Saturday, October 13, 2012

Candid Advice For People Intending To Marry

I just saw this on facebook and i'm not sure who the original author is but i thought it was interesting.

 The rate at which marriages collapse now is assuming a social symbol status in our society. In no- time, people will be throwing divorce parties and invite friends and well-wishers to celebrate their divorce anniversaries; they will choose aso-ebi, hire a hall and popular musicians; what have you. Even a question like "So when are u getting divorced?" will become commonplace. If u know u can't handle the weight & pressures of marriage, please remain single.

If u don't know what marriage is all about, please remain single until u do. If u are getting married because of the things u desire or hope to gain from the other person please remain single. If u know u can't be faithful, remain single. If u can't endure insults from one another, pls remain single. If u can't forgive one another's wrongs, pls remain single. If u can't place ur spouse above every other human being, pls remain single!

 Don't get married out of desperation."All my friends are getting married" is d most foolish reason to get married! If u desire a successful home, but ur choice of friends are forces not to reckoned with, think again. Be very mindful of where you go for advice. Many would give, but not many mean well! Guys, if u know u can't put ur wife ahead ur ego, pls remain single till u're mature. Ur woman is your priority and EVERYTHING else including u comes last. You are the teacher, the guide, the bodyguard,the role model - u are not a deity or God. So do not expect to be worshipped. You need respect, earn it by being responsible! Ladies, if u know you can't be submissive please don't go into marriage so you're not turned to a punch bag! If u know u can't stand being corrected, please remain single. Mr/Mrs I know it all!!! Ladies check ur domestic scorecard - if ur score is zero, pls remain single.

Since everyone seems to be giving relationship advice these days, i think the best thing for a single person (both male and female) to do is to listen to what people are saying and try to separate the wheat from the chaff. Good luck in finding the person that was meant for you but remember not everyone was meant to get married, so stay true to yourself and don't let societal pressure lead you down the wrong path. 


  1. sting o. this marraige thing is trending on ur blog today o. i believe everyone is meant to get married. the main problem is we all expect too much from the other party but are only ready to give little.
    shallow example....u want a handsome man/pretty lady but u are ugly, whats the sense in that?

    u want a virgin but apparently uve disvirgined most girls on ur street while growing up, why didnt u marry them all?!
    u want a rich man...but uve done nothing in ur stride to improve ur human capital.

    selfishness is what leaves people unmarried. utter selfishness. if we all could be selfless...there will be a home for all.

    1. Yes o. I am on d marriage tip ds week. Maybe I am trying to tell u something ;)

      Lol @ ugly people wanting a handsome man/ pretty lady. Na true u talk.

      I don't think everyone is meant to get married sha.

    2. lol and what would that be?
      say sting, why avnt u visited my blog?

    3. I have o. I just didn't comment. Don't worry i will soon start stalking your blog. U go tire for me.

  2. Replies
    1. You! U don't allow comments on yours. I am wishing u all d best of luck in d next match. I wan follow u chop dt doctor money o.

  3. Hian... what is with the marriage/wedding epidemic on your blog/blogosphere/the internet/Nigeria/the world these days? lol

    It seems everywhere I look someone is talking about marriage and weddings and relationships and giving advice on how it should work or shouldn't work.

    here's one more advise you can add to the mix of the numerous ones you already have


    Work on you! And realize that every man is different... hence every relationship is bound to be different jare #okbye

  4. lol at "Not everyone was meant to be married".... very true.... people often times get married for all the wrong reasons, if people are scared of remaining single then they should stay in relationships without the addition of marriages.

  5. As the post highights a lot of people want to go into marriage for selfish reosons. If they approached it from a giving angle they are probabbly more likely to have successful marriages. As for the divorce parties that is one celebration that should not come to pass.

  6. These were posted as tweets a while back i remember reading them on some blog and for the divorce parties they are already happening i know a few females who have thrown one invited all their single and recently divorced/separated friends and painted the town red. A group of my aunties were talking about weddings the other day as a family friend's daughter was getting married and what they said broke my heart "these days we celebrate the wedding and three years later you are either burying them due to domestic violence or welcoming them back into your homes" this coming from sixty something year old women was real sad i happened to be listening to them and they called my cousins and i and said there is no rush when it is your time to marry you will marry God's time is the best until then concentrate on you and being a better person. It was very comforting to hear those words from these women

  7. LOL someone just sent me a bb broadcast with this exact post...


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