Sunday, October 7, 2012

A country full of Barbarians.

Since Friday when i saw the pictures of those guys, i have not had peace. I am beyond traumatized. So now a video is out which i am not going to watch. Most blogs have more graphic pictures, which i don't want to see. If you can watch that video, you need to ask yourself questions.

I've been asking myself why i have been so affected by this. Jungle justice has been going on for years. I have seen pictures and videos of it prior to this one, so why is this different? That's because the boys look like my brother, my cousins, my friends. I'm not talking about a physical resemblance here but more of a socioeconomic resemblance (i just made that up but hopefully you get the point). There is also the fine boy effect going on too. Let's call a spade a spade. They could have been thieves, or cultists, or been at the wrong place or with the wrong people at the wrong time, only God knows at this point. It just seems so wrong.

So now there's an outcry for justice. Another internet campaign that is going to go nowhere. How i would love to be proven wrong. What happened to the rape victim in Abia (or whichever state)? People shouted and raised dust and still nothing happened. Guilty or innocent, these boys are dead. Killed, burnt and video taped by a heartless mob. Let's call it what it is. Nigeria is a nation of barbarians. From the top of the government to the lowest citizen, rot exists everywhere. Everything is rotten. Do we even want to start talking about innocent people that have been victims of jungle justice? What kind of mind do you have to have to bludgeon another human to death? What about about the people who could stand to watch it and do nothing? I don't get it. I can never comprehend. EVER!

I don't know why i am so bothered by this but i am. I am traumatized.
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