Friday, January 27, 2012

Shit medical students say

This made me laugh....shits and giggles. Very familiar. I've said some of these things. I'm so tired! I can relate to the brokery. Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colorectal cancer(Sounds like a big word/phrase, but it's really not). Someone explain something and you say oooooo, i get it and then the next second, 'wait, what did u just say". "I feel so dumb" That's another one. LOL. One of my friends is such a self-diagnoser. One day he has angina, the next day it's something else. Meanwhile, dude is perfectly fine. I'm the" i hate med school" girl.

Gunner! Yep! You hear that a lot. It's like it's a sin to be a gunner. lol.  "I haven't even started studying for this block". You hear that too, but that's just a big fat lie.

I was watching this with my friend and we almost died laughing after he said "Do you have sex with men, women or both". I have had to ask that to a standardized patient. My friend said he refused to do that and asked "how's your sex life instead". I stuck with the script and it was hella awkward especially since it was supposed to be a married man. You hear "do you think this is going to be on the test" or "do you think we should know this" all the freaking time. I ask that too and get asked. I wish i knew what was going to be on the test. Calling home to say you just know you bombed a test. True!

 THIS! This video is the gospel. I don't even know which one to pick out.

Ah! I really need to go study. I haven't studied since 4pm today. I'm so tired though!!! :)

*Who is a Gunner

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Am i wrong for thinking people who do something wrong ought to be punished? For example you do something to me (something major), why should i have to wait for Karma? Karma is slow. Why can't i just give you what u deserve right now? Why should i turn the other cheek and take the high road? Is there a prize for that? I'm just saying. I like swift justice. It makes me feel better.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Waiting for Prince Charming

I think it's really interesting how we subconsciously assimilate and buy into stuff without being aware of it. We are just clueless sponges sometimes primed to follow a script we have no clue we are following. I had a dream the other day and i woke up smiling. I will spare you the details of that dream because it's really not pertinent to this story. However, it made me stop and think. I told my friend later that evening, that i feel like I'm going to end up getting married to someone i already know. This might not make sense to you so let me explain.

 I have guys who have liked me and asked me out for years but i have put them comfortably in the friend zone, because that's what we started out as or in some cases that's what we settled into for various reasons. For some of these guys, there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. Of course, there are always those I'm not attracted to but that's not always the case. While these guys are jumping through hoops to be with me, i pay them no attention and focus instead on the unknown prince charming. The one i have been subconsciously primed to wait for. I don't know when he'll get here, but i know he'll get here. Like one of my friends will say, he's coming. It's just that he's mates are taking airplane while he decided to walk. LOL. She's a silly goose.

So of course, in my search for this elusive Prince charming, i meet all these useless guys who add nothing but drama to my life while ignoring the people who are waiting and who i know will treat me like a princess (very cliche but true). Remember last year before my birthday when i said i wanted flowers but didn't think i was going to get them? Well, a day before my birthday i said that to one of such guys and the next day i got flowers and we don't live in the same state. Mind you his birthday is a day before mine and i didn't even get him a card. Meanwhile the person i would have wanted flowers from FORGOT my birthday!!! Then picked a fight with me over some bullshit on my birthday which he FORGOT!. *gasps*

It's really ironic how at the same time i can have one guy be acting anyhow and another who would do back flips if i paid him a tiny bit of attention. Big difference between both guys is, one i just met and the other, I've always known. Guess who I'm paying attention to? My friend asked me why i didn't want to date this one guy (not the flower sender) who really likes me and in fact has told me, he has always loved me (see groove) and i told her i didn't know. I honestly didn't know at the time. There's nothing wrong with him. He's good looking, great potential (*cough), we are very good friends (which I've always wanted in a partner), and I find him attractive. So why didn't i want him? I finally figured it out. It just clicked after i had that dream.

I want the fairy tale. Do you know how many romance novels I've read in my life? If i said 2000, i would not be exaggerating. I promise you that. I've been following a script of how things should work out. In my mind, I'm supposed to meet someone new, get all excited and giddy, fall in love, go through the exciting honeymoon period and all of that before settling down with the person. This guy did not fit the script. I didn't just meet him. I've known him for over 10 years, and we are very good friends. With him there would be no giddy, exciting period, no newness, no unknown (well, there are always unknowns when dealing with people), because we are already comfortable with each other. Therefore in my eyes he wasn't eligible even though some other chic would find him very eligible.

Then it occurred to me that i might be waiting for Prince Charming while my King is right in front of me. I'm not referring to this guy in particular but the idea of going out to look for something that you already have.

Which leads me to my next topic....... when do you stop pussyfooting around and think with your head (:

*I'll save that post for another time. I have a headache and i really should be sleeping but i can never sleep the day I'm done with exams. It makes no sense but it's a curse i have to deal with. The time my body needs sleep most is when i can't sleep so i stay up feeling crappy.

*In case you are wondering, I'm officially off the mens for now. This semester is hell on steroids and i need to focus because my life depends on this. I've told them they can wait, if they can't that's fine too. As my father will say, there will always be guys.

*This post is specially dedicated to Unveilinggold who said she wanted to read my old personal posts. I never talk about (my) relationships anymore but i thought this was worth sharing. Who knows it might open someones eyes. *wink, wink* Just make sure you come back and thank me :)

By the Way

This should have been a part of my previous post but book and stress no let me see road. 

*Attention, Attention, At ease*
I have decided to pull a Diddy on you guys and channel the first lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
Henceforth, i would like to be addressed as Dame Sting.
I don't feel like being a Madame this year :)
The choices were between, Dame, Auntie or Inspector lol! I like the sound of Inspector Sting. Maybe next year. 
* You always have the option of just calling me Sting, which some of you rascals do anyway.

Also, in celebration of my 5th blogoversary, and because of my booski Ginger, I will now allow anonymous comments until further notice. 

You people should help me ask her what anonymous comment she really wanted to leave yesterday. lol. Naughty girl. 
So yeah, let's see how that goes ;)

Ginger, to answer your question about how my blogging has changed in the last 5 years....I used to blog about very personal stuff (Hey! I won best personal blogger in 2010), but i'm no longer anonymous so i have left all my drama for my friends in real life to be tortured with.

*I love the new reply feature blogger now has but unfortunately i have seriously tweaked the HTML of this blog template, it can't have the feature and i don't have time to fix it. I think it's a great feature and it would encourage people like me to reply comments. 
Oh well!

Monday, January 23, 2012

5 years don waka, we still dey carry go!

*Exactly 5 years ago today, i became a blogger*
Pop champagne!
I have exams....Sigh :(

Friday, January 20, 2012

"Fun" stuff

I just had to say this, mostly for the sake of posterity. I had my first experience doing a male exam yesterday. What that means in simple english is you exam a guy's penis and scrotum (plus prostate too but we did that on dummies). It was an awkward, weird experience especially since we had to talk to them about what we were doing! I felt like my hand was burning afterwards because we still had to stay there while the rest of us examined the patient (it was 4 at a time, there were multiple other patients in other rooms).

I can imagine it was uncomfortable for the standardized patient because his penis shrunk I'm sorry. It wasn't funny at the time and i was very uncomfortable. The girl who went before me, her hand was literally shaking. lol. I can imagine how the guys felt. My silly friend who went a couple of days before me told me she was suppressing giggles (i wonder why because i didn't find the situation funny at all, i wanted to bolt out of there). Then she was like, what was i supposed to do, i mean, what do you do with a penis and i answered her with a straight face, "well, it depends on where you are and why you are holding the penis in the first place" lol.. She is such a dork.

Next week, we get to do female exams. We practiced on dummies this week. IF u have been reading my blog for a while, you will recall that i was unceremoniously initiated into doing pelvic exams last year by my clinical mentor. It's going to be a lot of fun watching the guys squirm. I'm still not looking forward to it at all. That speculum scares me in real life.

*There is this awesome study app called Pomlite life. It uses the pomodromo technique, where u study for a certain amount of time, then u get a short break, then after a number of pomodromos you get a long break. I set mine to get a 5 min break every 40 minutes, then after the 4th pomodromo i get a 20 minute break (most of the time i skip at least two 5 minute breaks because my attention span is good for a couple of hours, i really don't need a break every 40 mins but the app won't let me do longer than 40 minutes at a time without a break. It's really helped me stay focused and track how much time i spend studying or how much time i've spent of a particular topic. So far i've spent 13.3hours since the day started just learning 30 drugs and i still have 26 more to go. Love the app sha. Student readers of this blog, take note. 

** I'm about to pull a Diddy on you guys and channel the first lady. Watch this space :))

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Half a million dollars on her wedding

The daughter of former adviser to GEJ on petroleum matters.. Dr. Egbogah...

My father should have gone into politics!!!!

P.S. With all that money she couldn't fix her hair? Anyway, let me go and face the one that concerns me.

Thanks Neka for the link to the 2nd video. I'm still wondering why no one told her to change that hair to something more flattering on her.
For more amebo work click HERE

Friday, January 13, 2012

Family brother just told me i'm an inspiration to him. *sniff*  Brought tears to my eyes. This is after i called him for a pep talk. He is in Pharmacy school and I am SO proud of him. Not just because he is in Pharmacy school. He's a good kid. My mom was blessed with a pretty awesome son.

I've had a rough 24 hours plus i think i'm hormonal to boot. My father did something that touched my heart this morning. I have so much love and support from my family, i can't even feel sorry for myself sometimes. You know how u get into a "woe is me" mode and you just want to feel sorry for yourself and feel like no one cares about you? Well, i don't have the luxury of indulging in that kind of self-pity (for too long) because even as i start to feel like i'm all alone and no one cares, i realise what a blatant lie that is and how much my family supports and cares about me. It's like we are all in med school together, the highs and lows, fear of bad grades, actual bad grades, good grades, sighs of relief, we all experience it together. I love them so much. It seems like as i get older and friends fall by the way side, i have drawn closer to my family. Thank God for sisters.

I am blessed and i remain thankful.

This semester is shaping up to be something special and it is already mentally taxing. I'm trying to figure a lot of things out with boards at the forefront of my mind. I'm worried/scared/apprehensive. I sent a ridiculously high goal and i figured even if i fall short, i will still be very comfortable. I've gotten good advice from people, now i have to find time to implement it along with studying for school. It's going to be tough. I just have to be tougher.

Blogging will most likely take a back seat. Just a heads up in case that ends up happening. This is my life and i have to be serious with it for the next 6 months. After that, i can play with u guys again ;)

Send prayers and positive thoughts my way. I will definitely be needing it.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nigerian Parents

Youtube is going crazy with the shit xyz says videos. These two cracked me up.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hair Pressure

My immediate older sister is going natural - 90% transitioned
My immediate younger sister just decided to go natural

My hair line has gone AWOL

Talk about pressure!!!

What is going on?

Universe, did i do something wrong?

*So my younger sister texts me today that she's going green and i responded by asking her how and what does she mean. Apparently, that's what they now call going natural. (I don't know who they is, i just said it). She still hasn't told me why she decided to go natural because this is so sudden. I cannot imagine her with natural hair and i know she doesn't like stress so we shall see.  I really don't think going natural is a cake walk, you have to be mentally ready for it. I can't fit for that kind of wahala right now. Mba.

**But there's a tiny part of me that wishes it were easier so i could do it.

In the interest of full disclosure i actually was natural from the 2003-2005 but i didn't think of it as "natural". My hair fell out after i came to this country as a result of braiding right after i got a perm in preparation for leaving Nigeria. I took the braids out Dec 2002 and all my hair had fallen out. It was short. So for the next three years i got braids constantly and did not get a perm. The natural hair movement hadn't started back then. I'm sure if it had i would have hung in there and never gotten another perm :( Oh well.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Occupy Naija and Facebook Tings

Foxy P from the African Today Show makes a lot of sense in this video. I have nothing more to add. Please watch.

I haven't been on Facebook for a while. I find it to be such a huge distraction when I'm in school. I went back towards the end of the break and since I've been back in school i have left and gone back several times (boredom). I finally made the decision to leave permanently (or until this semester is over) when i signed in this morning and was greeted with a picture of a dead body with bright red blood all over his lower half. His pants had been pulled down on his thighs and his crotch was exposed. I don't know why. From the comments it seems like it was an occupy naija protester (?). I'm not sure but that is what the comments suggest.

It seems like Nigerians have no regard for the dead. What if i was a family member who had no clue about the death, so that's how i will sign in on Facebook and be shocked. I can't handle all of that. I need some sort of warning before i look at dead people. Most times on Linda Ikeji's blog i don't even proceed beyond the warning. I can do without those images in my head. Facebook is turning into something else.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Milk Lovin'

or should i say milk madness
I know...i'm crazy but unlike regular milk, it doesn't go bad after a week (?). These are good until Feb and by then it would have been consumed. I have no clue how long regular milk lasts because the last time i bought or drank it was 2004. For the uninformed, this is Very Vanilla soymilk and you can always bet your last dollar that you will find at least one in my refrigerator at any given time, ALWAYS. It has to be Very Vanilla, Vanilla doesn't cut it. I buy a lot because i don't have time to go to the grocery store every week and not every store carries this flavor. Actually there's a grocery store close to school that carries it but they area almost $2 more than walmart. 'Yay for Walmart even though it's a good 15-20 minutes away.

Yes, u just read a blog post about milk. SMH. Please forgive me.

I am having some serious myalgia (haha! I sound smart. Hey! can i at least act like i'm learning something) thanks to this stupid flu. I have 3 more pathology lectures to listen to and 2 pharm lectures before i'm caught up, then i have to start learning them. I'm going to try to finish listening to the lectures tonight even though i feel like death and my eyes are blood shot (i wonder why the blood shot eyes).

I was made to realize that my picture in my previous post pretty much showed my whole face so i edited it accordingly. So you guys pretty much know or have a good idea what i look like, abi? Okay, back to pretending to be 100% anonymous.

*In case you were wondering what i do with all that milk
  • I wash my face with it - very good moisturizer
  • I brush with it- you know milk has calcium and is good for your teeth
  • I pray with it, just the way you use holy water or anointed oil
LOL... Nah! It just for oatmeal grubbing baby! It used to be oatmeal and Kelloggs Cornflakes but i no longer eat cereal (at least not with any regularity).

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Instead of Studying.....

It's confirmed......being in school definitely brings my mood from 10 to 2, which explains A LOT! I'm two days behind cos i missed Tuesday and Wednesday  lectures. Been trying to study but i'm sick so i'm feeling kinda crappy. I should have picked up some medication on my way back from school today. Besides being sick, i don't want to study but i realise i have no choice in the matter. My not wanting to study = a blog post for you guys, so be happy.

You people should help me see what cornrows did to my hair line. Instant receding hairline incorporated. I no see mouth take talk

Before touch up
After touch up

I didn't have the greatest hair line to begin with but it was more on my right side, not this atrocity. I have NEVER seen my hair line this bad, EVER! But then again, the last time i did cornrows was 2005. I hardly braid my hair either, the last time was 2009 and before then, maybe once the previous year. I usually wear my natural permed hair. I don't do weaves either. I have had one episode of a sew-in, in the last 9 + years and that was in 2006. That disaster lasted for all of 5 days before i ran back to the lady and paid her to take it off then still paid her to wash and style my hair. I didn't care i had paid $150 to get the sew-in, i just wanted it out.
It actually looked good, but i was uncomfortable with it. I didn't feel like myself, i could have gotten used to it, but my scalp itched and i couldn't get to it to scratch it properly. It was horrible. On top of that, i felt like something was on top of my head the whole time, it was very weird and uncomfortable. Totally hated the weave experience. I don't know how you girls do it, i need to be able to scratch my head when it itches. The itching sef was on a kentro level. Nah! Definitely not for me.

Thank Jehovah i wear my hair down. My handicap would have been exposed for the world to see.

I just respected myself after i got my touch up and went to the beauty supply store to get hair products. The only reason i got cornrows (twice back to back) was because of laziness. I didn't want to bother myself with my hair. To be honest, my hair is very low maintenance, all i do is wrap every night and comb out in the morning. I had some serious breakage in the back last winter but i realise now (after doing some research), i need to moisturize and seal in the moisture daily.

The moisturizer in the white container was given to my by my stylist FOC
I didn't buy the Goya olive oil. That was actually sent to my sister by her in-laws to pray with (catholic people things?) and she had no intention of using it so she let me have it for hair purposes. I also have coconut oil i got from the farmer's market but it's chilling in my refrigerator. I have some more hair products besides these but i know i only need a couple for daily use. My Olive Oil conditioner is the best i've ever used. It's not pictured, but it is great! Let's see how this goes, hopefully i get my hair line back sometime soon. No more cornrows for me ever again. They were too tight and my hair can't handle it.

Would u believe the madness that lies underneath? Took this yesterday actually :)

My spice collection is sick! Like i have time to cook, but i still love it. I have a lot of indian spices too.
List of foods i added to my "I really know how to make this" arsenal
  • Meat pie
  • Chin chin
  • Fried rice
  • Egusi
  • Pepper soup
  • Emi Aki (It's pretty much moi moi made with ripe plantains, don't know what it's called in other languages but this is what Etsako people call it)
I've always known how to make all this (except the meat pie) in theory, but you know how they say practice makes perfect? I needed validation :) My mom harasses you to be in the kitchen when she's cooking but she never lets you take charge, she likes to cook and she's a great cook but it doesn't help my cooking skills if i just stand there and watch and pass the salt. I didn't start cooking regularly until i left home for Med school and i love it and plan to be exceptional at it.

What i did on New Year's day.  One of the best Chin chins i've ever had. I'm still surprised i made it. Recipe was mom's so there are no actual measurement. You know how we Nigerians do. This is the second time i made Chin chin all by myself. Made some for Christmas also.
Next soup i want to learn how to make - Ogbono soup but that would have to wait until summer. Until then, Path, Pharm and Board study calls... Urghhhh!!!!

*A food blog i really like is (look for the link in my side bar). I really like her blog because she features recipes from all over Africa. I'm interested in learning how to cook dishes from other African countries so her blog is awesome for that purpose. She also has a youtube channel. I was pleasantly surprised to see her comment on my blog for the first time today :)

I just remembered i have some research proposal bullshit due soonish and i have no clue what i'm doing because i never read the background stuff over the break like i planned to. Wahala. Oh lord help me, i'm not ready for this.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

GEJ Presidential Palace Subsidy Must End: Nigerian Bloggers' Protest

Goodluck Jonathan has become Badluck Jonathan. Just take a look at the budget for the President's personal food bill. Why did people think Jona was going to be different again? Dude don play naija people 419. I want to sit here and scream "enough is enough"! How many more innocent souls are going to die over this fuel subsidy business? Are our voices going to be heard or will Badluck turn into another Abacha? What was he thinking when he decided to do remove the fuel subsidy? Was he thinking? Has living in Aso Rock made him forget the reality of an average Nigerian? What is going on in Nigeria?

Let's put our voices together and hope we will be heard. Enough is enough. I am seriously getting scared for Nigeria. First we have to deal with Boko Haram, now this.

As suggested by Adura Ojo (Naijalines) here's what you can do to help.

What You can do (Everyone has a part to play)
So I am asking all Nigerian bloggers and other interested parties to join me in a Nigerian Bloggers Protest for a week starting from today or by tomorrow. To join the protest:

1. Do a similar post of your own on your blog using the title "GEJ Presidential Palace Subsidy Must End: Nigerian Bloggers' Protest"
2. Add the pic/tabled diagram in this post
3. Publish your post today or latest by tomorrow
4. Please allow for seven days on your blog or place in a prime position on your blog for seven days.
5. You can still play your part as a non-blogger: share on facebook, twitter and other relevant social media. 
6. Journalists, use your media space.

*Copied from Adura's blog. 

Food Haul and Cute Future Doc.

The sole reason i ever check in luggage whenever i am going home is just so i can have enough space to take stuff back
Spices : Thyme (whole and ground), Curry, Ginger, Ground Onions, Basil, Indian Tikka Masala, Indian Curry Madras hot and mild, Lemon Pepper etc etc My sister asked me earlier when i was yapping about getting spices if i sold them (it wasn't a serious question). I had to remind her that last time i got a major haul of spices was 2010
*Dekalb Farmer's Market is the business

Bread: Pita Bread, Orange Cranberry Walnut Bread, Lemon Apple Walnut and Raisin Bread

Plantain Chips, Banna Chips, Chin chin (This chin chin is the best i've ever had and i made them :) and some free slim fast i converted for personal use

Cranberries - Strawberry and Cherry Flavored

Yam !!! :)
*Not pictured - Fried rice, Egusi Soup and Coconut oil currently being frozen for convenient transportation

Cute Future Doc!!! :) She's examining me, unprompted might i add.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome to 2012

All thanks to Jesus for seeing us through 2011, relatively unscathed. As long as there is life there is hope and as long as you never lose hope, you are good to go and can get through anything. I remain thankful for a lot of things including this blog. My life would be different if i didn't have this blog as isolating as med school tends to be. Though it may not always seem like it, i value your comments as it is sometimes the only interaction i have with fellow human beings in a day.

So i want to use this opportunity to acknowledge the people who take time to not only read my posts but also leave a comment. This list is by no means exhaustive. It's pretty much the last 140 people who have commented on my blog within the last 5 months.Thank you guys very much. I really appreciate and enjoy your comments.To my silent readers, i appreciate you too and lastly to the non-readers who use my blog to blog hop, if i catch u ehn?!!! Just kidding, that's what my blog roll is for, anything to make your blog reading life easier. I appreciate all of you guys. Muah x10
  • Ginger -Thanks for being the number 1 commenter. If i was a baller, you would have gotten a prize :)
  • 9jaFOODie 
  • miss.fab
  • Adede
  • Adura Ojo (Naijalines)
  • Myne Whitman 
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  • @ilola
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Also, thanks to everyone who has taken the time to follow this blog, all 249 of you :) I am humbled that you think this blog is interesting enough to want to follow it, i just come here to ramble but if you like, then i like it also :))

I'm wishing everyone a happy, prosperous, new year, filled with lots of love (in whatever form you want it ;), good health, success, peace, and blessings. May the good lord continue to keep us and grant us all our hearts desires and may we all find the purpose we have been put on this earth for and live it. More blessings. 

Welcome to 2012!!!

Enjoy ;)
Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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