Monday, October 29, 2012

Oct 29

It's my birthday and i am sad and deflated and overwhelmed. Good thing i never planned out my life because if i had planned it, this is not where i would have wanted to be at this point. I think i am burnt out.. I'm just losing steam and i can't afford to right now. I have an OSCE on tuesday and a shelf on Wednesday, so i can't even enjoy the birthday anyway. Be that as it may, let's review the last year of my life

  • I found God
  • Then i lost him or he left me, one of the two. I'm boycotting him right now anyway, so it doesn't matter.
  • Med school has been using me to play panya and it hasn't stopped. Sighhhhhhhh.............
  • I am coming out of my shell and enjoying this new side of me
  • I found out i can actually tolerate bullshit, either that or med school has taken the fight out of me. I just don't want to deal with wahala anymore.
  • I discovered how strong I really am. "You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only option you have" - This is true
  • I boycotted guys for the rest of 2nd yr and got my life and sanity back. I loved every second of it.
  • I decided i don't want to be a Pediatrician or an Anesthesiologist (The only rotations i have done so far). Here's to hoping i like Internal medicine, my next rotation. I probably won't like anything with the way things are going.
  • Actually, i lied. I fell in love the first day i walked into GI clinic. It could have been lust or infatuation. Only time will tell.
  • I discovered medicine is cool. Sometimes i am awed by the things i've seen and it makes me want to be a good doctor. I just want to be great at what i do and have patients who think i'm awesome because i am knowledgeable and have good people skills. That's my goal in life.
  • I have accepted that my brain may never fire in the direction of me longing to be someone's wife but i think it's something i would be okay with doing if i met the right person (who will let me keep my name. lol)
  • Sadly, i have to admit by my grandmother's standards, I am no longer a spring chicken even though i might look like one. It's okay though, old hens taste better, so i'm cool with that. 
  • I stopped carrying medicine on my head. I started sleeping and taking plenty chill pills. It has helped my health a lot. My sanity is still questionable, but it's a process and we are getting there.  
  • I am convinced that i was built for a life of luxury. I would love an assistant to take care of the mundane aspects of my life. One can dream right? That is my number one fantasy. I was made to be a madam o. Cash madam, big madam, for my mind. All join. 
Sinfully delicious. My treat to myself, after all you only turn 65 once :)
 Happy Byday to me! 
Thankfully Hematology clinic is only 3 hours in the morning and i can study for the rest of the day. 
Whoop dee doo!

Saturday, October 27, 2012


"See if you can catch yourself complaining in either speech or thought, about a situation you find yourself in, what other people do or say, your surroundings, your life situation, even the weather. To complain is always nonacceptance of what is. It invariably carries an unconscious negative charge. When you complain, you make yourself a victim. Leave the situation or accept it. All else is madness."
  - Eckhart Tolle, German born best-selling author.

Being in med school makes me want to complain A LOT! The truth is i am ready to be done with this part of my life. Yes, it doesn't necessarily get better or easier anytime soon, but at least i will not be a med student anymore. As one of my oversabi friends said yesterday, this is the life i chose. I wasn't complaining to her, she asked me what i was doing and i said studying, then she said that. In my mind, i said, thank you.

I really like this quote especially the part that says "To complain is always nonacceptance of what is". What is right now is that i am in med school and i have to finish.Since i can't/don't want to leave the situation, i have to accept it. I just need to hang in there, keep my head straight, surround myself with supportive people and don't lose sight of the goal.

This thing is trying to break my spirit but i am a strong African woman :)

P.S I need to gist you guys about how i had to give a sex talk to a 17 yr old guy and asked his mom to leave the room. She almost cut my head off, fear catch me. Med school can be an awkward circus sometimes. Good thing i don't take those kinds of things personally. 

I did not tell her what i was going to talk to her son about. I just said i have to questions i would like to ask him alone, naim the woman put book down say "say what now?" LOL Very hostile response. Omo, fear catch me. I said it's standard practice, i have to talk to him alone.

She left but not without slamming the door on her way out. I say Dr. T which kind wahala you put me today. The other doctors know this family so they were surprised my attending made me do that. Oh wells.

Blunted on Reality by Chinedu Achebe

Looking for a book to read by a Nigerian author? I've got one for you.

Blunted on Reality follows the life of Obi Ifeanyi, a Nigerian American lawyer in his late 20s, coming of age after the historic election. As he confronts challenges that impact his family, career, and romantic interests, he is forced to examine his past and present choices to define his future.

Here's an excerpt of the book to whet your appetite

While they enjoyed a late breakfast, they began to discuss the history of Obama’s election. Obi started the conversation saying, "I still can’t believe this racist ass country elected a black man named Barack Hussein Obama to be the President. I guess Bush fucked this country up so much that Americans were ready for a dramatic change. Regardless of the matter, it is all good with me. Tamika, you wouldn’t imagine the electricity that was at the spot we were watching the election results at yesterday. It was like everybody knew he was going to win, but when CNN reported that Barack Obama would be the President-elect on the screen; the crowd erupted in a euphoria that I have never seen in my life. I was embracing everybody at the place, including people I didn’t know. I can’t even lie to you; I got real emotional and shed a few tears. It was one of those moments that everybody will be able to tell their kids and grandkids about."
Tamika also indicated the feeling was the same at the place she was at with her friends. She posed a question to Obi, "So how does it feel to be 29 and one year closer to the big 30?" Obi responded, "I guess I am just embracing it. I think sometimes people get caught up in reaching a particular age as needing to have reached a certain level of accomplishments. I now see that in life everything comes with time. But it does make me more introspective that I am not getting younger and that I need to start prioritizing what is important for the rest of my life as well." Tamika responded, "So are you ready to settle down, get married, and start a family?" Obi said, "At this point of my life I know I am ready for the right woman to come into my life. I guess it depends on if that woman is ready for a man like me."
The comment was not intended for Tamika, but she took it like it was. "Well everybody isn’t ready to settle down at the same time, we all got our own time." Tamika said. "That’s cool, but I am not going to hang around while someone decides if I am a good enough man or not. If that person doesn’t recognize what she has in front of her, then maybe I am not the guy for her." Obi responded.
Tamika started pondering a lot of thoughts in her mind. She really loved being around Obi and wanted to be with him one day,
but even though she just turned 30-yearsold; she was just getting into her advertising career and wasn’t sure if she wanted to make a sacrifice for any man, including Obi. The other thing is she couldn’t imagine giving up Obi to another woman. It was funny how life turns out. In college she would never worry about competing for the affection and attention of a man. She held all the cards and decided who she wanted to date. But in the world outside of college, the odds of meeting a tall, smart, and conversational man like Obi were very slim.
Tamika’s dating experiences after breaking up with Obi were not very successful. She didn’t want the Obi type of guy, so she reverted back to the type of guys she dated before Obi. Even though in her early to mid 20s, the roughneck niggas were her thing, lately she finally realized that those weren’t the type of guys to build a future with. The problem with Tamika was that she never fully appreciated Obi’s scope of knowledge on political and social issues. She wasn’t a very engaging conversational person beyond discussing the
entertainment industry

Tamika thought Obi’s knowledge consisted of a wide variety of things like fluff which didn’t amount to anything. She would always wonder why he liked to know what was going on in the world. Obi would be upset with Tamika’s lack on intellectual curiosity. He would tell her, "I don’t understand how you know almost everything about these damn reality shows, but you can’t take 20 minutes to read the headline news from CNN on TV or the Internet." Tamika had never been asked to do much in her life but to smile and look beautiful.

Most men never demanded her to challenge them mentally. But with Obi things were different. He was a very strong willed, outspoken, and opinionated man. He came from a family growing up where his father would have him read the New York Times by the time Obi was 10-years-old. Obi would have to write a thorough analysis of what he read. Both of his parents challenged their kids to be critical thinkers and not just memorize things or just regurgitate them.

The book is available on

Just because i'm nice like that, i am also giving away a copy of the e-book to one lucky reader. Entering to win is easy peazy. All you need to do is

  1. Be a friend/subscriber of
  2. Follow the author on twitter - @chineduachebe
  3. Leave a comment telling me your favorite book written by a Nigerian author
The winner will be selected by and annouced on Wed, Oct 31st. One entry per person please.

What i really want to know is if the author is related to Chinua Achebe......

P.S. My favorite book by a Nigerian author is The Concubine by Elechi Amadi. I wish there were more books like that.All you writers get to writing. Nigeria has lots of stories to tell and i want to read them cos i'm an amebo like that.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tontoh Dikeh - Get High Unofficial Video

Tonto just punked the whole of Nigeria, and you guys chopped. LOL.I just have to give her the benefit of doubt and say that was her pre-pre-preeee April fools joke for 2013, either that or her people hate her. She doesn't have friends that can tell her the truth, but i'll go with the first option which is those songs were a prank on Nigerians.

P.S Who's going to be the 300th friend/subscriber of Nigerian Scorpio.Com? Gen gen gennnnn......
Thanks to all my new subscribers btw, i see you. 

300th friend of Nigerian Scorpio.Com goes to.....

Lohi! You special girl, you  :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I love me

I am a strong african woman, a warrior princess, a fighter. I am resilient and determined. I fall and still, i rise. I know what i want and go for it. I love the people who love me and i am blessed to currently not love anyone who doesn't. I have the love and support of my family. I am a good daughter, auntie and friend. I am caring and very loyal, you will be blessed to call me your friend. Ha! I live, learn and grow and i am so proud of how much i have grown. I am impressed by my inner strength and fighting spirit. I am the best person to be me and wouldn't want to be anyone else.

I also am on some narcissitic bullshit right now, but whatchu gon do? Love me or love me, you just gotta love me :)

Do you love yourself? 

P.S. In all seriousness, i think we should all take time to appreciate ourselves and give ourselves a pat on the back once in a while. Lizard say if e fall from wall, nobody praise am, e go praise imself. A lot of us are not living charmed lives and we all have our struggles and crosses to bear, but we are getting through it one way or another and that's something to be proud of.

Here's a pat on the back, from me to you.


Monday, October 22, 2012

I am a Virgin.....

Obama 2012
Did u guys peep his pink Susan Komen cancer bracelet during the last debate?
How cool is that?! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


In this moment, I am thankful
I am thankful for my life and the opportunities I have been given, I do not take these privileges for granted. 
I am thankful for the struggles that i have faced and continue to face because they shape me into the woman i was meant to be.
God has blessed me
Thank you, God!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


So my post Tips on how to find a wifey made it to nairaland, but it was completely plagiarized.....I no come know wetin I wan come talk. See it here

Don't steal my shit people! You can copy and link back but please don't steal.

On the other hand, I am getting a kick out of reading the comments on nairaland. Some of them have managed to crack me up. There's one which said I am blowing my trumpet by saying I am a wife material and a saint. Lol. Of course, I was being facetious but I assume regular readers of this blog already know that. I can't believe a post that took me less than 10 mins to come up with is generating so much attention. Interesting stuff.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Candid Advice For People Intending To Marry

I just saw this on facebook and i'm not sure who the original author is but i thought it was interesting.

 The rate at which marriages collapse now is assuming a social symbol status in our society. In no- time, people will be throwing divorce parties and invite friends and well-wishers to celebrate their divorce anniversaries; they will choose aso-ebi, hire a hall and popular musicians; what have you. Even a question like "So when are u getting divorced?" will become commonplace. If u know u can't handle the weight & pressures of marriage, please remain single.

If u don't know what marriage is all about, please remain single until u do. If u are getting married because of the things u desire or hope to gain from the other person please remain single. If u know u can't be faithful, remain single. If u can't endure insults from one another, pls remain single. If u can't forgive one another's wrongs, pls remain single. If u can't place ur spouse above every other human being, pls remain single!

 Don't get married out of desperation."All my friends are getting married" is d most foolish reason to get married! If u desire a successful home, but ur choice of friends are forces not to reckoned with, think again. Be very mindful of where you go for advice. Many would give, but not many mean well! Guys, if u know u can't put ur wife ahead ur ego, pls remain single till u're mature. Ur woman is your priority and EVERYTHING else including u comes last. You are the teacher, the guide, the bodyguard,the role model - u are not a deity or God. So do not expect to be worshipped. You need respect, earn it by being responsible! Ladies, if u know you can't be submissive please don't go into marriage so you're not turned to a punch bag! If u know u can't stand being corrected, please remain single. Mr/Mrs I know it all!!! Ladies check ur domestic scorecard - if ur score is zero, pls remain single.

Since everyone seems to be giving relationship advice these days, i think the best thing for a single person (both male and female) to do is to listen to what people are saying and try to separate the wheat from the chaff. Good luck in finding the person that was meant for you but remember not everyone was meant to get married, so stay true to yourself and don't let societal pressure lead you down the wrong path. 

Why Do Nigerian Girls Find It Difficult Finding A Husband Or Getin Married???

Written by Austine Uhunmwangho

 Dedicated to the girls out there-:.

You are not married not because there is no man ready for marriage as a good number of men are looking for life partners. The major reason Nigerian men are now scared of marriage is waywardness. Men are now afraid because they don’t know who to trust and also not sure if that beautiful girl they are interested in still has her womb intact. They are also afraid because of the high mountain ladies have suddenly placed themselves on as no woman wants to date a poor man (a beggar) any longer but are all interested in those with good cars and houses. A man recently told me why he does not allow his girlfriends to come to his house. According to him, he doesn’t want a case where a girl enters his house only for her to refuse leaving because of the beauty of the house and cars she will see.

Isn’t it surprising how single ladies now out-dress married women with good jobs whose husbands are very rich? You are not married because the single men around you are wondering if they will be able to meet up with your ever- demanding lifestyle. Even when they know they can afford it, what makes them believe you won’t take a walk tomorrow if anything goes wrong? Another reason is that with your good job and salary, they are even afraid to come near you as they wouldn’t want to be turned down. I have a female colleague, a very pretty girl who lives in her own house and drives a posh car. She also has different businesses to show for it. Recently, I advised her to calm down a bit as friends I introduce her to who ordinarily would have gone for her, all run away after meeting her and come back to me with the same word, “BJB, this one go send me go village.”

Another reason you are going to grow old in your father’s house is this: You want a ready-made man instead of a growing man with vision. Are you aware that if you have not obtained favour from God, the man will decrease instead of increasing when you enter his house? Work on your character, the words that come from your mouth, your lifestyle, the way you carry yourself, the way you dress, the places you visit and then spend time trying to find favour before God because it’s only favour that can make your husband increase the moment you step into his life. In fact, the moment a man proposes to you, there must be some positive movements in his finance if at all you have obtained favour. It is never your duty to find a man. While he is working trying to raise money to sustain whoever he takes home to his mother, you should get yourself busy obtaining favour from God for you to be his source of blessing. A man knows when the wife is a source of blessing and that is the only time he cherishes you.

In the previous paragraph, I said the man should take you home to his mother. I don’t understand why you get married to a man who believes it’s just between the two of you. Read the Bible; they all took their wives home to their mothers. If a man cannot take you home to his people, something is wrong. Isn’t it surprising how many are married without knowing their husband’s village and his mother’s bedroom? Marriage, in the African culture, is not between the man and woman alone, the two families must be involved. Hey, you have to stop moving from one prayer house to the other in search of miracles that are not coming even after you might have emptied your pocket. Go back to your room; deal with your character and bad nature that is filled with pride and disrespect for the elderly. Cut down on frivolities and that is not all, deal with your party and aso ebi spirit. You must also deal with that thing that gets you to aimlessly move from one end of the street to the other all in search of precious souls to destroy. Change that mentality that says you use what you have to get what you want; any man you get with your ass is as filthy, unreliable and irresponsible as you are. C'mon girl, go deal with yourself first before you start blaming your step mother of being the one keeping you down. Stop blaming your neighbours and friends of standing on your way to progress. I just told you the bitter truth which your Alfa, Babalawo, pastor and Imam may never tell you. Stop wasting your time chasing shadows, go and deal with yourself first before complaining.

I know of a wonderful lady who sings so well that when she comes to lead in worship, miracles take place. People love her, but this lady is unmarried till date. It is not because men don’t go to her for marriage or because she is ugly; her number one obstacle is her character. They say there are many old single ladies in our churches; I think I know the problem and not that most of them wasted their lives in frivolities only to realise the last minute that they have to run into the church where they can get a brother to marry. I am not trying to judge anyone’s past, but the issue is that even when they join those churches, their characters don’t change.It’s really appalling how some ladies talk to men simply because they are in the same church. Some of them fight everyone in their department in church while some live their lives begging from one member to the other. What do you have to say about ladies who fight for food during church meetings? Those guys would be foolish to see the stuff you are made of and still go ahead to take you home to mama.

I always tell ladies that if by the age of 30 no man had asked to know if you are for sale, there is something wrong somewhere; its either spiritual or attitudinal, but the truth is that it is always more attitudinal than spiritual. You have been fasting and praying and going for all levels of deliverance but it seems nothing is working. What is your character like after all the prayers and religious devotions? It is sad when I see a single girl walk up to a married woman sitting with her husband and telling the woman to get up because she was there before her. You attend functions with extra bags to pack food and drinks and when it’s time to hit the dancing floor, you do that as if there is no tomorrow. What do you expect from life when you are the source of all quarrels in your neighborhood, church and office? This is the moment of truth and if at all you want to be delivered, your decision to deliver yourself is the first step to your breakthrough.

I randomly saw this on facebook when a mututal friend commented on it. I don't know the guy. All i have to say after reading this post is that women have suffered! Chai. Na wa sha! Naija people i hail una o. I guess men are blameless and perfect saints. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Do me I Do you - Equality for both sexes

 I am totally against violence of any kind. HOWEVER,I cannot in all honesty say i empathize with this chic who just got an uppercut from this older man. Yes he is wrong for not exercising restraint but she hit him first. I believe that as a woman, if you are ready to lift your hands to hit a guy first, then be ready for what comes after that. You are not allowed to pull the "you can't hit a female" card. Not all men are going to play by those rules. No one should be hitting anyone, but if you hit a man and he hits you back (usually with more force and would probably cause more damage) then you deserve it. Learn to keep your hands to yourself.

Judge Judy agrees with me :) I don't like her but i am addicted to that show and i saw an episode where she expressed my exact sentiments. You hit him, he hit you back, so? Na u start am. If you want to act like a man, be ready to take shit like a man. That uppercut looked hard enough to have shifted her brain, so maybe next time when she meets a random dude on the street, she would think twice before putting her hands on him.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Unfortunately, he will be going to jail and more than likely lose his job but that should teach him  to exercise some restraint in the future. That was a mean ass uppercut sha! Like WWE style.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


This post was going to be titled PORN, but i decided to try to try and call it the naija name for it aka blue film. I used to hear B1ue Fi!m back in naija but i don't think i knew exactly what it was when i was younger. I had a slight idea, but not quite. It wasn't until i came to America and there was an HIV outbreak in the porn industry back in 2003 or 2004 that it clicked that these people actually had real sex. I don't know what i thought they did. Anyhoodle, this post was inspired by something i read on Myne's today. Long story short, celibate boyfriend of 5 years watches porn, now there's a big issue and he's a sex addict.

I'm sorry to say, i think christianity confuses people. Now before you lynch and crucify me, let's just accept that i am a heathen and will probably be ending up in hell where i will have lots of company, maybe even you :) Now, that that's been established, let's move on. I'm having trouble making the leap from porn watcher to sex addict to unmarriageble. I can understand being turned off by porn because it's really not for everyone. I'm not a porn watcher myself but i have seen a few clips over time. It's not something i would seek out to use to entertain myself but i don't think it's a big deal. I actually think porn might be good for some marriages especially since all you christian virgins want to marry each other, how are you going to learn? I'm just saying. The last time i checked, the Bible is not the Kama Sutra, so unless you want to be missionarying it, you might want to indulge in some porn, for your own edification. I'm still just saying. 

With the way (some) Christians view sex, especially the ones who were virgins or celibate before marriage, I believe that a lot of them end up having subpar sex lives. Let's be real here. It's hard to just go from being "scared" of and avoiding something to just fully embracing and enjoying it, lady in the streets, freak in the bed style. After all marriage is just a piece of paper. You still have to deal with the psychological aspect of it and i don't think that is a switch that can be made in a day just because you are married. I have heard of christian couples who have not being able to consummate their marriages not because there were any mechanical difficulties, but because sex was not a part of their relationship and they just couldn't make that transition. Usually it's the females with that problem and i'm not surprised. A lot of people are taught that sex is a bad thing that should be avoided at all costs, and i don't think this is right. You can teach your children, congregation or whoever to abstain, but you don't have to make sex seem like this taboo.

As for all you people who are deceiving yourselves or letting your pastors deceive you, do you know that there was a survey done in 2001 and 4 in 10 pastors have visited a porn site? If i talk now they will say, touch not my anionted. The good thing is i have already established myself as an "anointed" so that rule also applies to me.

Take home message
  1. If you have a boyfriend who has been (or claims to have been) celibate for 5 years and his only crime is that he watches porn, be thankful. He is doing you both a favor. Just view his porn watching as an educational activity as you will be reaping the benefits of it when you are married. Abi, how you see am? 
  2. Porn is not such a bad thing.........unless it become an uncontrollable addiction. Hey, we all eat food everyday but some people are addicted to it while others aren't. It is what it is. 
P.S. Most of these Christian boys are not to be trusted. I know someone whose fiancee was a virgin and he was very happy with that fact. He didn't bother her for sex o, but he was getting it elsewhere because he wanted to marry a virgin. Oloshi.You people should shine your eyes. You set all these high moral standards that most people can't live up to, so you are forced to live a lie and deceive no one but yourselves.

I'm still just saying.

 Christians this might be a good book for you guys to read.
 The Act of Marriage: The Beauty of Sexual Love by Tim and Beverly Lahaye. 

I look out for everyone, now say thank you. 

Let's chat

The devil is after my life which is why it's almost 1am and i'm still up. This is someone who plans to be in school bright and early because i don't have clinic tomorrow (yay!) and only have one lecture in the afternoon, so i plan to use the day to study. It feels good to actually know stuff. I had newborn nursery last week and i had to do a 2 min presentation on bilirubin degradation and enterohepatic circulation. This was in relation to neonatal jaundice. I was whining that i was still be asked to do biochem stuff, but i reviewed the stuff grudgingly and presented it to a less than captive audience. Anyway, on Monday i was in GI clinic and we had a 2 month old baby with Biliary atresia and the attending decides to pimp me on Jaundice and bilirubin breakdown. Pretty much all the stuff i had to learn for my presentation. I felt like a G just firing answers back at his questions. Good stuff.

I'm at the point where as much as i want to pass my exams and do well, i also want to KNOW stuff. Just fill my head with as much knowledge as possible, but it's hard to do because my time is limited and most times when i get back from clinic, i just want to chill and not study, plus my health has not been optimal these last few weeks. Anyway, all this long story is to say, i am going to be spending the day in school tomorrow. Hopefully. My tooth pain is 90% gone, thank you Jesus. I went to the dentist to get a filling and it wasn't funny. The pain after i got home was horrendous. It shouldn't have been that painful. I am utterly convinced my dentist is a quack or he needs to retire. That man is at least 80 years old. He is stooping at this point, but he wants to keep working. I had clinic this afternoon and had to put a warm compress on my face cos the tylenol wasn't working. It was a mess but i made it through.

Who else is watching season 3 of Downton Abbey? Good stuff. How about the RHONJ reunion? Madness. I hope those ladies are well paid because none of them look good at this point, behavior wise. Lauren is still a fat idiot, and she needs to shut up. So annoying in her too little dress and blabber mouth. As much as i am all for realness, i agree Caroline needs some botox or at least she need to stop sucking on whatever lemon she has been sucking on. She should pick one.

In other news, an attending expressed great surprise that i had only been here for 10 years because my English was "impeccable" and i have a slight accent. I was like nope, i don't have a slight accent, i sound exactly Nigerian and we speak English in Nigeria. See as she dey use style take dey curse me? U see them? Anyway, i forgive her cos she's a sweet older attending. Then a classmate who was there said she likes the way i pronounce Tachycardic because it sounds British. Now, that i would take as a compliment because in my next life, i want to have an English accent, although to be honest, i think any Nigerian would pronounce tachycardic the same way i do.

P.S. I know from the pidgin english/english i tend to write it might be difficult to believe i am fully literate and speak impeccable English. Well, if you dig deep enough, you might just be able to believe it.

1.04am - The devil is really after my life. Good night.

I'm still haunted by thoughts of the Aluu 4. This one just won't go away. No one deserves to die like that, not even hardened criminals. What's bothering me more than anything is how easily "regular" people can turn into heartless murderers. How do you make that switch and just take someone's life like you are killing a chicken or a cow? You won't even kill an animal that way. You first take away someone's dignity and then you kill then and then burn them. Haba wa!  I am so thankful i didn't watch the video or see more pictures cos it's been really hard for me to get this out of my head especially since that's the main news every blog and everyone on facebook is talking about. 

If the only thing that comes out of this is that there is an end to Jungle justice, that would be great but i won't hold my breath for that one. Nigeria makes me so sad.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Idiot Proof Stew/Soup

This is the easiest soup you could ever make especially since you don't even have to know how to cook to make it. All u need to know how to do is use a knife to chop up ingredients. Of course a guy came up with this because i never would have thought of cooking anything this way, but it works and actually comes out very tasty, so i thot i'd share.

  • Tomatoes
  • Shitake mushrooms
  • Habanero pepper
  • Onions
  • Spinach
  • Fish
  • Salt
  • Ginger
  • Olive oil
  • Crayfish
  • Seasonings (optional)
 Chop everything up and put them all at once into the pot. Add the fish, oil and salt and cover the pot. You could wait to add the spinach last, so as not to overcook it, but the originator of this recipe didn't. That's why i said it's idiot proof. Chop and dump and come out with something tasty.

Maybe i should call it emergency soup/stew?

It actually tastes like pepper soup kinda. It has a unique flavor.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A country full of Barbarians.

Since Friday when i saw the pictures of those guys, i have not had peace. I am beyond traumatized. So now a video is out which i am not going to watch. Most blogs have more graphic pictures, which i don't want to see. If you can watch that video, you need to ask yourself questions.

I've been asking myself why i have been so affected by this. Jungle justice has been going on for years. I have seen pictures and videos of it prior to this one, so why is this different? That's because the boys look like my brother, my cousins, my friends. I'm not talking about a physical resemblance here but more of a socioeconomic resemblance (i just made that up but hopefully you get the point). There is also the fine boy effect going on too. Let's call a spade a spade. They could have been thieves, or cultists, or been at the wrong place or with the wrong people at the wrong time, only God knows at this point. It just seems so wrong.

So now there's an outcry for justice. Another internet campaign that is going to go nowhere. How i would love to be proven wrong. What happened to the rape victim in Abia (or whichever state)? People shouted and raised dust and still nothing happened. Guilty or innocent, these boys are dead. Killed, burnt and video taped by a heartless mob. Let's call it what it is. Nigeria is a nation of barbarians. From the top of the government to the lowest citizen, rot exists everywhere. Everything is rotten. Do we even want to start talking about innocent people that have been victims of jungle justice? What kind of mind do you have to have to bludgeon another human to death? What about about the people who could stand to watch it and do nothing? I don't get it. I can never comprehend. EVER!

I don't know why i am so bothered by this but i am. I am traumatized.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Godforsaken Nigeria

I have gotten to the point where as much as i love the fact that I am Nigerian, I hate Nigeria.

I don't know how I can continue to stomach the horror stories that come out of that country everyday. The life of an average person in Nigeria is valueless. There's no safety, you can't go home for fear of being kidnapped. The roads are death traps and the air planes are flying caskets. We now have a fully functional terrorist group in Nigeria. Where r all the people who were denouncing Mutallab, saying he can't be a true Nigeria, cos Nigerians can't be suicide bombers? Isn't that the order of the day now?

Jungle justice has always existed, now we not only have to hear about them but we also get to see pictures too? Pictures of dead abandoned babies have become the norm on Linda Ikeji. As much as I like the amebo, I think I might take a hiatus from that blog cos Linda doesn't seem to know when to stop. I don't need to see a picture of a dead baby to get the message. I don't need to see pictures of the boys who were beaten to death. Good thing is sometimes she gives u the option of clicking to read more. 99% of the time, I don't click.

But I digress. Back to Nigeria. There was a time in my life when I longed to be in Nigeria, every bone in my body ached for my home. Now I beg people I care about not to go. When my father wanted to go last year, I told him to drop his ransom money before he goes cos no one has money to ransom him out. He ended up not going. Why? Because we come from the kidnapping headquarters in Nigeria, Benin. What's the point of going to Nigeria if you cannot go home and feel safe? My dad's friend who had moved back home to finally settle was kidnapped for a week and given the beating of his life. No one told him to pack his family and come back to America. My friend's father-in-law was kidnapped last year. They got one call from the kidnappers and never heard from them or their father again. As i write this, no one has a clue what happened with the dad. Is that how an old man deserves to leave this earth? They can't even say he is dead because there was no body.

Nigeria makes me sick to my stomach. Things just keep getting worse. Only in Nigeria will you gang rape a girl, tape it, have millions of people watch it and STILL go scot free. God forbid for that country. As religious as people seem to be, why has God forsaken that country? Oh I know, half of the people are stupidly religious and worship their pastors instead of God.

It will be exactly 10 yrs on the 26th of this month, since i've left Nigeria and i have no desire to go back any time soon. I will always love the fact that i am Nigeria because i love my heritage and my culture and i think Nigerians are cool people, but oh, how i hate that country. I hate it because it makes my heart ache. The people who are interested in fixing things will never be given a chance to, but i'm not one. I'm no longer interested.

I am thankful i have the luxury of being out of the madness. I have one sister and one niece in Nigeria and the day they leave that country, i will be truly done.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Med Sch 302 + General Amebo

To make up for my last boring post, I have decided to bless you guys with an update on my boring life. Hey! Pick one, either i talk about boring academic stuff or i talk about my boring life. Either way, you r still going to be bored

So i'm finally done with inpatient peds (yay! for no longer having to wake up at 4.30am, although i woke up at 4.30am today cos i had a presentation to prepare for). I saw enough Asthma and Croup to last me a while. I had a few interesting cases- chorea presumed to be as a result of rheumatic fever. Lemierre's disease, 2 cases- one was classic and the other not so classic. I managed not to get sick being around those snotty kids. Let's see how i fare in outpatient. I have had to learn the "rounds walk". Apparently, everyone walks faster than me. I just can't walk that fast, but when we are rounding, you have to walk pretty fast. Rounds take forever, average of 2.5-3 hrs every morning of walking and talking. Not my cup of tea. Worst part of my day for sure.

I just finished my second and last half day of newborn nursery. It was short and sweet. Peds is not lighting any bulbs in my head o. I was kinda hoping to fall in love with it, but so far it hasn't happened. I have the rest of the month to see what happens, with my outpatient clinic and 3 subspecialty clinics i was assigned to- Hematology, GI and Allergy. Should be fun.

I met Dr. Adorable *cheeky grin/smile*

No, he's not the beautiful man/Dr. (who is not so beautiful after all well he is kinda), i had talked about earlier. No, i did not name him Dr. Adorable (Nurses from two different unrelated hospitals in different cities had the pleasure of doing that). Yes, i think the name suits him and No, there will not be anymore said about said Dr. Adorable, except to say he is adorable and awesome on all the days that end with Y :)

Ok, fine! Most days that end with Y. But he is cute with a capital Q.

Good night! I need to go study.

P.S This one all of u were wishing me Happy Byday so, i hope say una know say the thing still far. Na OCT 29 o. But thanks anyway. I will still want it on the real day. No vex.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Just saying

How much of a coinkidink is it that I am currently completing a required online module on childhood obesity. My friend said I shouldn't have called anyone a bad parent, instead I should have said they were irresponsible. All na throat and neck.

So let me share what I am learning with you guys FOC. I pay $43,000 to learn this and you guys get it free. I am such a nice person. I know.

Impact of childhood obesity on adult health  
  • Increased all causes of mortality in males and females
  • Increased mortality from coronary artery disease in males
  • Increased morbidity from coronary artery disease in males and females
  • Increased risk of colon cancer in males
  • Increased risk of arthritis in females
Co-morbidities (which are diseases that go along with obesity)
  • Hypertension
  • Insulin resistance
  • Ancanthosis nigricans
  • Advanced bone age
  • Earlier onset of puberty
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Dyslipidemia
  • Non alcoholic fatty liver
  • Cholethiasis
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Pseudo tumor cerebri

This post is boring, yes yes, but the message is kids who are obese are being set up for a shitty future health wise. 

I have more interesting things to blog about, I promise. I'm just soooooooooooo busy. 

P.S. I got a marriage proposal today. But it was for an arranged marriage so I decided to pass :)) If UK no let you stay, then u might have to pack your jigida and go back to naij. I mean, I empathize with u but not to the extent of marrying you. Forgive me brother, I am not that nice. 


If you were born in October, 5 stars to you. If you were born in October AND you are a Scorpio, 10 stars to you. We are just awesome. Like, seriously. No seriously. Have you seen me? Have you met me? Ask around ;) Just saying. I am the truth sayer.  
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