Sunday, June 14, 2009

What's new

  • First time in God knows how long i went a week between posts
  • I have seriously slacked on all my blogs. Fatbusters have been neglected and Blogsville gist hasn't gotten off the ground )-:
  • My last day of work is the 19th. Don't know i feel about that
  • I wasn't fired from the hospital. I am however going to officially quit sometime soon, even though i need the money badly at this point.
  • I am super worried about money, especially since i have to move soon.
  • I was given a "Job well done" pat on the back by my PI based on praise by another department. I was used as a model on how things should be done. So "I'm a tough act to follow". Eat ur hearts out, haters on the job who think i'm incompetent. God showed u!
  • I found an apartment in the land of "I have to look really hard to find black people" Chineke!
  • I am not excited at all. Super scared at the prospect of leaving home. Didn't think i would be.
  • I'm not taking my doggie. I am more than super heartbroken. The place allows only cats. Anyone knows some kind of juju i can use to change Lenie to a cat by the end of July?
  • I am not a cat person, but i absolutely love kittens. If only they stay that way. Cats are so boring and independent. All they need you for is food. So annoying.
  • We had two cats growing up, Jamie and Lucy. Jamie was my favorite cos we had him when he was weeks old and had to feed him with a syringe. He couldn't even walk when we got him.
  • We got him from the juju section of the market. Where they sell stuff used for those kinds of stuff.
  • Hey, i grew up in Benin.
  • Forgot to tell you guys that i also have 2 parakeets. I've had them for over 2 years. I don't know why i only talk about Lenie. I will not to be taking them along also. Don't care too much about that. I want to give then away if possible.
  • I'm thinking of getting a ferret or guinea pig or bunny. Most likely will be a bunny.
  • I need to get some kind of spirituality into my life. I need a connection to GOD.
  • I will most likely be closing this blog in the nearest future. Still not sure.


  1. lol..dont worry everything is going to be cooll...just pray and hav fun...nver forget to have fun!!

  2. LOL

    Found a place in the land of whites! Lol

    Loved ur post.

  3. seems ur really overwhelmed now but everything will turn out fine.... dont worry urself too much...... hey good job on being a very competent employee... thank God u were not fired from the hospital, so hurry up and quit so it'll stop draining u.... have a blessed week and remember God is always there even if we feel we have no connection

  4. lovin this post...
    i am a puppy person...loves them and they loves me back!
    mad love :0

  5. what will happen to your doggie now?eyah

  6. you do sound overwhelmed depressed kinda of and you shouldnt be. I have money problems too but I'm super confident that everything will be alright. pls dont stop blogging...i just found u :)
    maybe moving to a new city might be the change you need, a breath of fresh air and u dont need to many black people anyway (i'm not racist lol).
    I say get a guinea pig...they're cute. and DONT STOP BLOGGING

  7. you grew up in Benin? so did i. i know how it is when you feel like you just have to leave a job even when you have no plans on how to make ends meet if you do. i just went through something similar but if you don't feel fulfilled, you gotta bounce. sometimes, its not just all about money abi?

  8. wow you still have that job. You grew up in benin, i never would have guessed( since na lagos peeps full here).

    Closing the blog in the nearest future as in like 5 yrs or more from now ;)

  9. You're quite the animal lover, aren't you? As a kid were you trying to bring home every stray animal?

    I feel exactly the same way you do about cats/kittens. I cannot stand cats but kittens can melt me. They should make kittens that never lose their kittenish traits.

    I hope someone can help us change Lenie to a cat o!

  10. hey girl..
    good to see u are back..
    so u didnt get fired well.. nows the time to leave when u are still UP...
    glad u found a place.. we all get scared of change sometimes..but lifes an adventure and theres always something to learn...
    close d blog???.......y now.

    i see u are an animal person.. i cant say i am....

  11. What is up with everyone closing their blog these days!
    Good thing u werent fired from the job..and good they recognize ur effort. So whats going to happen to ur doggie if ur not taking him with u?
    And about moving out..i know it is scary, but dont worry. take heart and be strong for the first 3 weeks then it'll be ok.

  12. All this info you just hit us with... Hmmm... It is well dear. sometimes a bit of trepidation is good to help you be careful, but don't be scared. Leaving home is one of those things you do eventually.

    And lol @ having to look for a Black person. R u the real neighborly type?

  13. was going to ask how you managed to enter the juju section then you mentioned Benin, lol!

    My grandparents refused to let my mom marry a guy from Warri because of the stereotypes about Benin people and juju.

    Hope you don't close the blog, but if you do, I understand. E no easy at all.

    Take care and all will work out well, my sista

  14. Thanks Leggy and Temmy Tayo

    That's so true Funms. I totally believe that.

    Yay chayoma, another puppy person. We can never have enough.

    Pink satin, My doggie will be staying at home with my maama.

    Miss Natural, thanks for the encouragement. I hope everything turns out well. I am more overwhelmed than depressed though.

    Plussize Goddess: Isn't Benin the best? I heard it's not as it used to be, but i still miss it badly.

    BSNC: I'm so not a lagos chic. Never liked the fast pace of lagos the few times i was there. Can't imagine living there. Yay for Benin. As for blogging, who knows, it might be 5 mins or 5 years from now, we'll see.

    GNG, between u and me, i think Lenie will make an ugly cat.

    Thanks for checking up on me triple B. Animals are always a good thing. So loyal and they don't talk back.

    Adaeze, i don't think i will be leaving blogsville entirely. you guys can't get rid of my that easily. :-)

    Archiwiz, I can't say i am the neighborly type at all o! Although i heard there were a few AA families at the apartment complex. I did see one, but they didn't look like my kind of people.

    SSD, I think juju is part of Edo culture. We our neighbors were Olukun worshippers and we would see them dance and perform their ceremonies or whatever it was they did. It's just the was it was.

  15. lol. Cats are so indepedent yes but they know you are not only there to feed them. My cats show how much they love me in so many ways and well get more devoted to me, when i walk in thru the door and they know food is coming-lol

    And yes, I make use of that moment and get all their attention-lol


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