Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Power ranger

Happy new month guys! I can't believe it's June already, this year is flying by. I'm not complaining though. I'm already looking forward to going back to school, although i'm not excited or anything because i know EXACTLY what is waiting for me when i get there. Last year i was so excited, Med school at last, blah blah blah..... I had no idea the "hell fire" that was waiting for me. I'm sure you will meet pple that'll tell u med school is a breeze and all that. Well, i've experienced it and it wasn't a breeze. It's the hardest thing i've ever done in my life. Working 2 jobs, 7 days a week did not prepare me for med school. I found it to be much harder because of the constant mental stress i was under. Thankfully, i found my balance by the end of the semester. I figured out how to study the multitude of information they expect you to know every last detail of *rolls eye*. So even though i am not EXCITED about going back, i'm looking forward to it. Hey, it's still my dream, i still can't imagine myself doing anything else. So i accept what happened as a bump in the road and i am ready to move forward.

So while everyone else was busy being productive on the first of June, I got into a fight. A stupid fight for that matter with one of my cousins. Ask me whether it was my fight o! It wasn't! This fight was solely on behalf of my younger sister. Ever since i can remember, i have been getting into fights for my siblings. I be their power ranger cos i know how to talk, and once i'm angry I really don't care who u are. My younger brother was small for his age and his twin sister liked to oppress him, i used to take up for him all the time. So my fights were not just limited to outsiders. Anyway, when it comes to someone that's not in my immediate family and you want to act anyhow to my sister, na there u jam rock.

The last time before yesterday i got into a fight cos of any of my siblings was in 2001. Some chic was behaving anyhow, i rushed there and got into the middle of the fight (it wasn't a physical fight o. I no sabi dey fight like agbero. Na mouth i dey use). Long story short, we won that fight but my sister was kind of wrong sha, but e no concern me. Fight first, ask questions later. Thankfully, we have been behaving ourselves over the last 9 years. 2 yrs ago when my sister went home to Nigeria, she had an issue with this said cousin. He was pretty much trying to keep tabs on her movement all the way from Lagos and she was in Abuja. We are not that close, so i think she found him intrusive and she doesn't have the patience that i do for relatives, so she stopped taking his calls and he got mighty offended.

When he complained to me, he said all sorts of things. I don't know if he forgot she was my sister cos he really mouthed off. The one that annoyed me was, "Is it because she's in America that she's behaving like she's better than everyone else. Well God will bring us to America one day". What does being in America have to do with anything? Abi, is America heaven? Make una tell me o. After all his ranting and raving, all i could say was, So if i offend you, that's how u'll be talking about me? See.....i behaved myself that time and didn't jump down his throat like i would have been inclined to in the past. I started looking at him funny though since that day. I no trust am, at all.

Fast forward to this year. He had started a *last name* group on facebook a while ago. When i joined the group, it wasn't a request to Join group. Last week, i was bored i went to the group, noticed that i had been made secretary of the group (whatever that means) and that we barely had any members and i have a lot of relatives on my page. So i invited all my siblings to join and a few cousins. 2 nights ago, my older sister that i stay with asked me what the group was for and told me it was a request to join group. She said she wasn't joining. Yesterday morning, my younger sister sends me a mail on facebook asking who the moderator of the group was cos her request to join had been denied and she noticed my younger brother and oldest sister just joined the group. So i told her it who the moderator was and decided to send him an email. He didn't respond, then i saw him on facebook chat in the evening and asked him about the email. He said he didn't get it. I asked him if he saw my sister's request to join the group and he said yes, he deleted it. I think the buzzing wires in my head just touched as soon as  i heard that.

Long story short, it degenerated into a mess. I told him he was being petty and if i knew he got to pick and chose who joins the group i never would have invited my sister to join. I told him i was going to leave the group because i wasn't going to be a part of his pettiness.This dude who is barely older than me was telling me he doesn't have time for little children who don't have respect for their elders. He brought the whole americanization crap into it and of course i gave him more than a piece of my mind. What is up with Nigerians and respect? Like seriously. Are you freaking kidding me? You want to act petty but expect me to respect you because you are a day older than me? That's some bullshit right there.

I left his stupid group thankfully before he had a chance to delete me like he threatened. I don't like that i fought with him over this. I don't necessarily like to fight but i can't stand pettiness. If you create a group for our family, who are you to pick and chose who gets to join? As far as i'm concerned as long as you are a part of the family, then u should be allowed to join. It was a really stupid fight, but one that i don't regret having. I'm glad i stuck up for my sister and she thanked me for sticking up for her too. Let's just hope we go another 10 or 20 yrs without me having to do this again.

So that's my power ranger story for the year. Hopefully.


  1. na wa o. dis ur cousin na case o. sha, let matter rest.

    i don't fight 4 my siblings. d few times i did, d result was catastrophic. am too hot-tempered to fight my own battles, talk of of putting mouth 4 matter dey no concern me. i let my pple fight dem own. if dem break them head 4 dia, i go tell them sorry. finish

  2. meanwhile, i invited u on gtalk

  3. My dear i feel you o, med school is definitely hard.

    Chei! what is wrong with this your cousin sef, its good you gave him your piece of mind next time he'll think before acting foolish.

  4. E-Y-A! e pele o! med sch no be moi-moi sha! My sis, in this situation, you did right..but in future,LET HER FIGHT HER FIGHTS! would make her stronger.hehehehe

  5. Older Sibling mentality - Love that you stick up for your sibling! Yet I hope you are able to still call your siblings out when they are in the wrong tho.

  6. Mehn, kinda have had this problem with cousins. Truth is they can be truly annoying. Its fine you stood up for your sister and I'm glad you didn't do less.
    But sting, please try to ignore them you could register your disapproval by just plain walking away or with your silence.
    I'm just glad you're okay that's all. Take care my dear.

  7. ah! see quarrel, you would've sripted the thing for us to read na...that your cousin dey mad

    ...i dont like 'fights' but i dont mind them, esp when am giving my own piece of mind...if you get physical, & u no get black belt or get gun, na die u don die be that...

    you did good, darling b'cuz if you mess with my family members, there must be blood...patapata person go die

  8. i dont have patience for relatives either so they keep out of my way.i fight for my sisters too, im just a very protective person by nature.

  9. Well @ least this time around you're returning to med school mentally prepared for the daunting task ahead.
    I know you'll be fine.

    Thankfully the cousins i know and relate with are the peaceful ones. I don't have space for long extended family. But all my siblings and I are each others power rangers. You dare not mouth off to me in front of my sister if you don't want wahala.


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