Friday, October 12, 2012

Do me I Do you - Equality for both sexes

 I am totally against violence of any kind. HOWEVER,I cannot in all honesty say i empathize with this chic who just got an uppercut from this older man. Yes he is wrong for not exercising restraint but she hit him first. I believe that as a woman, if you are ready to lift your hands to hit a guy first, then be ready for what comes after that. You are not allowed to pull the "you can't hit a female" card. Not all men are going to play by those rules. No one should be hitting anyone, but if you hit a man and he hits you back (usually with more force and would probably cause more damage) then you deserve it. Learn to keep your hands to yourself.

Judge Judy agrees with me :) I don't like her but i am addicted to that show and i saw an episode where she expressed my exact sentiments. You hit him, he hit you back, so? Na u start am. If you want to act like a man, be ready to take shit like a man. That uppercut looked hard enough to have shifted her brain, so maybe next time when she meets a random dude on the street, she would think twice before putting her hands on him.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Unfortunately, he will be going to jail and more than likely lose his job but that should teach him  to exercise some restraint in the future. That was a mean ass uppercut sha! Like WWE style.


  1. Thank you. Even among guys, we know not to mess with someone bigger and stronger than you are.

  2. She would probably sue and get some tax payers' money for that serious whooping she got from the bus driver.

  3. I keep saying it, there's only so long you can poke the bear before the bear reacts. And i doubt she has learned anything as even after getting knocked flat on her arse she got back up and was still swinging and running off at the mouth. I don't think people even understand how much worse this could have been. What if he had a weapon on him? What if he had crashed the bus (she was hitting and hollering at him while the bus was initially still in motion)? People need to get themselves in check.

  4. sad the guy will lose his job and maybe go to jail...but that uppercut sha, not nice at all.

  5. He is not goingto jail. There is evidence that she hit him first. he can claim self defense! in situations like that you can't say Oh im gonna keep lettign her touch and heckle me..what if she had a knife... pple are crazy bold now. If it's baltimore now...with all the hoods here.. bus drivers will value their life and defend themselves. but anyway on WSHH there are always 2 sides of the story and one is never shown.

  6. had to keep rewinding that one part. That uppercut was brutal! Like Kidfury said it had the force of all the years of slavery behind it. Like he had just been waiting for that one person to try him.
    That she could even stand after that is a miracle.


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