Monday, September 26, 2011

How to catch a husband

If you are a bright and intelligent woman, please dumb yourself down. Men don't want intelligent women, tone it down until u reel him in. So says, Patti Stanger of the Millionaire Matchmaker. Of course, i paraphrased. This is the second time i'm reading something like this, this week.

I'm not even going to speak on that. She is currently attempting to apologize for that statement amongst other offensive ones she made about Jews and Gays. The thing that is bursting my head right now is that i just found out that she is 50 years old. Five-Zero!!! I am flabberwhelmed. I would have sworn she was in her 40's. Am i the only one who didn't know this? Plastic surgery can be a blessing o. Ehn??!!!

I hope none of you came here hoping i would teach you how to catch a husband. LOL. I sorry for you. Make i catch my own husband first before i start to teach anyone how to do am. Even then sef, i don't think i would be able to teach anyone anything about that. What do i know? 

*In other news, i don tire to study o. I need some fun in my life.
**In other more exciting news....It's about to be October, the month a super star was born. Yelz ke! Unfortunately for said super star, she has 4 exams, on 3 weeks out of the 4 weeks in October plus one mental status exam plus 2 role plays and 4 H& P reports, plus ILP to come up with and submit, plus....... Arghh!!! Kill me now.
***In other not so exciting news, i am totally and utterly convinced that the women who cornrowed my hair was trying to kill me. Ye! I did this thing since Saturday and my part is still actively throbbing. O gini? Na me kill Jesus? I haven't cornrowed my hair since 2005, so it's taking some getting used to seeing myself look like this. Oh well, it's all good. I no dey find husband.

*Cough, cough...Liar!!!* But for real though, i'm naaat....humm. lol. I'm foolish. That much i know.

Muah x10

Do you look your age, older or younger than you age? 
Which do you prefer? (I have a friend who likes that she looks way older than her age)


  1. SMH...I dont know who made this one (Patty) an authority on relationship matters..mchew....Is she even in a relationship?
    ANd that plastic surgery is starting to use up the laws of dimishing returns.....It makes her look way too expressionless

  2. Ah pele o! Our Dokita! if your head is aching and hair is pulling abeg comot the cornrow o make e no chop your front hair (edges).

    all the best in ur upcoming exams!


  3. The student Sting is baaaaaack!

    Good luck in all the plenty exams and things...una de try

    your 'part' is still paining my head that came out wrong :|


  4. Yes, there seems to be an obsession going round about how to catch a husband. And lots of tips that would make one sick for a whole week. Just posted a response to "reasons you are not married" written by a naija woman and posted on Linda Ikeji's blog. We can't all want the same things or be the same.

    Sorry about the throbbing. I'm trying to deal with my natural hair headache. Took me a couple of days to get rid of the throbbing.

  5. lol u got alot todo and what? Is she actualy 50?

  6. She looks pretty-ish. And of course what she said is quite ridiculous but we all know there are some people that believe this kind of cow dung advice. Never take any relationship or marriage advice as a mantra.

    Goodluck with your exams btw.

  7. Ah, whatever patti said is minor, i hope you have read the instruction manual written for us by the MRS Amraa who posseses the almighty MARRIAGE certificate and now pontificates to the single women as the spirit leads her to.

    Nonsense and intete.

    I used to look older than my age when i was a teen, but now i think i look exactly my age.

  8. Sting, but you know that pix was photoshopped to an inch of its life. Abeg when you see her in camera, you can repost your opinion.

    Hah about dumbing down, just went back to Amara's article on Linda Ikeji's blog. Happy to see that commentators called out her BS.

    All the best with the reading and exams (shudders).

  9. every1 is suddenly a relationship expert smh

  10. I think I look my age, but it would be nice sometimes to look older, esp when you're a smallie like me, so you can flex small, LOL...

    As for matchmaker, she's just saying what she knows. It's never a general rule, as I personally found.

    All the best with your studies, we must rock this october o, exam or no. Gba gbe.

  11. I look far younger than my age and I love it:)

    If I have to dumb down to find a husband, I shall never get married.

  12. I hate when i hear men dnt wnt a smart woman..i honestly dnt think any guy wants to have a push-over airhead as a wife.. maybe as a cheap lay though.
    It's funny, i said i'll never cornrow my hair ever since secondary school, but i'm planning to do just that tomorrow -______-

  13. Sorry about ur hair ooo,.... humm playing dumb is the silliest thing ever, it's so obvious when girls act all clueless n stuff to get a guys attention.

  14. The Amara woman is just a clown, "if at 30 no one has come to price your market" that was shocking. it is people like Amara and their myopic view to stuff that makes women stay in their husband's house until they kill them, or allow young women to become pressured and marry anyone


    Good luck with your exams

    i am sure the hair has relieved you by now.

  15. lmho @ na me kill Jesus? u're hilarious.

    I look alot younger than my age and it really uspets me esp when i see the shock on people's faces when i tell them.

    Good luck with all of your exams, i pray you do well


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