Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I am such a dork, you guys. I have been having a bad couple of days. Didn't bother going to work yesterday cos i wasn't feeling too well and the thought of being in that place just added to my depression. So i dragged my butt to work today and managed to get in b4 11.30am. I won't be surprised if i'm fired one of these days. My only excuse is that i'm a good worker, i just operate on african time. Anyway, so here i am at work moping, i go upstairs to get some packages and who do i see when i get on the elevator to go back to the lab............. My crush. He was looking as cute as ever and all my moodiness just went away. Besides the usual hi i would have expected, he starts trying to make conversation with me and was really being all friendly. That just made my day. Unfortunately, it was a VERY short ride and i had to get off b4 him. I'm just excited about it for some reason. He was totally checking me out too. I don't care what anyone says he might like me. I'm allowed to dream, right? So pls don't go bursting my bubble. I hope i see him again soon. Damn, he's cute!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Today was a CRAZY day at the hospital. Pun very much intended. If i had any doubts that i worked in a psychiatric hospital before today, after the 16 hr ordeal i have been through those doubts have been put to rest. It must be a full moon cos there is no other explanation for the madness that occurred today. Once again, pun intended. One patient was involved in 3 fights with 2 pple that sent the recipients of his sucker punch to the hospital. One ended up with a deep cut close to the eye and another one ended up with a sprained arm and swollen head.

Another patient was wilding out all day to say the least. Think about all your stereotypical images of a crazy person and she was it. She slapped a fellow patient and jacked her head on the wall, she also smacked that same patient with her shoes. Then later one she went a bitch slapped an unsuspecting patient who was sitting minding his own business for no reason. They she almost broke a chair on a staff, and then proceeded to start punching another staff who forgot herself for a moment and hit her back (staff is not supposed to fight back). This was just the highlights of the day. I cannot even begin the skim the surface of the events of the day. We had four patients on intensive watch and we were short staffed. It was total chaos!

It's so easy to forget that i'm in a mental hospital cos sometimes majority of the people are normal or having a good day depending on the unit i'm on. Today was bastard. Their craziness was in full force and i hate to use that word, but there's no other word to use. Then for some reason i was so pissed off by the 21 yr old who was very disrespectful to me and kept calling me a little girl whenever i asked him to do anything. He said why should he listen to a 13 yr old. Normally i wouldn't be pissed cos i know i look young, but today was just a bad day. He managed to get on my nerves and i told him my baby brother is older than him and he needs to shut up and get inside like i told him to. I just didn't care about professionalism at that point. I had had enough. I have to be back there in six hours so i need to go get whatever sleep i can cram in.

BTW, i have concluded that guys in ATL ain't about nothing. There are a couple of them i'm very tempted to slap right now, but they are not even worth that energy. Idiots! How are u going to email me when u have my number, ask me if i'm still interested in going to the aquarium and i reply in the affirmative then you don't bother replying back for 2 weeks?!!What type of shit is that? Then there's the other one that has even managed to annoy me more that this one. In fact, he is dead to me, so no need to talk about him. Bloody fool!

Jesus! I just discovered that my dog snores like a human being. Fear catch me. I would never have thot that. Has anyone ever heard a dog snore? I was shocked just now cos i heard snoring and it's just me and him in the room. I turned down my TV, lo and behold, Monsieur St. Lenie Esq is snoring like an old man. Chineke, God in heaven, wonders shall never end.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Adventures of a dog walker

You guys should help me thank Baba J oh! It's a miracle that i'm alive and still breathing. Seriously, that's how one black devil in disguise aka pit bull almost ate me and Lenie for dinner. God! I have never been so scared in my life, see me see death. I said Lord, i'm not ready. I'm not ready, save meeeeeeeeeeeeeee............................. So here i was jejely walking my dog, minding my own business, the next thing i see, this black ugly beast of a dog comes charging towards me and Lenie. He doesn't even bark. I start screaming, "come get ur dog" For where, nobody shows up. First of all, tell me why should they chain that kind of dog in a yard that has no fence?! I start backing into the street, the dog was right on top Lenie, sniffing him with a very mean look on it's face (or maybe the beast is just ugly, i don't know). By this time i was all the way in the middle of the road oh. I no care whether car dey come. I just wanted to get away. This street that is usually so busy was empty at a time when i needed someone. When i backed all the way to the other side of the street, this dog raises his head and looks me straight in the eye. Hey! I say my own done finish, i go die for here today.

Foolish owner of dog, did not hear my weak screams. I was shaking like a fool. I'm such a wuss. Thankfully, a car drove down, and the dog turned and went back into his yard. As soon as the car drove away, he comes charging back with full speed towards us. But this time there's another dude that's walking and he manages to scare him away. The same thing happened yesterday with another dog, but thankfully the owners were outside and were able to pull him away. I'm getting sick and tired of these irresponsible dog owners that live in my neighborhood. Don't have a man eating animal, call it a dog and then refuse to build a fence. It seems like all the dogs in my neighborhood are pit bulls or rottweilers or any other ugly dog with the potential to kill someone. I don't care as long as they are behind a fence barking their little hearts out. Just don't come charging at me almost giving me a heart attack/making me pee my pants, while ur irresponsible owner is chilling inside listening to my girlish screams. I don't like embarrassing myself like that abeg. They want to ruin my rep in that neighborhood.

BTW, i have the worst crush ever on this dude. He is in charge of something something that has to do with chemicals and waste management and that type of stuff. I attended a training session that he held on how to use this new program and i just wanted to run away the entire time. I couldn't even look at his face. I'm very uncomfortable around guys i'm attracted to. He is too too cute. He has the kind of chipmunky face that i like. I'm almost drooling just thinking about him. So anyway, after the initial training session 2 weeks ago, i had some problems adding inventory to the program, so he came down to the lab to help me out yesterday. You would think my attraction to him would have lessened. It's worse. He is freaking tall ( i don't necessarily like tall guys but i like this one). The way i was acting it was like i couldn't wait for him to leave cos i was so uncomfortable. He had a stain on his shirt, and i was tempted to dust it off, just to touch him (sexual harrasment anyone?!), but i behaved myself and just told him about it. After he left, to my eternal shame i went to search for him on facebook. I'm finished! No hope for me.

Life is not fair! I'm angry. How come i'm not attracted to any of the guys that ask me out? They are all borderline ugly/unattractive. WHY? Why do the cute ones like this not talk to me? I'm angry, seriously, seriously angry. He has graciously asked me to call him up whenever i have any questions or problems with the program. I'm tempted to take him up on that offer even though i have mastered the whole thing. I just have to cook up a problem if i can grow the balls to do so. I could add him on facebook too, but that would just be superweird. I've never done that b4 and i hate the thing (facebook) anyway. HELP me lord, do not abandon me at the point of my need (abi, no be so dem take dey talk am?)

Monday, September 22, 2008


So, my pipo, i have been given an award by Ms Dee. I am now officially a certified honest blogger. No be small thing oh! I was an honest blogger b4 (abi i dey lie?), now i'm CERTIFIED.

Big words, big words, calm down my sister (side note to self).

It is really not a small something (LOL, i'm a fool). Anyway, first and foremost, i would like to thank Baba J. aka Baby Jesus or Just God! (Just Jack!) for granting me this award (if i was a good christian now, i for quote bible for here, but alas....). I would also like to thank Sally aka my non existent social life (yes, her name is Sally) for giving me the time to sit in front of my computer and type half of the nonsense i write. (Sally is also the name of one of my patient's vagina (Na she name her vagina Sally oh, no be me), but i bet u didn't want to know that. Well, that's ur punishment for reading this blog. The unneccassary information i like to throw out there from time to time).

Finally, i would like to dedicate this award to my one and only true love D'banj, or Skibanj as his jamaican friends call him, the only sugar in my tea, cockroach in my cupboard, pain in my arse and thorn in my throat. I go born ibeji for u. You know i'm nice like ofada rice, i 'll be your witch, if u'll be my wizard. I lof u! (Na so one of the naija nurses for my job, tell im wife say e lof am! I wan die for laugh).

I'm supposed to pass the award along. Hmm.... Do i have to? I mean, i worked hard for this shit.I have cried blood and shed tears. Everytime i write a blog post, i lose 10lbs, now they want me to pass the award. I no dey like that kind thing oh!

Anyway, here are the rules
  1. When you receive the prize you must write a post showing it, together with the name of the person who gave you the award, and link the person back.
  2. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs (or even more) that you find brilliant in their content or design.
  3. Show their names and links and leave them a comment informing they were prized with an award.
  4. And then pass it on!

Well, i'm not passing it on. I refuse..................

Na lie, i dey work. Make i go b4 them sack me. I will pass on the award when i get a chance. I need a separate post for that. Una know say my own must different, i no dey gree do wetin i suppose to do. But una too many for blogville, and i need to think about who i pick. Ciao, pple and btw i'm eating a banana for lunch today. Another unnecessary info that i know u r dying to hear, and pls cos i know u guys have rotten minds in blogville, it's a regular banana oh. Abeg.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gray area on Gold digging

Guys, i don tire. Me and my dog went on an hour long walk today. It was so funny how when we came home, he ate, lay down and crashed. I'm happy, he has too much energy abeg! So onto my gist. Anybody that has been reading this blog knows that i have a "thing" for cute guys. God help me. So there's this cutie that i knew from afar. We both knew each other, but we were not on talking terms. We went to the same private lesson (all u naija pple know what i'm talking about) when we were about 14 yrs old, but he came to the states in like '98. Anyway, a couple of years ago i got to speak to him, and after listening to him for a minute, tears came to my eyes. How could God have wasted such a fine face on such a prick, i would never understand. I can't!

He went on about how he doesn't date naija girls cos we are all gold diggers (in my mind i'm thinking, which gold this fool get wey person wan dig?), then he went on to say that my friend who lives in the same state as him should come around so that he can look at her. WTF?! You don't date naija girls, but u would do her the favor of checking her out to see if u can manage her??!!!! I almost slapped him through that phone. I swear to God. When he was rattling off his number, neither of us bothered to take it down. I just dey vex. See fine boy wey just waste like that. E still dey pain me. Mschewwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, that was the first time i heard Nigerian girls are supposed to be certified gold diggers. I didn't pay too much attention to him anyway, cos anybody that hates where they are from, and the people, might as well go hang themself cos that means they hate themselves. Which reminds me of The Gambian, who hates gambian girls but wants to date me cos i'm different. Ok....... pls explain. I might not be from Gambia but i'm African, and it's very likely i'll be similar to a Gambian chic, at least in my principles and values. That boy is just a fool, more about him in a minute cos he's a crucial part of this gist.

So in the last few months, a couple of guys that want to wife me (another story for another day) have told me that one of the main things they love about me is that i'm not materialistic. I was truly surprised. Since when did that become a compliment/criteria for choosing a wife? So i asked the last person that said that to me why that was such a big deal or even an issue to begin with. He said that a lot of girls in Nigeria judge your worth based on how much u have and how much they can get from u. They won't date u if u don't have money and all that good stuff. One of my friends actually told me that his girlfriend left him after he totaled his car cos she said she can't date a boy without a car, and this was after they had been together for years. I found that hard to believe at the time. I just felt there was more to it than that.

Anyway, i have never had close female friends that like to "chop" guys money. However, this one friend that i had last yr kind of exposed me a little bit to the mentality some girls have. They feel that just for the simple fact that they are females, they are entitled to whatever they can get out of guys. If they as much as look at u and smile, then u better be ready to pay up one way or the other. There were a number of guys who were trying to date her, even though she KNEW she would never date these guys she would accept stuff from them. One of them even took her shopping, and she went along and really picked stuff. We both knew the only reason that boy took her shopping was cos he wanted something from her, yet she went along even though she had no intention of dating that guy. Is that not why guys would think we are materialistic? At the end of the day, when the guy saw he wasn't making any headway and she kept on making requests, he called her a user to her face. How embarrassing is that? Shame for catch me if na me.

Which brings me to the perfect example of a guy who has bought into the notion that all women are materialistic and we can be bought with a few nice things. Me and The Gambian!!! So back then when i was still studying for the blasted MCAT, i was sitting on my own jejely in the library and this dude walks up to me. I initially thot he was walking past me cos that's how he acted, then he stopped and exclaimed that i was studying for the MCAT cos he saw my books. He said he wanted to go to med school too and all that jazz. He starts talking, asks if he can sit down, i was in a good mood that day, so i let him sit. Long story short, he says he would like to be my friend, we exchange numbers and i thot that was that. Later that evening, he calls and that's when i found out that he had seen me earlier and had pretended to be walking by just to talk to me. Then he goes on to say that he would have a surprise for me the next day. I'm wondering what in the world he is talking about but i didn't pay that too much attention.

The next day comes, this dude tracks me down and tells me to come to his car with him that he has a surprise for me. I told him that i had no intention of packing my books up just to walk to his car with him and that i would call him when i was done studying for the day. Then i called my friend in TX and ask him if i should go to the dude's car with him to see the "surprise". First of all, my friend refused to believe i had just met the guy a day b4, but the amebo in him wanted to know what the surprise was, so he told me to go and let him know. We get to the car, which he wants me to seat in by all means, i refused. Then he proceeds to bring out a black plastic bag. I open the bag and there's some bootleg "designer" perfume in there. He was like, it's very expensive, i have the male version (strike one). He takes out his perfume from his glove box and sprays it (strike two). Good lord! What in the world of all that's good and holy is that smell?!!! Sosorobia, but then again i'm not a perfume person.

Then there's another box inside the plastic bag that he tells me not to open until i get home. As e dey talk am, na so i dey grab the box dey open am. I'm like what's in the box that i can't see until i get home. Lo and behold, it was a Coach purse. I should have been impressed abi, but i wasn't. First of all, that dude doesn't know me. I don't like trends. If someone gave me the most expensive louis vuitton purse, i wouldn't carry it cos EVERYBODY and their maama has one, talkless of Coach. I would carry a $40 non designer purse b4 i carry a Coach purse. That's just me. I think it's so unoriginal to do what everyone else is doing, not that there's anything wrong with a Coach purse or whatever designer anything that's in style or vogue or fashion or whatever you want to call it. Secondly, i felt insulted that he would get me those stuff cos he was obviously trying to buy me. WTF?!! He was just trying to get a short cut into my panties and that pissed me the hell off. I asked him why in the world he would get me stuff when he just met me, and he said he likes to make pple he cares about happy. Wetin be that? When did i get on that list of pple? I still don't understand the logic. I asked him point blank if he was trying to buy me and he gave me another bullshit answer.

Then, as he drives me to the packing lot where my car was, he hands me a couple of pictures. The first one was a picture of his living room and his plasma screen TV in particular, and the second one was of his closet full of clothes (he had gone on and on about the designer clothes he likes to wear the day b4). You guys think i'm making this shit up, don't you? I kid u not!!! I was like, what is this for? He gave me a lame ass excuse that his sister took the pictures and he was just showing me. I asked him what was he showing me for, and he stammered his way through that. I couldn't wait to get out of his damn jeep. As i got down, i jejely left his coach purse and perfume in the back of the car where i had put it initially. He was too busy talking about how he wanted to spend time with me to notice. I could go on and on about more of the nonsense that he vomited but i'll stop here. The question is, why would he do that? WHY? Am i overreacting, or does anyone else think something is wrong with that picture?

I just concluded that it was a tactic he had tried with other females before and it worked. That's the only reason he would do that. When i went on about why he would buy me a gift and how i didn't feel comfortable accepting it. His response was, "this is why i don't date Africans. Y'all are too difficult". That statement alone sealed his fate. What nonsense! Thunder fire u. The boy no even too fine like that oh, wey e dey open e mouth talk that one. My point is, somewhere along the line, he had bought into the idea that women are materialistic and it's easy to win a girl over if u buy her stuff and make her aware that you have money (trust me, he ensure that i was aware he had money both directly and indirectly). I'm sure a lot of girls have proved him right. Stuff don't make me happy so it would be very difficult for me to like a guy just because he got me something.

Then i've started hearing from my friends back in naija that the guys are becoming "materialistic". They don't want to date a female that would be a liability. Instead, they are now looking for chics from rich families and stuff like that. I have no idea how true that is cos i haven't lived in naija in a while. It just makes me wonder.

This post is long enough as it is, so i'll stop here, go brush my teeth, wash my face, rub my face cream (medicated oh, and no i don't suffer from acne), put on my retainers (that i haven't worn in a week), wrap my hair, lay on my bed, think about my boyfriend that i don't have, shake my fist at God, and crash. I'm sure u wanted to know all that. Ha!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I just want to say a big thank you to all those who left a comment when i was having a semi-nervous breakdown or what u want to call it. I truly appreciate ur kind words and all that good stuff. I'm not taking the MCAT again cos that was my third time of taking it. Apparently, i'm MCAT dull. I've accepted it. All i know is that i'm getting into med school next yr. The score that i had the first time would have gotten me into carribean med school easily, so i'm chilling. I'm taking that 20% shot at an american med school and running with it. Miracles happen everyday.

I will be back later tonight to write about Nigerian girls being materialistic (not my personal opinion). It was a quote. Actually the direct quote was "I will never date a Nigerian girl, they are all gold diggers" naija boy

Also, i'm thinking of changing my blog template. What do u think? I'm bored with this one, and even though it's pretty, it doesn't load properly with some browsers PLUS, i'm thinking of becoming semi-anonymous. So what would u like, my real name or my picture without my name? No, u can't have both. (But then again, i might just be tantalising u guys with that offer. It's very possible that it's bogus)

I've been up since 3am cos i went to bed at 4.30pm yesterday and only got up twice in between. Now it's actually time to go to work and i'm tired again. Enjoy this video. It kept me entertained when i couldn't go back to sleep.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Opinion poll.


Comments, thoughts, opinions, rants, tirades are welcome. MY opinion coming soon.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Current mood: Depressed/freaking stressed!

Added stress: I have no idea how to be close to my mother or even have a "normal" relationship with her. Makes me very sad(she has nothing to do with the previous post)

MCAT: Hmmm... that shit whooped my ass.
Chance at an American med. school 20-80. Caribbean Islands here i come (maybe!)

I feel deflated, apprehensive, no desire to do anything!
Keeping hope alive.

My dog is a heaven sent saint. He will therefore be known as St. Lenie. (just kidding).

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Holla pple

I can't live like this anymore. I HATE my life!!

Sorry about this post. I'm going to be fine. I'm just OVERWHELMED, DISAPPOINTED, FRUSTRATED, CONFUSED, BORDERLINE DEPRESSED and TIRED. Nothing i haven't dealt with b4, so i know i'll be fine. This doesn't have to do with anybody and i really don't want to complain cos i'm aware other pple have bigger issues. It's just that my life is not going the way i PLANNED or would have liked. All the sacrifices i made doesn't seem to have made any difference (Not those kind of sacrifice abeg, i never see babalawo b4). I might as well have partied my way through life................. I really hate my life right now, but it's temporary. So nothing for u guys to worry about. I'm not about to off myself or anything like that.

I appreciate the concern. I only wrote that cos i was trying to keep my sanity.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mini update

THANKS A BUNCH, BLOGVILLE. You guys did a lot helping me pick a name for my dog (which i still haven't picked btw). I went to pick him up yesterday and they asked me what his name was, and all the names that u guys suggested just ran through my head and i couldn't even open my mouth. The one that stands out most is Abeokuta, suggested by Archiwz. You guys are freaking hilarious. Apparently from the picture my dog looks like an ibo, area boy/agbero. No problem, God dey! So i just told the lady i didn't have a name for him yet. When i took him to the groomers, they also asked for his name, i said Marley (after Bob Marley). I don't really like Marley, so i'm thinking of calling him Leo. I actually like Rio better, but that's the name of my friend's rabbit.

He's a really good dog so far, very friendly. The dude who groomed him said i got a really good dog, maybe cos he didn't fuss while he was being groomed. He asked me if i had kids cos he thot the dog would be very good with kids. So that's the update on my dog. I still don't have a name, but i appreciate all the suggestions. No more, I refuse! You guys are wonderful sha. I had plenty laughs out of that post and i wasn't expecting that.

Meanwhile, they are pissing me off with their nonsense scheduling at my hospital job. So when i turned in my availability for Sept i put that i was available all day sat and sun, and Thursday and Friday nights. What did this woman do? She put me to work 16hrs on all the Sundays of the month and only put me to work on 2 Saturdays for 8hrs. I didn't get any Thursday or Friday night. Even though i said i was available all day that didn't mean i wanted to work ALL DAY (7am - 11.30pm). I'm not happy about that, but i'm sucking it up cos i need the money. Now i see what the Ghanaian guy was telling me regarding the politics of scheduling and assigning pple where to work. So far, i haven't gotten to work in the "easy" units, which are Adolescents and Substance abuses. Instead, i've been put with the real mental patients and this is the most dangerous group of pple. No one wants to work there, so they assign those units to pple like me.

Guys, becos i love u guys, i'm going to put on this link so u can feast ur eyes and have a good laugh or wow..... Feast ur eyes here

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm excited

I'M SO EXCITED. I got a little doggie. I've been looking for a dog since last yr when i graduated. I wanted a toy dog, anything cute and fluffy, no chihuahua's for this chica. I've been going to craigslist faithfully ever since my sister got a Bichon frise for free off there, but so far no luck. All those rescue groups want an arm and a leg. They insist all the people who live in the house has to go for the adoption. My mom's not going to follow me to go get no dog! After i got this new job, i had kinda given up hope of getting a dog, although i still go on rescue websites just to look at the cute doggies. Last night, i decided to go on petfinder just to look at dogs, and i saw a Lhasa Apso/Yorkie mix in an animal control that's 5 mins away from my house. I also saw another Lhasa Apso mix that is cream colored all over.

So i call the animal control around noon from work and they say both dogs are available, but the first one (Yorkie-Apso) is sick, but i can pre-adopt him. I go over to the pound, see the Lhasa Apso mix first who is as cute as a button, although i wasn't feeling his loud bark. Then i ask to see the Yorkie-Apso and i decide i want the Lhasa Apso mix, but UNFORTUNATELY, the gayish dude who was standing there when i got there also wanted that dog. I was bombed. So i decided to take a second look at the Yorkie-Apso that caught my eye in the first place. I spent some time with him and decided that he was THE ONE. I didn't hear one bark, and i asked if he was yappy and the lady said she hadnt noticed it since he had been there. He was so friendly and not scary at all. As much as i love dogs, check this out...... I'm scared of them. I was chased and bitten by a dog when i was 17, so u can imagine why i would be scared. But i still love them anyway.

I paid for him and all that good stuff, but i didn't get to take him home cos he is still sick and he needs to see the vet to get checked out and neutered before i can come get him. I'm still excited though, cos i've been wanting this 4ever. Besides, i only paid $87 and those dogs usually cost about $300-$500 as puppies.

I have no idea what i'm going to call him. My last dog which i had for just 6 weeks in 2005 was called Bailey. So here's where u wonderfulous bloggers have to help me. Suggest a name for my dog, but please no Bingo, or rocky or any over used dog name. We need to act like celebrities and name our dog Apple and Zuma and what not . The only name i can think of right now is Tic-tic, but i don't like it that much. All suggestions are highly welcome and appreciated.

Oh, and there will definitely be pictures of my doggie as soon as i get him and he looks presentable. He was all skin and bones today. I'm so sick right now, but i bet u can't tell cos of my excitement.

UPDATE: I got some of his pictures off petfinder. I know he looks like a winch (witch) in the pictures but he didn't look like this when i saw him today cos he had been groomed and practically all his hair was shaved off.

GNG, oya pick a name. You have seen pictures.

Monday, September 1, 2008

What a day

I had a long ass day at work yesterday. I worked from 3pm to 7.30am, yep.... 16hrs. It was quite an eventful day. A day of many firsts. So i was scheduled to work from 3pm to 11.30am. As soon as i get to the nursing station, the scheduler asked me if i was willing to do a double cos they needed someone to do a 1:1 with a patient, meaning the patient had to be watched one on one at all times. I said sure. As soon as i said that, i saw this lady run full speed and try to burst through the door. These doors are thick, trust me a 200lb man would have a hard time breaking through those doors, but she did it. Everyone rushed her and brought her to the floor. She was put in full body restraint and taken to the lock room. Yes, that was who i was supposed to be doing a 1:1 with. Me! Fear catch me. Remain small, i for back out.

I was the only staff member who had stood back when they rushed her after she rammed the door. Abeg, i just dey come work, i no fit wound. Anyway, finally we had to put her on BCR, i have no idea what those stand for, but it's when the patient is strapped down, arms and feet to a bed. Someone has to sit with her at all times, offer her water, make sure the straps are not tight and all that good stuff. So there we are in the BCR room, she drank some water lay back, she told me she was cold so i covered her with a blanket. After about 5 mins she takes the blanket and covers her face with it. I'm looking at her wondering if she can breath, cos i can never breath if my whole head is covered. As i'm watching her respiration, the next thing i see, she starts shaking. I had never seen someone having a seizure before so that didn't cross my mind. I ran to the bed, called her name, for where, she no answer. So i ran to the closest nursing station and called for help. To cut a long story short, this lady had 3 more seizures and was even turning blue, blood pressure was freaking low. I think say person wan die for my very before. Everyone rallied, they called a code and called the paramedics. Since she was on 1013, which means involuntary commitment, someone had to go with her to the hospital. Guess who got to go? Smart people! Me of course. Crap! Before i say Jack Robinson, them don volunteer me.

So, for the first time i got to ride in an ambulance without being a patient. Thank heavens. That damn ambulance was freezing. It took forever to see the doctor. Then i saw a nurse who at first glance i thot was a woman cos she had full blown make up. Foundation and all that good stuff, including the green eye shadow which was what caught my attention. On second glance, i noticed this woman was breastless. She had dreads, which were elaborately styled and packed with some nice adornments. On third and fourth glance, i was throughly confused. On fifth glance, I saw she was a man! That was a first. I didn't know they could be that way to work. He later came into the room so i got a good look. He had a made up mole on his face, beautifully done flawless make up, his charm bracelets (three) were cute but kinda gaudy. It was an interesting first. Very interesting. I love his confidence though cos he has to know people would look at him cos of it, but i loved it.

Oh....... i saw a policeman that thot i was cute. Dude was just checking me out and smiling sheepishly. I said hey and walked by him and he just kept on staring and smiling at the same time. I had to walk by him to go to the rest room which you had to turn a corner to get to. As soon as i turned the corner, he yelled don't go in there!!! I was so startled. He apologized for startling me and then proceeded to tell me in his sexy baritone that the toilet was filthy. I was standing right in front of the toilet and it looked looked very clean to me. He then proceeded to direct me to two other toilets and told me never to use that one. Then he walked me to the toilet. Jesus! How embarrassing is that. I mean, he was cute but that whole conversation..... i would have preferred not to have it. Next time, just ask for my number or say hi and keep it moving. I don't want to be having unsolicited toilet conversation with a cute guy abeg.

5 hours after getting to the hospital which was FREEZING by the way, we were finally ready to go back to our mental hospital. Oya, ambulance transport us back..... out in the hall way where we were waiting to get transported, oh girl don start to dey get seizures again. She had two more seizures, so we ended up spending another 4 long hours in the hospital. It was an experience, but i'm glad i had it.

The hardest part was having to stay up all night. I had never worked night shift before, but i drank me some lemon flavored pepsi (i didn't even know it was lemon flavored until i looked at the bottle after drinking it. I no taste any lemon), got my caffiene fix and was good to go until 5am. Then it got bloody cos i was fighting sleep so bad. So i just started doodling on my note pad, then got up to help with vital signs, b4 i knew it, it was 7.30am and time for me to hit the road. I drove the 25 minutes to my house oh, right when i was about to turn into my street was when i dosed off. Can u imagine. Luckily it was a 2sec doze so i was fine.

So i got to ride in an ambulance for the first time, witnessed a patient crashing for the first time, saw a gay guy with full fledged make up at work for the first time and worked at night for the first time, had a conversation with a policeman about where and where not to pee in the ER. Now where's my award?! I DESERVE SOMETHING GODDAMMIT!!!!!

P.S. The policeman was very cute. I hate him!!!!
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