Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tontoh Dikeh - Get High Unofficial Video

Tonto just punked the whole of Nigeria, and you guys chopped. LOL.I just have to give her the benefit of doubt and say that was her pre-pre-preeee April fools joke for 2013, either that or her people hate her. She doesn't have friends that can tell her the truth, but i'll go with the first option which is those songs were a prank on Nigerians.

P.S Who's going to be the 300th friend/subscriber of Nigerian Scorpio.Com? Gen gen gennnnn......
Thanks to all my new subscribers btw, i see you. 

300th friend of Nigerian Scorpio.Com goes to.....

Lohi! You special girl, you  :)


  1. Be it what you may... the girl scored an amazing PR win anyway you look at it. No such thing as bad publicity

  2. I heard this song for the 1st time today. I'd seen tweet after tweet about how bad it was so yep everyone's talking about it, LOL!

    As for the song, no comment --__--

  3. LOVE this video. Lol.

    I just have one problem. WHERE is the scene with Tonto in bendy rollers?

  4. She got her inspiration from weed
    (marijuana for those that don't know)


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