Friday, September 30, 2011


Alright guys, i need you to help me figure this one out. I understand the concept of forgiving but not forgetting. Makes perfect sense to me. Although i am of the opinion that true forgiveness also includes forgetting, but i understand when people say they have forgiven someone but haven't forgotten. My question for you guys is, how can you be mad at someone but say you have forgiven them? Those two things don't go together in my book. I'm mad at you but i have forgiven you o_O. I am confused.

When you forgive someone, doesn't it automatically mean you are no longer mad at them? Help me out here.

P.S Peep the Food blog list on my side bar. I hope to utilize it when i get a chance to breath. You guys can thank me later. If u know any other food blogs you would like me to add to the list, leave it in the comments section.
*9jaFoodie, my non-blogger friend loves you and she says your husband is going to enjoy. I concur.

Monday, September 26, 2011

How to catch a husband

If you are a bright and intelligent woman, please dumb yourself down. Men don't want intelligent women, tone it down until u reel him in. So says, Patti Stanger of the Millionaire Matchmaker. Of course, i paraphrased. This is the second time i'm reading something like this, this week.

I'm not even going to speak on that. She is currently attempting to apologize for that statement amongst other offensive ones she made about Jews and Gays. The thing that is bursting my head right now is that i just found out that she is 50 years old. Five-Zero!!! I am flabberwhelmed. I would have sworn she was in her 40's. Am i the only one who didn't know this? Plastic surgery can be a blessing o. Ehn??!!!

I hope none of you came here hoping i would teach you how to catch a husband. LOL. I sorry for you. Make i catch my own husband first before i start to teach anyone how to do am. Even then sef, i don't think i would be able to teach anyone anything about that. What do i know? 

*In other news, i don tire to study o. I need some fun in my life.
**In other more exciting news....It's about to be October, the month a super star was born. Yelz ke! Unfortunately for said super star, she has 4 exams, on 3 weeks out of the 4 weeks in October plus one mental status exam plus 2 role plays and 4 H& P reports, plus ILP to come up with and submit, plus....... Arghh!!! Kill me now.
***In other not so exciting news, i am totally and utterly convinced that the women who cornrowed my hair was trying to kill me. Ye! I did this thing since Saturday and my part is still actively throbbing. O gini? Na me kill Jesus? I haven't cornrowed my hair since 2005, so it's taking some getting used to seeing myself look like this. Oh well, it's all good. I no dey find husband.

*Cough, cough...Liar!!!* But for real though, i'm naaat....humm. lol. I'm foolish. That much i know.

Muah x10

Do you look your age, older or younger than you age? 
Which do you prefer? (I have a friend who likes that she looks way older than her age)

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Something's wrong
Something is definitely wrong.....
I'm not sure what it is
So, how do i fix it?

Only a crazy person does the same thing and expects a different result.........
Wa wa we wa......
I tire!

*Taps fingers on table*

This is such a bullshit blog post. LOL. It's better than nothing, right?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Learning how to cook soup

If you've read my blog for a while, you'll know that i didn't actually start cooking regularly until 2009. I "theoretically" knew how to cook a lot of different types of food because my mother was a tyrant about getting us in the kitchen to watch her, but most times she wouldn't let us cook or we just were not interested as she was more than willing to cook or someone else was there to cook. Since starting to cook, i've discovered i have a natural aptitude for it and actually enjoy it. Anyway, a few minutes ago as i was sitting here studying, i was thinking about how i need to step up my soup game because i can only really make Okra and Egusi soup and i haven't even made either of those this year cos i don't eat soup, unless i'm home and my mom makes them. Look at the pictures and notice the last line....I thought that was hilarious. It was supposed to be ".....into blood" not into soups.Too funny.

*If you wondering why i am thinking of cooking soup at 5am, let's just say i'm hungry. I need someone to start taking care of me, like a house husband or something.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sting vs. Anonymous

Anytime I feel as exhausted and overwhelmed as I currently do right now, which is pretty much all d time, I just want to find that anonymous commenter and slap her. You seriously dared to question d madness that is med school? I haven't slept properly in over 2 weeks. Just know that u r the object of my frustration from now on. LOL. Not! It's dt serious. Yeye girl :)

Meanwhile, I'm watching the gang rape case. I'm praying something comes out of this. A few years ago my ex's younger brother had the girl he was asking out gang raped by 4 boys right before his eyes. The guys had come to rob them. This happened in Doctor's quarters in uniben. It's a really sad state of affairs in Nigeria and in the rest of the world because this happens everywhere, all the time. May God help us all.

Friday, September 16, 2011


  • I had made up my mind earlier to stop participating in the "homosexuality" debate on blogsville mostly because i think it's futile and i don't believe in FORCING my opinion on anybody. However, it's hard for me to look the other way when it seems like someone is propagating hate and discrimination over any group of people, gay or not. 
  • Anti-gay vs. Pro-gay? I'm neither. I am Pro-equality for all and Anti-hypocrisy.
  • I cannot stand people who are blinded by "religion" and cannot or will not stop and think sometimes. I don't care what the issue is, because people use the bible (or religion) to justify a lot of things and they twist it to suit their purposes.
  • I did not put up my previous post to serve as a platform for anything. In fact, i considered disabling comments for that post, but never one to throw stones and hide, i left the comment section open. In hindsight, i should have disabled comments on the post. 
  • As for thriving on controversy, according to a spineless anonymous commenter, I have been blogging since 2007, how many controversies have i been in the middle of? Forgive me if i won't remain passive and look the other way over issues that are important to me.
  • As for not being hard pressed as a medical student as i would like you to believe, you should have just come right out and say that you don't even believe i'm in med school. Spend a week in med school before you open your stinking mouth and speak on it.There are 17 weeks in this semester and i have exams on 9 weeks out of those 17. What do you know about anything, you fool.
  • I will gladly go drown in a cup of water, after you and your whole family have drowned in it. Spineless coward. Anonymous my ass. Yes, i went there and i will go there again.
I've wasted precious time on this issue. I'm officially done. Please, feel free to stop reading my blog if you don't like me. I really couldn't care less. I don't blog for you or anybody else. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Re-Don't be afraid to be Anti-Gay

It's 5.30am, i'm exhausted but after reading a particular comment, i just had to do this. I saw the post earlier today, didn't have the time, energy or interest to comment. If you read my blog, you would at least have a sense of where i stand in the homosexuality issue. While i might not support what someone is saying, i believe we are all entitled to our opinions and beliefs, so i will defend someone's right be to able to say what they want to say. Afterall, it's a free world and if while stating your opinion, you end up looking like an o_O, it's all on you. For the sake of clarity, this comment is what i am referring to.

  1. As long as you are not gay, you have no leg to stand on to say it is a CHOICE. When did you decide to like the opposite sex? Have you ever been faced with that choice? Don't speak on what you don't know or are you a professor specializing in Homosexual studies?
  2. "Being gay is a bigger sin than committing adultery or having premarital sex". Blood of Jesus, hold me back. Are you FREAKING kidding me? After you just said "although a sin is a sin". Na wa o. Behold the second coming of christ. So now we get to pick and chose which is a bigger sin. 
So while i support Kit kat's right to believe what she believes and say what she wants to say, since it's a free world, i'm also allowed to have an opinion on it. Amongst other things, I find the title of that post to be very OFF. Don't be afraid to be Anti-Gay? What exactly do you mean by anti-gay? It's easy to say, i don't mind the people, i just don't like the act. Hmmm.... Ok! No problem then. Where do you draw the line? Can you really separate the person from the act? How will you feel if someone says, Don't be afraid to be Anti-Black? Oh yeah, they already said it and did it and people are still paying a price for it till today. I don't know though. I'm going to sleep.

*I had decided sometime ago to leave this homosexuality issue alone but i just can't help myself, apparently.
**I apologize in advance to Iwalewa and Kit Kat, who may or may not be offended by this post. It's nothing personal.
*** While there were other comments that caused me to raise an eyebrow, Iwalewa's comment got my goat. A sin is a sin is a sin. We don't get to chose which is a bigger sin and saying "in my opinion" doesn't make it any better.- This is one of my main problems with religion and the religious, you pick and chose. So at the end of the day, everyone ends up being a hypocrite. 

Here's a nice rebuttal to my post, where Ms. Iwalewa was nice enough to not explain herself to me :)
I think Sugabelly's post is worth a read too. Although, if you were pressed for time and you had to pick one to read, i'll say pick Sugabelly's, cos Iwalewa's was a whole lot of fuming at the mouth and not much substance.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Knock Knock and Bedmatics 101(?)

It feels weird not blogging regularly. There's just no time. Just wanted the 5 or 10 or 15 or 500 of you who care to know that i'm still alive :) and enjoying my own little slice of hell everyday. I saw the questions and the "tells". Very funny assumptions. I will answer the questions whenever i get a breather. Why can't i be like other people and just abandon my blog? It would be SO easy to do right now.

P.S. You guys better be missing me. It's by force o.

Question: (Mostly because i want to keep you guys occupied in my absence).
Is it true that most Nigerian women are passive in bed? My friend said something the other day that made me laugh. He said "they just lay there like dead bodies". That cracked me the hell up. Coincidentally, the next day, i received my Glamour for the month and they talked about the same thing.
This is too funny. 
So i guess it's not Nigerian women per se but "some women" Why do you think "some women" thing it's okay to just lay there and provide a warm hoo ha. I read somewhere recently about a guy whose wife never wanted to have sex and when he would pester her enough she would say "oya come and enter". lol. Of course he didn't like that because she wouldn't "participate". Are any of you guilty of the "laying there like a dead body syndrome" lol....I don't expect anyone to answer that and confess to their iniquities, at least not on my blog. Seriously though, is there a bedmatics 101 course out there, or na to just resort to watching blue film aka porno. lol. I'm seriously cracking myself up. This is what micro has reduced me to. I don't expect a lot of responses to my question because you know how we Nigerians are. We are all "vargins" until after we have our first child :) All you guys who want to marry vargins, how do you expect to eat your cake and have it? Oya come and confess, where did you acquire your skills from? Do you even have skills sef? If you are shy, you can whisper it in my ear..... (:

Ciao people. I have my first exam on Monday. Wish me luck.

Miss me o! I mean it!!!!

*The million dollar question is if i really expect people to answer my questions.
**How i managed to come up with a proper post, i don't know. This was supposed to be a short paragraph post. See the first P.S? That's where it was supposed to end. I'm trying to keep you guys entertained in my absence. Now say thank you.

You are welcome.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ask! (and tell)

Ask me anything. Why? Because I'm currently on blogging probation and can't blog. I bet I will find your questions quite entertaining. Ask me serious questions or not so serious questions. I'm partial to silly questions (well, in this instance not in everyday life :) I have locked myself out of my blog and blogger. The only way I can access blogs right now is through my phone and I don't like it so much. I'll tell u guys how I did it if u r interested. So yeah humor me with u questions which I will answer when I can come back. Only Jehovah knows at this point. While u r at it, you might as well thank God for giving you a break from the mad woman that calls herself Madame Sting :)

Oh yeah.... to make this more fun (for me, really), I have decided to add the "and tell" part of this exercise. So you can not only ask me questions, but you can also tell me stuff. Stuff like what? How do u think i am in real life?

  • Am I tall or short?
  • Light or dark skinned
  • Good looking, average or aesthetically challenged.
  • Fat, plump, chubby, skinny or thin
  • How old am i?
  • Do i look like a child or a grown woman?
  • Does the name Madame Sting fit my personality and what i look like in real life?
  • What kind of person do you think i am?
  • Am i a troublemaker or a peacemaker?
  • Am i quiet or talkative?
Etc etc....feel free come up with your own stuff. Now for those of you who either know me or have seen my picture you are not eligible to participate in the "and tell" portion  unless you are telling me stuff that doesn't have to do with how i look or anything you already know cos that would be cheating, but you can ask!

Have fun with it. Go crazy but not too crazy.
Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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