Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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The devil is after my life which is why it's almost 1am and i'm still up. This is someone who plans to be in school bright and early because i don't have clinic tomorrow (yay!) and only have one lecture in the afternoon, so i plan to use the day to study. It feels good to actually know stuff. I had newborn nursery last week and i had to do a 2 min presentation on bilirubin degradation and enterohepatic circulation. This was in relation to neonatal jaundice. I was whining that i was still be asked to do biochem stuff, but i reviewed the stuff grudgingly and presented it to a less than captive audience. Anyway, on Monday i was in GI clinic and we had a 2 month old baby with Biliary atresia and the attending decides to pimp me on Jaundice and bilirubin breakdown. Pretty much all the stuff i had to learn for my presentation. I felt like a G just firing answers back at his questions. Good stuff.

I'm at the point where as much as i want to pass my exams and do well, i also want to KNOW stuff. Just fill my head with as much knowledge as possible, but it's hard to do because my time is limited and most times when i get back from clinic, i just want to chill and not study, plus my health has not been optimal these last few weeks. Anyway, all this long story is to say, i am going to be spending the day in school tomorrow. Hopefully. My tooth pain is 90% gone, thank you Jesus. I went to the dentist to get a filling and it wasn't funny. The pain after i got home was horrendous. It shouldn't have been that painful. I am utterly convinced my dentist is a quack or he needs to retire. That man is at least 80 years old. He is stooping at this point, but he wants to keep working. I had clinic this afternoon and had to put a warm compress on my face cos the tylenol wasn't working. It was a mess but i made it through.

Who else is watching season 3 of Downton Abbey? Good stuff. How about the RHONJ reunion? Madness. I hope those ladies are well paid because none of them look good at this point, behavior wise. Lauren is still a fat idiot, and she needs to shut up. So annoying in her too little dress and blabber mouth. As much as i am all for realness, i agree Caroline needs some botox or at least she need to stop sucking on whatever lemon she has been sucking on. She should pick one.

In other news, an attending expressed great surprise that i had only been here for 10 years because my English was "impeccable" and i have a slight accent. I was like nope, i don't have a slight accent, i sound exactly Nigerian and we speak English in Nigeria. See as she dey use style take dey curse me? U see them? Anyway, i forgive her cos she's a sweet older attending. Then a classmate who was there said she likes the way i pronounce Tachycardic because it sounds British. Now, that i would take as a compliment because in my next life, i want to have an English accent, although to be honest, i think any Nigerian would pronounce tachycardic the same way i do.

P.S. I know from the pidgin english/english i tend to write it might be difficult to believe i am fully literate and speak impeccable English. Well, if you dig deep enough, you might just be able to believe it.

1.04am - The devil is really after my life. Good night.

I'm still haunted by thoughts of the Aluu 4. This one just won't go away. No one deserves to die like that, not even hardened criminals. What's bothering me more than anything is how easily "regular" people can turn into heartless murderers. How do you make that switch and just take someone's life like you are killing a chicken or a cow? You won't even kill an animal that way. You first take away someone's dignity and then you kill then and then burn them. Haba wa!  I am so thankful i didn't watch the video or see more pictures cos it's been really hard for me to get this out of my head especially since that's the main news every blog and everyone on facebook is talking about. 

If the only thing that comes out of this is that there is an end to Jungle justice, that would be great but i won't hold my breath for that one. Nigeria makes me so sad.

Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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