unifying and not pulling people apart.

So people, kindly stop by my latest project and leave suggestions as to what you would like to see. This is still very much a work in progress, but i have a feeling that it would turn out to be a good thing.
Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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