Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I bet you guys want to know what happened with the love triangle saga? Well, cos i'm nice like that. I will tell you...... but not now, in August or September maybe. Definitely before the year runs out. The story is still unfolding. Oh, guess who decided to pop back in the picture? Mr. Man. I'm not having that at all. He had his chance(s) and he blew it. His puppy act is not going to cut it. He's not fooling me with that crap especially since i have seen him at his worst and trust me when i say it's not pretty. One of my friends told me at that time "If you marry that one, na cry you go dey cry everyday" and i totally agree with her.

Heartless motherfucker. I really don't understand guys. The dude had me eating out of the palm of his hand, i was his little bitch. As my friend said, he had my mumu button. (it took me a minute to figure that one out. I've been away from naija for too long) Well, the mumu button don malfunction. E no dey work again. Now that i have finally moved on, after listening to T.D Jakes Let it go like 100 times over the course of 3 days, he now wants me back? God forbid bad thing. If dem send you come, tell dem say i no dey house. Somebody please help me understand this person.

Favorite picture of the week. My 10 month old niece/god daughter. I can't wait to see her next month. She has 2 teeth now. They grow so fast.

Monday, June 28, 2010


I feel like a weight has just been lifted off my shoulders. I finally talked to someone i have been avoiding talking to for a while now, my last mentor at the lab. I truly believe that my med school interviews would not have gone so well and i probably wouldn't have gotten into med school if it wasn't for this guy. He is currently a post-doctoral fellow and is the sweetest and nicest person i have ever met in my life. I totally forgot about him during the radio show but he would have been a perfect person to talk about with regards to the name issue. He is from Nepal and his wife is Japanese. His wife didn't change her last name and all the kids answer her last name also. When i asked him why, he said because he feels like his wife deserves it because he knows if he were the one primarily raising the kids they would all end up in jail. His wife is a stay at home mom (she has a PhD also) and he cannot stop singing her praises about how good of a mother she is. His kids are the cutest also (just imagine a japanese/nepalese mix) and they have the cutest names, only one goes by his nepalese name, the other two answer japanese names.

Anyway, that's not the point of the story. So all these while i haven't been in school, i haven't been able to tell him. Shame, was a big part of it, like i couldn't cut it. Something everyone else was doing, i couldn't do it. I knew he would understand and be supportive but i felt like i disappointed him. So in March when i finally emailed him to say hi I kind of hinted i had issues in school. He was very encouraging, just like he was last year when i complained to him while i was still in school, but i couldn't tell him what was up. I just called him about 5 mins ago, and i told him and as expected, he was very understanding. I told him i didn't want anyone at the lab to know and before i even finished talking, he was like they don't need to know. So i will be seeing him next month when i go chill in Atlanta. I still don't have my head on right about what happened, maybe talking to him will help put things in better perspective for me.

In case there are any first or second year med students in America, who read this blog, i just found out about a need based scholarship you can apply for. You have to be a citizen though. Bummer for me cos i'm not yet one. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one because it might happen before the deadline for this application. They give between $1000 and $10,000 and there is a checklist of things to complete.
Visit NMF for more info.

In other news, guess who got nominated for three awards in category B? Me :) Best blog Juggler, Biggest gossip (Blog(s)Ville Gist) and Drama Queen/King. I bursted out laughing when i saw the nomination for Drama Queen. It was so unexpected. I asked my friend i was talking to at the time if i was a drama queen and he couldn't say yes fast enough. Oh well. I had no idea i came across that way on this blog. Although, my more common hailings besides Margaret Thatcher are Wahala woman and drama queen. I guess that's why i bursted out laughing when i saw that. I was also interviewed on the site. You can read and learn more about me HERE.

Bye lovies.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


For some reason, i am really touched to know that the people at my job like me. First shift, the tech i worked with told me she loved working with me and she was sad i was leaving. Second shift, I just told the lady i worked with that the 11th of July was my last day and she said "what? You are leaving? Do you know how much we say we like you?" She said she calls me the silent tiger but i'm really quiet until someone (patient) gets on my nerves and i let them have it. I was really touched that they like me and talk about me in a good way. I already know the patients love me cos they tell me all the time. All i get are compliments from the patients about how sweet i am, a couple have said they want to adopt me and become my grandmother. Instead of me getting a swollen head, i am humbled. There are many times that i don't like myself. I don't see what the numerous guys who like me see in me. My family tells me what a great person i am, but i never listen or believe. I am my greatest critic and sometimes my own worst enemy.

Weird where i finally get my validation from. I bet when that lady told me what she told me this evening, she had no idea how much it would mean to me, but it meant a lot cos at work, i am just me. I like working there and help out as best as i can. No eye service, lip service or whatever. I just am my quiet, reserved self (God knows i'm the opposite at home. You can't get me to shut up). Anyway, it meant a lot to me that people would like me just for the simple fact that they think i'm a nice person (especially since it didn't come from a guy). I guess this just goes to show the importance of knowing your worth and understanding who you are as a person.  Enough of the mushy stuff.

In other news, 2 staff members fought at the job yesterday. I know for sure one of them is fired, the other one was taken off the schedule but i don't know if she was fired. The person who was fired was the aggressor or instigator of the incident, but in principle she was right and had a good reason to be angry. Everyone would have been on her side, if she didn't react the way she did. That incident just showed me how much you can lose if you let your temper control you. You always lose more than you can ever gain if you don't have control of your temper. Having a short fuse is my greatest flaw. I'm known this for as long as i can remember. In fact, it's one of my principle characteristics. I get irritated easily. I've been working on it, especially in recent times. I know it's going to be a long process but i am finally committed to doing things differently. I know better, i need to do better.

So between friday and Sunday, i have worked 40 hours, 8 on Friday, 16 on Saturday, and 16 today, Sunday. Just got home, still in my scrubs and i am here kneeling down beside my bed and typing away. Tell me i don't have problems. Maybe i belong in a mental hospital myself. Oh, before i forget, did u guys see the 2nd goal Ghana scored against USA during the extra time? Men, i trip for that goal. I was at work all day saturday, so i missed the live match, but at night before i got off work, they showed it again and i caught the last 2 mins of game play and the extra time. Nice way to end my day. If only it were Nigeria. It's okay sha, i still support Ghana wholeheartedly. Maybe next time for Naija. I think Enyeama is cute by the way. It doesn't hurt that he is good at what he does. Sexy!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm not a feminist, but........................

I've been wanting to blog but can't seem to settle on what to talk about. School is less than 2 months away. Yikes! I really haven't done much studying since January. I couldn't. But i'm going to at least go over block one of Anatomy, i think it will ease the transition back into the MADNESS!!!

Result of the poll: 40% of voters picked "Whatever works for you" and 37% picked "It would be nice". So that means, i will do the best i can to reply comments. Thanks to everyone who voted.

I've been wanting to write on feminism for a long time. I still haven't gotten my thoughts together. I think one of the best decisions i have made in my life was to major in Psychology. Hands down! Psychology of women was an awesome, awesome class to take. You would think there would be a lot more males interested in the class but apparently not. Anyway, that class opened my eyes to what feminism really is.

That's why the people, especially females, who say "blah blah blah blah........ but not like i'm a feminist or anything like that o" or "I'm not a feminist but.......blah blah blah" or anything along those lines irritates the hell out of me. I personally think it is the height of ignorance to say that. I think if you are a woman, and you can wear pants and vote and get a divorce, become a doctor or whatever profession you chose, or work outside your home, or drive a car, to mention a few and you believe in equal rights and opportunities for both sexes, then you are a damn FEMINIST. No, you shouldn't champion the cause or carry it on ur head, if you don't want to. That's not the point. I don't necessarily go up and down the street shouting that i am a feminist. It's not even one of the primary identifiers of who i am, but you will never hear me utter those words that i'm not a feminist and it's not a question that i would hesitate to answer. I am a feminist, no doubt about it. I appreciate the work of the women who fought so that i have the opportunities i currently have.

Feminism is not about being a man hating female, or being the boss in the relationship or whatever negative connotation is currently associated with that word. I just don't get why an educated female in this day and age would preface or end a statement with " not like i'm a feminist or anything like that". Like i said, that is very ignorant and there's no excuse for that in this google age. Google it and stop sounding ignorant. I beg you. Na beg i dey beg. I feel like writing a scholarly article on this issue but i will restrain myself.

ETA: Just so the point of this post is not lost. I'm not saying everyone should self-identify as a feminist. Far from it, do u! What i'm saying is why would a female talk about feminism like it's a bad thing and not want to be associated with it? I think something is wrong with that picture. Society has done a pretty good job of associating a negative connotation to that word that even women (who primarily benefit from the feminist movement) buy into it. I think it's sad.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I need to think, or rather i need to sort my thoughts out, so i came here. I want to give up! Throw my hands in the air and scream this is me, take me as i am or leave me, but i can't do that because i believe in self improvement. But while i am off improving myself, is it too much to ask for patience and understanding that changing habits and old ways of doing things is a long, hard process filled with relapses because old habits die hard. If you tell me that i need to work on something today, is it fair that you keep bringing it up every chance you get because the change is not coming fast enough for u. I wasn't born yesterday and I have been doing things this way for over 20 years, If i had a change switch i would use it, but i don't, so i need time.

When does criticism cross the line into emotional abuse? How can you say you like me, but don't seem to like anything about me? No one has ever told me i bring out the worst in them in my entire life. Were you just hitting below the belt? How can you blame me for your actions? Yes, i can do or say stuff that makes u angry, but why should i take responsibility for how you chose to react to me? I can't make you do or say anything you don't want to say or do. So now i have to take responsibility for my actions and yours also? I don't think it's fair that you ask me to do that. I can only be responsible for my actions.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blog etiquette

I have a poll up on the upper right hand corner of my blog. I've been blogging for over 3 years now and i've never been big on responding to comments left on my blog or even leaving comments on other blogs. There are a ton of blogs i read regularly but hardly, if ever comment on. Most of the time i'm lazy, sometimes, i have nothing to say.  I haven't really paid too much attention to stuff like that.

Miss.fab's most recent post got me thinking and i spoke to another blogger friend. I guess there is an unspoken blog etiquette that i have been blind to. So please, take a sec to participate in my poll and leave a comment, telling me what you think these rules are or should be. Should there be rules, or should we just free style. I've been free styling to be honest, but i don't want anyone to feel slightly or ignored or whatever especially if you are a faithful reader or commenter on my blog. I care, that's why i'm asking.

To those who listened to Vera's show today, i was told by my personal person, after listening that i was too aggressive. My apologies to those who personally got offended. I hope no one did. I tend to get that way when i am passionate about something. The good thing is pple found the show interesting and a few pple said they didn't think it was going to be.

Pls vote on my poll. Thanks guys.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Things that make you go WOW!

So one of my closest friend's older brother's wife passed away in February during child birth (may her soul rest in peace). That was her third child, the baby made it but she didn't. C-section complication, i think her intestines were punctured or something. If u ask me, that whole debacle totally speaks to the incompetence of the doctors who performed that surgery. She died a couple days after giving birth, sad, unnecessary death.

Anyway, fast forward to today, less than 4 months after her death, i asked my friend about how her older brother was coping and she tells me he has moved on o! (her words) and i asked, moved on to where, what do u mean? I refused to believe she meant what i thought she meant. Yep, he has a new lady, less than 4 months after his wife's passing. Now, i'm saying 4 months, because i'm counting from today, only God know's how long this has been going on. I told her i was shocked, and she said the whole family is shocked too. I went on to wonder aloud if her brother wasn't already seeing this chic before his wife died. She pretty much said she thot the same too. Before i continue on rationally, let me say this, thunder fire any man that will do that to me. If in the process of birthing your offspring, after swelling like a beached whale for the last nine months and i die, and you don't give me the respect that i deserve and mourn me properly, i will come back and haunt you for the rest of your life. Best believe that.

With that being said, just imagine in our Nigerian society, a woman's husband dies and she's with someone else in less than a year, imagine what would happen. I can't even imagine such a scenario, yet our men continue to do it. It's a man's world abi? Look at Stella Damascus who remarried 4 years after her husband passed away, yet pple still rained abuses on her like she was a common prostitute. Is 4 years not enough to mourn? This is not the first time i have heard something like this. There was this lady that was in her 40's, she had 4 daughters, but being the typical bone headed Nigerian man her husband was, he wanted a boy or else he would marry another wife. Everyone advised her against this pregnancy cos she was getting older but NOOOOO......... she wanted to please her husband so he won't marry another wife. She got pregnant, gave birth to the coveted male son, and died while giving birth. Within 3 months, that new wife she didn't want her husband to acquire, he went ahead and acquired her, while she was rotting in the grave. Was it worth it in the end? Now she left all her kids motherless while in the quest to please her useless husband.

Some men tire me sha! Where's the love? Some pple even mourn broken relationships for more than 3 months not to talk of the death of the mother of your children. Like i said to my friend today, God will help us. I need to pray so i don't end up with someone else's husband aka the wrong man. I will never settle and marry because it's my time (whatever that means) or i'm getting old (i've been old since the day i was born) or i want children (last last, that's what sperm donors are for). When i find the person that was created for me, i don't care how long it takes me, only then will i consider getting married cos evidently there's are a lot of inhuman humans walking the face of this earth. So that lady on SSD's most recent TTTEC needs to think long and hard before she lets her husband get her pregnant again after the doctors have already told her it would be too risky. He doesn't need to have a vasectomy if he doesn't want to, there are other ways to prevent pregnancy besides tube tying. Think long and hard!

Now that my rant is over, remember to listen in as i co-host with Vera tomorrow 10AM EST (3PM naija time). Topic is about switching last names after marriage. All of una wey go hyphenate una husband first name and last name together, una get some explaining to do. Have a good weekend guys.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


There's this guy..................
I like him A LOT. When i met him, i didn't start out liking him........like that. I thought he was cool, we gisted for long hours and it flowed. He's always been a treat to look at cos besides being cute with a capital Q, i really think he's gorgeous, but that's just me. He doesn't agree with me, but like i always tell him, he's not the one looking at himself. I felt very comfortable talking to him cos there was none of that, "i like u" vibe going on. I kind of knew he liked me, but it wasn't something that i thought about. I could tell him how cute i thot he was cos i didn't like him.... like that. I even told him that i'm glad i didn't like him cos if i did, i could see myself REALLY liking him.

I don't know what happened, how it happened or exactly when it happened, but things have changed. Now, i like him...... like that and i am scared. I have been very mean and nasty to him lately and i'm worried. I'm not sure why i am being nasty to him. I'm being a total spoiled brat with him and i wonder if i'm trying to chase him away. Make him not like me anymore, that way this "thing" between us no longer exists and i am no longer vulnerable.

I'm really not sure why i have been acting this way and he's so tolerant although sometimes i can sense he's losing his patience but i still keep on being mean. Then i feel bad and apologize cos even as i'm saying the things i'm saying i know i'm wrong. I don't know if i'm testing him and seeing what my boundaries are or maybe i want him to see the worst side of me, that way if he sticks around, i know he really likes me. I'm sitting here psychoanalyzing myself and i've not come up with a conclusive answer. I guess that psych degree was good for something afterall. I just hate behaving like this and i'm worried i can't control myself and then he ends up disliking me. 

In other news, i've been sick. I feel like my body is fighting something. My lymph nodes under my neck hurts, i've had this headache for over a week now, I feel crappy, plus my poop has been white for a week (forgive me if i grossed you out). Something to do with my bile ducts, not sure. I freaked out today cos i think it's worse when you don't know what's wrong with you. I don't have health insurance, i need to look for a doctor, don't know if i can afford to pay when i go see one. Just a bunch of crap. I'm going to go try to see a doctor tomorrow though cos i'm not getting better, i'll probably go to an urgent care clinic. I refuse to go to the ER over this. I'll be there forever, and i don't think this is a case for the ER, even though my dramatic side thinks i might be dying.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I don't have a title, abeg.

What's up people? What's going on in the world of Sting?
  • I wore a dress yesterday. I looked really good. Why have i not been wearing dresses all along? I need to stop being a tomboy. Girly girl might actually fit me better. Hmmmm.......
  • I've really not been feeling too well. My pessimistic/dramatic side hopes I'm not dying. My more rational side tells me to stop being a drama queen. 
  • I started a new blog - Sting's Food Diary. I need to track what goes in my body. I gained all the weight back. I knew all those cheesecakes were a bad idea. It's not an interactive blog cos i really just want to track my progress and off load whatever thots are in my head at the moment about weight loss and stuff.
  • What!-the!-fuck!-is!-wrong!-with!-blogger! today? It keeps sending my cursor to weird spots. It's seriously messing up my typing flow cos i type pretty fast. Urghhh!!!!
  • Oh, wanna hear how i sound? Put a voice to the blog? I'm co-hosting with Vera on Saturday. Don't know whether to be nervous or excited. We'll see how it goes. 
  • Weird how i never knew the difference between being in love with someone and loving someone. Maybe i knew and forgot? I can't believe i didn't know. Well i think i do now. What's ur version of the difference? Pls, share with me. 
  • I'm so weird. I'm excited someone is coming back from Nigeria, but this person is not even coming to where i am so i don't even get to see them. I'm still excited though and no, i'm not getting any gala back
  • I'm trying to find an apartment in school and the apartment complex where i want to live is really nice but the managers are frustrating me. They don't return calls. It's so annoying. My friend is actually going over there to fill out an application for me since i never received the one that was sent in the mail. A good number of med students and doctors live there but there's no covered parking. I guess i will be shoveling snow like the rest of them this year. Sting and snow = Not friends. Sting and Cold = Enemies.
  • I still feel like i've lost my voice so i'm slowly making my way back to blogging regularly. Don't know what is going on with me.
  • I'm starting to get nervous about going back to school. The stress from last year was horrible and thinking about it is enough to send me into a panic attack. Only in medical school will you be crying because you are so tired from studying, yet you sit there in your tears as you are crying and continue to study. No joke. It wasn't just me. We all hug each other a lot because sometimes that's all you can do. I'm sure i will be a little better at handling the stress than i was last year. Knock on wood.
  • I won for best personal blog. How cool is that?!! Thanks guys for voting for me. It meant a lot that i was even nominated for that category in the first place. Thanks. 
Enjoy the rest of the week Lovies. Let's hope i feel better tomorrow and I'm actually not dying. Lord Jesus, hear my prayer, i still have a good 70+ years left on this earth.

P.S. For reasons best  known to me cos I'm random like that, i want to give a big shout out to 2cute4u. I think you are a really nice person and you rock!  :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Seriously, i think second only to menstrual cramps, the worst thing about being a woman is having to wear a bra! I would pay $100 for a perfect fitting bra. I have a couple that are 80-90% acceptable but none is or has ever been 100%. I refused to wear a bra until after secondary school. Well, truth be told i didn't need one. I was a 32A up until 2003-2004. Where this additional growth spurt is coming from, i don't know. This is not the once a month increase, neither am i pregnant (trust me. The last time i checked, my name wasn't Mary). I've always had a hate-hate relationship with bras anyway. The only time i wear them is when i'm stepping out the house. Well, since i've been living with my sister and her fiance, that is not feasible. Thank God for sports bras.

Sigh! I'm going to go back to nursing this headache i've had for the last two days and ponder why at this old age, my boobs have suddenly decided to grow some more. Next time i come back to this world, i definitely want to be a man until then i'm just going to pretend that i've never heard of childbirth, cos only God knows how i'm going to go through that one.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


To thine own self be true- William Shakespeare.

I've been on this journey of self-discovery for a long, long time and i've accepted that it is a life long journey. I remember when i was 16, i always used to ask myself who i was. I've also been a thinker and given to introspection a lot. There are times when i love myself, but a lot more times when i don't like myself and there are times when i hate myself. The way i see myself sometimes changes depending on the situation i'm in. I don't think that's a good thing. The concept of who i am at my core should be solid and no circumstance should be able to sway or change that.

Do I really know who I am?
Have i accepted and embraced all that i am?
Have i discovered and uncovered all that lies within?
Or do i sometimes wish to be something or someone i can never be?

As i continue on my journey through life, i promise to always be true to myself. To embrace the person that i am and love being me because no body else can be better at being me than i can. I will continue to be myself because for one thing, everybody else is taken.

I'm still trying to find a balance on a lot of things in my life. So i might need to separate, clear my head, re-group and come back. It might take a day or it might take a week, but it definitely won't be long. This blog remains my free therapy and my sanctuary. I'm thankful for that and i'm especially thankful for all my readers including the silent ones. I appreciate the support and love i get from blogsville.

In the mean time, you can find me on Blog(s)Ville Gist and i will be doing an interview for The Nigerian Blog Awards sometime this week. So watch out for that.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I had a rough night yesterday but finally i'm at peace. I realize that i can't control everything and things don't always go according to plan but you just have to accept life and go with the flow.

With peace comes happiness. I'm happy and i'm enjoying every minute of it. I was sad for too long, and hope the rest of this year is filled with happiness for me cos 2010 started out by bitch slapping me.

My med school is too freaking strict. My friend's best friend at another med school which shall remain nameless has been failing. Yet, her school gives them chances to re-take exams and remediate stuff over the summer. I didn't even fail anything. It kinda of sucks. I still love my med school sha! I think it's a really good school, but they are too strict!

Remember this dude? He's still calling. Called again today. He is very persistent. I'm not understanding why he just won't give up. Like why?

I can breathe again!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Overeaters anonymous (OA)

Shey i told you people i want to lose weight, abi? Well, let me tell you what someone who wants to lose weight has consumed today

Breakfast: Yogurt and almonds
Snack: Chocolate chic granola bar
Lunch: Potato Salad
More Lunch: Lasagne
Dinner: Rice, peas salad (Kidney beans, chick peas, corn, sweet peas, tuna and chicken breast) and Steak with bacon wrapped around it (i forgot the formal name for the thing)
Dessert: Royal fudge Ice cream.

I'm full! Tomorrow now i will be lamenting. I can't remember the last time i ate so much food in one day (unhealthy food for that matter). Shey when i see 158lbs on the scale tomorrow, i will be having heart palpitations, meanwhile na me put food for my mouth, nobody force me. I wasn't even that hungry when i was consuming all this food, neither was i bored. I just wanted to eat. Wahala dey o! As i dey type so, belle don full. I can barely breath.

Question of the day: When deciding to date someone, do you base your decision on how you FEEL about the person, the person's character, the person's interest in you or a combination of stuff? What if you have multiple toasters at the same time.... how do you decide on the final person. Would you be practical or go by how you feel?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Power ranger

Happy new month guys! I can't believe it's June already, this year is flying by. I'm not complaining though. I'm already looking forward to going back to school, although i'm not excited or anything because i know EXACTLY what is waiting for me when i get there. Last year i was so excited, Med school at last, blah blah blah..... I had no idea the "hell fire" that was waiting for me. I'm sure you will meet pple that'll tell u med school is a breeze and all that. Well, i've experienced it and it wasn't a breeze. It's the hardest thing i've ever done in my life. Working 2 jobs, 7 days a week did not prepare me for med school. I found it to be much harder because of the constant mental stress i was under. Thankfully, i found my balance by the end of the semester. I figured out how to study the multitude of information they expect you to know every last detail of *rolls eye*. So even though i am not EXCITED about going back, i'm looking forward to it. Hey, it's still my dream, i still can't imagine myself doing anything else. So i accept what happened as a bump in the road and i am ready to move forward.

So while everyone else was busy being productive on the first of June, I got into a fight. A stupid fight for that matter with one of my cousins. Ask me whether it was my fight o! It wasn't! This fight was solely on behalf of my younger sister. Ever since i can remember, i have been getting into fights for my siblings. I be their power ranger cos i know how to talk, and once i'm angry I really don't care who u are. My younger brother was small for his age and his twin sister liked to oppress him, i used to take up for him all the time. So my fights were not just limited to outsiders. Anyway, when it comes to someone that's not in my immediate family and you want to act anyhow to my sister, na there u jam rock.

The last time before yesterday i got into a fight cos of any of my siblings was in 2001. Some chic was behaving anyhow, i rushed there and got into the middle of the fight (it wasn't a physical fight o. I no sabi dey fight like agbero. Na mouth i dey use). Long story short, we won that fight but my sister was kind of wrong sha, but e no concern me. Fight first, ask questions later. Thankfully, we have been behaving ourselves over the last 9 years. 2 yrs ago when my sister went home to Nigeria, she had an issue with this said cousin. He was pretty much trying to keep tabs on her movement all the way from Lagos and she was in Abuja. We are not that close, so i think she found him intrusive and she doesn't have the patience that i do for relatives, so she stopped taking his calls and he got mighty offended.

When he complained to me, he said all sorts of things. I don't know if he forgot she was my sister cos he really mouthed off. The one that annoyed me was, "Is it because she's in America that she's behaving like she's better than everyone else. Well God will bring us to America one day". What does being in America have to do with anything? Abi, is America heaven? Make una tell me o. After all his ranting and raving, all i could say was, So if i offend you, that's how u'll be talking about me? See.....i behaved myself that time and didn't jump down his throat like i would have been inclined to in the past. I started looking at him funny though since that day. I no trust am, at all.

Fast forward to this year. He had started a *last name* group on facebook a while ago. When i joined the group, it wasn't a request to Join group. Last week, i was bored i went to the group, noticed that i had been made secretary of the group (whatever that means) and that we barely had any members and i have a lot of relatives on my page. So i invited all my siblings to join and a few cousins. 2 nights ago, my older sister that i stay with asked me what the group was for and told me it was a request to join group. She said she wasn't joining. Yesterday morning, my younger sister sends me a mail on facebook asking who the moderator of the group was cos her request to join had been denied and she noticed my younger brother and oldest sister just joined the group. So i told her it who the moderator was and decided to send him an email. He didn't respond, then i saw him on facebook chat in the evening and asked him about the email. He said he didn't get it. I asked him if he saw my sister's request to join the group and he said yes, he deleted it. I think the buzzing wires in my head just touched as soon as  i heard that.

Long story short, it degenerated into a mess. I told him he was being petty and if i knew he got to pick and chose who joins the group i never would have invited my sister to join. I told him i was going to leave the group because i wasn't going to be a part of his pettiness.This dude who is barely older than me was telling me he doesn't have time for little children who don't have respect for their elders. He brought the whole americanization crap into it and of course i gave him more than a piece of my mind. What is up with Nigerians and respect? Like seriously. Are you freaking kidding me? You want to act petty but expect me to respect you because you are a day older than me? That's some bullshit right there.

I left his stupid group thankfully before he had a chance to delete me like he threatened. I don't like that i fought with him over this. I don't necessarily like to fight but i can't stand pettiness. If you create a group for our family, who are you to pick and chose who gets to join? As far as i'm concerned as long as you are a part of the family, then u should be allowed to join. It was a really stupid fight, but one that i don't regret having. I'm glad i stuck up for my sister and she thanked me for sticking up for her too. Let's just hope we go another 10 or 20 yrs without me having to do this again.

So that's my power ranger story for the year. Hopefully.
Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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