Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blogsville Gist

Hey people,

I'm going to be focusing my attention on Blogsville Gist. Be a pal and join the site. Invite your friends/blog pals to join also.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's time.

Hey Everyone,

The end of my journey on The Smile of a Nigerian Scorpio is here. By this time next week i will be at my new place, ready or not. I know i'll be fine, i just don't like change too much. This last week in Atlanta is turning to be more stressful both mentally and emotionally than i imagined. Anyway, it's been nice being a part of blogsville and sharing my personal story with you guys. I know i haven't been comfortable writing anything too personal on this blog for a while, but it served its purpose and it's time to move on. If i decide to get another blog i'll let you know. For now, i will hopefully be concentrating all my efforts on blogsville gist and fatbusters.

Thanks for being a part of my online family. You guys are great and i love u all.



Monday, July 20, 2009


I just put an ad for Lenie on craigslist. I am so sad!


I took Lenie to the vet today for his yearly shots and ended up spending $241. That was the little extra money i had to buy stuff before i moved. In addition to the shots, they found out he has hook worms. On top of that he already had a skin condition that is as a result of allergies, he has issues with his eyes that will be lasting cos of the way his eye lids are, and he has ear issues, cos he is prone to ear mites. After telling my sister all this, she suggested i take him to the pound. I totally understand that because that might be a little too much to put on anyone esp since she already has 2 dogs.

I am sad and confused.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Time: 7 days before I move: 21 days before school starts. (Why the hell i am moving early again?!! Yeah, that damn lease (that i haven't even signed. I don't wanna goooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!)

So i have been slowly and steadily clearing out my room and getting ready for my 13 hour trip to the place that's going to be my new home for the next 4 years or more (depending on where i do my residency). During the process of sweeping under my bed (let's not talk about all the dust bunnies that reside(d) under there) i pulled out a box i had stuck under there a couple of years ago that contained my journals. There were entries from April 2003 to Sept 2007 in four different journals.

I pulled the first one out and started to read. It was almost like reading a novel and i realised i have to go back to my first true love. Blogger doesn't even come close to what writing in a journal does for me. When i write in my journal, i'm not writing for an audience, i am free to pour out my thoughts without having to give a background story, like i would have to do on blogger. I have always kept a journal. I didn't keep one in JSS when i was in boarding school for obvious reasons. My first complete journal, i remember burning after my first relationship ended at 17 0r 18. I guess because A lot of the stuff i wrote was about him.

I have always used writing as a coping mechanism for me and i intend to go back to that in med school. My sister gave me a very cute journal when i went to Florida and that's exactly what i am going to use it for.

On to other things, i finally got another computer on Friday. HP dv3510nr. I am skeptical about HP products cos my brother had an issue with his computer and eventually had to switch it out with a toshiba. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I took my old gateway to get fixed cos it kept switching itself off, come to find out there was nothing wrong with it in the first place. My dumbass set it to turn off after 20mins. Don't ask me what i was thinking cos i don't know, I remember changing the setting but i don't think i knew what i was doing.

Anyhoo, i get home and my big head decided to re-format the computer only for something to go wrong, and the computer just shows a black screen when i turn it on. I'm taking it to get fixed tomorrow, hopefully they can fix it before i leave and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I am so pissed at myself.

Question: How many people believe in spirits or reincarnation?

Would u believe if i told u i was my paternal grandmother reincarnated? How do i know?

I DON'T! but i believe it.

I'll tell u y another time.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Wrapping up

I am officially no longer an employee of the psychiatric hospital. I turned in my badge and my keys yesterday and my badge was cut up in front of me. It kinda hurt. Even though i haven't worked there since early June, i was sad about leaving and i miss it (i really do, weird). I remember how much i loved working there before i became overwhelmed with all the stuff i had to do and lack of sleep.

I was able to say bye to the three people who meant the most to me there. I just lucked out that they were working yesterday, as i had no guarantee anyone i knew would be there cos i usually worked weekend nights. All three were working on the same unit, i was very happy i got to say bye to them. They told me things weren't still right at the hospital in terms of staff safety and whatnot. They said a couple of staff had gotten hurt by the patients and one Nigerian nurse had broken a couple of toes a day before during a take down. This was on the same unit i had been excepted to work at by myself on the night i walked out. I was sleep deprived and extremely tired that night and that is a very bad combination for anyone working on that unit. I am so glad that for the 10months i worked there, i wasn't hurt by any patient.

I was insulted, intimidated, scared many times by patients attempting to hurt me, but no one was able to physically put their hands on me. I am so thankful about that. The only time i got close to being hurt was the one and only time i was involved in a take down and i hurt my shoulder when we fell to the ground. So u might wonder how come i was only involved in one take down the whole 10 months i was there? Easy. I stood back. I'm sorry! If there were other people there who could do it, why should i put myself in a position to get hurt. $11 an hour wasn't worth that crap. So that chapter of my life is over and i am happy it went as well as it did. It was an amazing experience and i'm glad i was able to have it. I met some interesting people/characters, i had one of the best laughs of my life, learnt so much about myself and life in general. It was worth the sleepless nights. I just wouldn't do it again.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I've been trying to paint my nails since 10pm yesterday and i'm still not done. Urgh! The life of a defeated perfectionist. I feel handicapped waiting for this thing to dry. I didn't realize it would even affect my ability to take a piss. Can u imagine?!!! Trying to pee yesterday ruined one nail, which made me scritinize the rest of the nails and conclude they all look like crap. Before i knew what i was doing i had cleaned off the polish on both hands and started again this morning.

12 days before moving to the "land of no black people": Mood? Scared! It's so far from home and i don't know anybody. Yikes!

I have started packing up my stuff. Half of my clothes are going to salvation Army, no use hanging on to stuff that don't fit anymore even though they are brand new or barely worn. I'm only taking stuff that will fit in my not so large car. I really don't have that much stuff anyway.

My week in FL showed my family that they don't want to deal with Lenie or rather how difficult it would be. As always God stepped in and turned what would have been a huge fight into something that wasn't a big deal. So when i was in FL, my brother called me and said we need to talk about the dog. Bottom line, he can't take care of the dog, and my mom who had persuaded me to leave the dog behind and assured me that he was going to be fine had now reneged on her promise and was even talking about taking the dog back to the pound. I couldn't even be angry cos i was mad at myself for falling for that trap. I should have known better.

The apartment i got doesn't allow dogs at all, no exceptions. I even called the manager again to make sure. Now the few apartments i saw that allowed pets during my search didn't have underground parking, and that was a must for me cos it snows like crazy down there. I was actually willing to get a place without underground parking just so i could take my dog, but my mom said she didn't want me stressing about anything while i was in school and offered to take the dog.

So here i was basically stranded. There is no way in this world that i would take Lenie back to the shelter. The day i got him from the pound, i promised i was going to take care of him for the rest of his life, and less than a year later, i was already failing. I told my sister in FL what was going on and she and her fiance agreed to take Lenie since they already have 2 small dogs of their own. I just thank God for everything cos it would have been a mess and he saved the day.

Lenie's hair is growing back. He no longer looks like a rat. Yay!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Back to the A

I'm back in Atlanta. My stress levels finally came down in Florida. I no longer wake up at 7am or earlier like i used to. Anyhoo, this vacation taught me a few lessons and i would like to share, cos i'm nice like that.
  1. I'm definitely not having kids anytime soon. In fact i am re-examining my child bearing decision. At one time there were 7 kids between the ages of 11 - 16 in the house, but my other sister came to pick up her kids during the week.
  2. Paper plates and plastic spoon and forks ARE the best thing since sliced bread
  3. I love the sound of kids laughing together
  4. I am not as good with kids like i thought (maybe just the ones in the goo goo ga ga stage)
  5. I really don't know how to handle people stress very well. School stress is my forte
  6. I am getting a reclining sofa or chair in my new apartment, for sure.
  7. I refuse to plan my life or live my life while focusing on losing weight. Too stressful
  8. One the other hand, i can't eat like a pre-teen or early teen. My metabolism gave up on me a long time ago. Ice-cream for dessert regularly is not going to cut it.
  9. Driving 5 hours at a stretch is not bad at all. My 13 hour drive in two weeks should not be that difficult.
  10. I am really not looking forward to going away.

I enjoyed myself with my sisters kids. I got to spend time with my sister and she made me aware of some things i never knew. It was a really nice time. The kids didn't want me to leave. My nephew loved my Wrapper and he wants one, preferably with lions or tigers. I showed him a sleeping mat i brought but left in the car and he said i have a lot of cool stuff. LOL. Tell that to the kids in Nigeria.

Good times.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Aloha from FL

What's up people, coming to u live and direct from FL. The weather has been nice, it was only humid the first day i was there. I will not be back to Atl until Friday. I have abandoned my life and it feels good. No blogging, nothing.

My blogsville gist blog has never gotten off the ground. It has a lot of potential but i just don't have time and i don't see me getting more time in the nearest future. So if anyone is interested in helping out or doing something with the blog and theme, let me know. We'll work something out, if not ehhh..... i'll get to it when i get to it.

The future of this blog has been decided. I will be closing this blog as soon as i land in my new home....... awwwww, she's leaving us (sobs).

Do not despair my people for i will only be moving house and not leaving. You guys can't get rid of me that easily. So at the right time, we shall move over. Capice.

Alright, i am going back to my vacation. I have enjoying it like someone without responsibilities. I fully realise i have only 2 weeks left when i get back so i have to relax. My 2nd nephew is a hoot plus one. I laugh at his antics all day long. Good times.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


There's an overwhelming number of things i have to do before school starts, i just want to bury my head under the sand and pretend they don't exist, but i can't. After all the hassle to get admitted to med school, you would think things would at least be smooth sailing from there. But no o! No.

I have to get a physical exam done, get a chest x-ray on top of that cos my TB test is always positive, fill out my health, dental and life insurance forms, pick a PCP randomly because i chose an HMO plan, complete the orientation activities form, try to decide if i want to re-take the 4 hour long CPR class, even though i did one last year and it's valid for another year. However, as i can't remember jack and we start meeting with our primary care mentors in October, i need to at least be able to do basic CPR, just in case.

Now, there's the faces book (ha ha) that we have to fill out and attach a picture to. Add that to my obsessing over moving 13 hours away, getting my utilities set up, trying to decide if i'm going to take my TV or not or go without watching TV for the next 4 years, worrying about what the hell i am going to do with myself after my brother goes back to GA, already missing Lenie and wondering if my brother is going to remember to feed the birds, I am basically a mental wreck at the moment.

I'm abandoning it all and running to FL to hang out with my sister and kids. All the wahala will still be waiting for me when i come back, so i might as well go pretend for a week that i have no responsibilities.

P.S contrary to what my last post will lead u to believe, i am right-handed. Obviously, i can't tell right from left at this age and after all that education. The last drivers test i took 6 years ago, i almost failed (after failing 3 times prior, don't ask), because i kept going the opposite direction that she told me to. If she says left, i go right and when she repeats" i said left", i figure out i was going the wrong way. I did that at least 3 times during the driving test. Pity. LOL
Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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