Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wetin now? - Repost

I wrote this post over a year ago, April 5th 2008 to be precise, and i find that this is still valid. You people haven't repented and changed ur ways. I still dey vex!

I dey vex seriously. What's up with all u bloggers out there that have word verification on ur comment section? Na punishment? I just want to write a comment and click send without having to strain my eyes to decipher nonsense letters. I think all u bloggers who have word verification should be seriously fined and all the money should go to me to compensate for my pain and suffering. Initially, it wasn't a lot of people that had it, now it's like an epidemic that has overtaken blogsville. I know they say it reduces spam comments, but make una talk true, how many of una don get spam comment b4? Abeg, i think this punishment needs to end soon.

And while we are on the subject of things that are vexing me on blogsville, come!, what's with the music on everyone's blog? First of all, person no fit sneak read blog for work without drawing attention to myself. As soon as page load, music go just dey blast for person ear. Secondly, i'm one of those people that cannot read and listen to music at the same time. Trust me. Listening to the music always wins over reading. My brain cannot handle those two tasks efficiently cos i enjoy both, and i need to give each undivided attention. Na blog i come read, no be music i come listen to abeg.

Lastly, what's with the pop up windows for comments? I am an amebo, and i want to click on the link of people who left interesting comments on other people's blogs so i can read their blogs. No oh! Those stupid pop up windows won't let u do that in peace. Instead it would open another tab in the already small pop up window. I don't know if it's cos i use firefox, but still, e dey vex me.

Alright, i feel so much better. No offense to anyone who is GUILTY of the above crimes. You all just need to contact me with regards to where to send ur fines to. I haven't set an amount yet, but i accept cash and kind. I am an equal opportunity collector. Nothing is too much!

Oh and i have to add this, People please break ur posts in paragraphs GODDAMMIT! There's a purpose for their existence. It makes it easier to read ur post!

Also, how una go do audio post come get music player at the same time. How that one want take happen?

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I need to stop taking myself and life so seriously. I used to think that i have a great sense of humor and can laugh at myself. I don't know how true that is any more. I still like to laugh, that's why anyone who makes me laugh is sure to be my friend. But i just get so angry, so frequently these days over little stuff. I have a short fuse, always have, but it has been under control these last couple years.

I used to have frequent out of control outbursts, but that has been under wraps until not too long ago when i got mad at the moms. I'm just tired of being angry all the time, or being pissed at people who i shouldn't give a shit about. I know life is too short, but i don't think i've been acting like i know that.

I need to get this fiery temper of mine under control before i develop high blood pressure or get an aneurysm. It's so not worth it at all.

Maybe i should take anger management classes. The intensity of my anger is not the problem at the point, it's the frequency. I no know wetin dey worry me o!

Monday, May 25, 2009

I've been deceived!

All this while i thought I had a Yorkie/Apso a la freaking mutt! This was Lenie about a month after i got him. Ignore the dirty floor, my imaginary maid failed to show up that day. You best believe he was fired! Lenie loved his little cow toy, he used to sleep with it back then.

This is Lenie last month after i did a hack job on his face. It was supposed to be a "trim", but let's just say Thank God you can't see his face. He's still a cutie though. I love his curls, he looked like a teddy bear. You need to see him dance with all the hair, he's the cutest.
Have you guys heard the saying that ignorance is a disease? I hope you believe it cos it's true.

So i decided to do the responsible thing and take him to the groomer, even though i had vowed never to do that again. The last time i took him there in December, i ended up spending $61 and i was very dissatisfied with how he looked. I don't have that kind of money to be throwing away.

Anyway, after giving him the hack job of a hair cut in April, he sort of grew into it, but i decided to bath him 2 weeks ago, and i let him air dry which i have never done before. I usually don't brush him regularly cos his hair is so silky and hardly ever gets tangled. Somehow, somehow sha, his hair got matted on his ears. I was able to comb one ear out, but couldn't get the matt out of the other ear.

So i got to the groomer and they asked me how short i wanted his hair, long and short of the story was i asked for a summer cut or rather i agreed to a summer cut. Hmm! After 5 freaking hours, i got a call to come get Lenie. I was missing the little guy. Everything just felt weird without him in the house. I rush down there, and was once again! shocked at the $51 bill i had to pay. When they finally brought my dog, i did a double take. The girl was rushed cos it was almost 6pm and she was grooming another dog, so i looked at the dog that she brought for me carefully cos i didn't believe that was my dog. The dog was so eager to leave and just pulled me out of the store, but when i got outside i had to stop and make sure it was my dog o! I couldn't believe what i was seeing.

This can't be Lenie! This is a freaking rat-chihuahua looking dog!!!!!! Apparently, summer cut means to shave the hell out of the dog, God forbid there's an inch of hair left. Here's the kicker, she left the tail all fluffy, exactly as it was when his body was full of hair. I was too shocked to notice that little tidbit until i got home.

Check out the fluffy tail. He was as miserable as he looked in that picture. I guess it takes some getting used to looking like a rat-chihuahua!

Dude was so ready to get to bed. I guess it's easier to forget how you look like when you are asleep. I'm still getting used to him looking like a lizard/weird looking mammal. Who knew that underneath all that fluffy hair was a whole nother scary looking animal. My dog doesn't look good without hair, but i bet he'll thank me for it when it gets really hot, and trust me it's disgustingly hot in the summer in ATL. I do like the way his face was cut though, he's still a cutie.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mission Impossible?

I'm on a mission to update my blog list with as many blogs as possible, Nigerian and non-Nigerian blogs alike. It would greatly help in an upcoming "project" i have planned. So if u read this blog and don't see ur blog on my bloglist, please leave a comment, even if it's just to say hi. Shukran!

I have found myself questioning my motives for blogging (once again!). I am one of those people who like to do something for a reason. I like to have a purpose, i don't do something just cos everyone is doing it, therefore i have to do it. That's why i know that i would probably never be on twitter. Who really gives a shit about what i'm doing anyway?! That's a rant for another day.

Anyhoodle, i think my original purpose for blogging no longer exists. I have never been happier, my life is exactly where i want it to be, i understand myself a lot better than i did 2 years ago when i first started blogging and all that good stuff.

So i've had to ask myself (once again) why i am still blogging. What's my story? What's my purpose? On The Smile of a Nigerian Scorpio as it exists, there has ceased to be a story or a purpose. People who have followed me since 2007, have seen me be depressed, seek therapy, have boyfriend issues; bad boyfriends, 419 boyfriends, abusive boyfriends, have friends issues, have Mommy issues, have MCAT/Med school admission issues, gain admission into Med school, have work issues, enjoyed my little stories about my hospital job, got to meet Lenie aka the love of my life, blah blah and blah blah. What's left?

When i leave ATL in August, it would be the start of a new life for me. I do not know a single soul out there or even in surrounding states. I can re-invent myself (ahem), become a reloaded version of Sting (yeah right! I'll always be me). Do i say goodbye to blogsville or do i continue this chapter of my life with u guys? I don't know the answer to that right now, i'm still thinking.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I am having a very ROUGH week so far, to say the least. I'm hoping and praying i get through this unscathed. At times like this it sucks not to have health insurance. I can't just get up and go to the hospital. My friend was nice enough to send me her full prescription of Nexium. I haven't even being able to call to say i received it just because of what's going on cos the last thing i want to do is speak to anyone. I just hope everything is fine.

I'm just curious. I don't have white friends and even though i work with a few at both jobs, I never find myself in very close proximity (like face to face, less than arms length) to them. I spend a good amount of time at work gisting with my mentor who is from Nepal. I don't know if he qualifies as Caucasian (it's shameful that i don't know that, but hey, i can't know everything). Anyway, i just started training my replacement at the lab this week, and i have noticed something from sitting so close to her that completely threw me off guard. I don't know if it's a white people thing or if it's just her, but she seems to have very fine white hair growing all over her face. I mean all over her face.

It reminds me of the fine hair they say people who are anorexic start to grow. She is skinny, but i wouldn't peg her as anorexic, so that has thrown me off. I'm just wondering what's up with that? Does anyone know?

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Disillusionment, disgust, dishonesty, disappointment.

UPDATE: This has nothing to do with fatbusters. If it did, i would have written it on that blog. Anyhoo, i was just in a pissy mood yesterday and if i had written what was on my mind, u guys would have met a full blown rant on here, instead of those "innocent" four words. I know it's not that serious, so i settled for those words instead of getting on the offensive over something that is not important.

Question: If u read something from a blogger u like that u don't approve of, do u ignore that post and don't bother commenting or pretend like u agree with that they are saying? For instance, if i put up a picture of butt ugly shoes and profess my undying love for that pair of shoes, would u tell me u love the shoes also, or would u say the shoe is ugly?

What i have noticed around blogsville for a long time now, is that people would not straight up say the shoes is ugly. Same goes for a lot of other things.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So there are two females in my lab who are very physically active. They work out regularly, eat healthy (salads, carrots, red pepper (raw), oatmeal for lunch), they run 5 and 10k races, go hiking etc. Yet, after all this activity............ THEY SMOKE! How stupid is that? This has nothing to do with ignorance. One got her Phd when she was 26 and the other one is a Phd candidate at 23.

My mentor smokes also. I was pretty shocked the first day i saw him puffing away.

I don't understand. It's really stupid. Why bother with trying to be healthy when u puff away at cancer sticks everyday.

If anyone reading this is guilty of said practice (being a health nut and smoking at the same time), i hope u feel offended because it is a really idiotic thing to do. Senseless, i tell ya!

On a sad note, this dude at my lab just told me of a pharmacist who works where he works (he's a pharmacy tech). She just turned 40, she has been feeling sick for a couple of days. 2 days ago she couldn't breathe. She finally went to see a doctor, long story short, they have found out that she has stage 4 pancreatic cancer which has spread to her lungs, liver and other parts of her body. She has been given 6-12months to live. How sad is that? 40 yrs old is pretty young these day.

I don't know if she was a smoker or not!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Power rangers

Family = mostly dysfunctional

It really amazes me regardless of how much we are fighting with each other, the minute an outsider comes to mess with one of us, we forget about what we were fighting over and band together.

I cannot tell you how many times i have gone to do power ranger for one of my sisters. My motto when i was younger was fight first and ask questions later. I have gotten in screaming matches with people and after everything has calmed down we find out that my sister might not be so innocent, but still, no one is allowed to mess with one of us. It almost like we can fight and kill each other by ourselves, we don't need outside help.

Reminds me of 2005:
By the time the mad man i was seeing had gotten around to physically assault me, i had managed to alienate my whole family. EVERYONE told me to leave this guy, way before it got violent. I guess because i was in the situation, they could see what i refused to see. Everyone was mad at me and i was mad at everyone.

The night the shit the fan, by the time i got home, my dad was at my house waiting for me (Ms. California had called him cos she heard me screaming on the phone. Long story). He's first words were "if i touch you, you will die". My older sister who i had been very rude to because of the situation drove over 30 minutes at 3am to get to where i was. My dad was like what happened? The police didn't find the guy? Let's go there. 3.30am, me, dad, brother and older sister drove over 30 minutes to the other side of town to go look for this dude. By the time we got there the dude was back home and the police was there. To say he was shocked to see me with my family was an understatement. He thot because i was fighting with my family because of him, i wouldn't be able to tell anyone that he hit me, talkless of call the police.

I love my family sha! Craziness and all.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Who wants to be a billionaire

Ican't tell u how many times i've watched this clip. I almost died from laughing the first time i saw it and it never gets old. That's my warri brother for u oh! There's nothing better than Warri pidgin english (besides Edo pidgin). I miss naija sha! Loves his accent. I will now now...... let u watch the video

Monday, May 4, 2009


Saturday: I was called "Africa" like it was an insult. (Africa, not African)
My reply: That's fine. There's nothing wrong with being African.......... Ma'am!

5 minutes later. Same patient. "You are prejudiced! I'm going to report u to Dr. So and So. You have inferiority complex. You are just like this because you are black"
My shocked reply: But you are black too.
Her: I'm Caucasian and Native American, Bitch!
Me: Woo hoo! (I actually forgot myself and hooted. Hey, i was happy for her. She obviously deserved an award for escaping the dreaded stigma of being black or even (gasp) African)
Me (in my mind): But you look black, bitch!

Monday morning: Conversation with brother
He's a certified pharmacy tech at a Walmart pharmacy
Sunday, he had a very angry irrational black customer. After much ranting and raving over a mistake her doctor made (she wanted more pills than he had prescribed), she asked to speak to pharmacy manager

Lady to (black) Pharmacy manager: Why are you hiring all these foreigners? What business do you have putting someone with an accent at the front (referring to my brother who is standing right there). You know he can't understand us and we can't understand him. (For reals?!! Just because someone has an accent doesn't mean they don't understand English) How come this ghetto pharmacy is filled with all these foreigners? Why can't you hire more blacks or whites? (Besides my brother, there two other pharmacy techs who are Asian and they are all college students)

Black Pharmacy manager to Black Lady: All pharmacists in this store are Black..... blah blah.

My jaw dropped when my brother was telling me this story. He went on to tell me how he had over heard a black dude in school tell another black dude dude that he hates Africans and he makes sure he's nasty to us because we sold his people into slavery. Ain't that a bitch!

Someone has asked me this question.
Are you black?
My reply: Yes, i'm black, fool! Do i look White to you? I made sure i held up my arms for inspection.

Question: Why do you Africans think you are better than us?
Why don't you Africans like us?
Turn the question right back at you, bitches.

I'm sure a lot of you can give me examples of how African Americans have been mean and nasty to you. I know i can. A lot!

All the racial discrimination/negativity i have encountered in my almost 7yrs of being here has been from an African American person. Not from a single white person.

This is my thing.

Not all African American's are ignorant and stupid like a lot of the negative ones i've met. I don't stereotype them. Life's too short for all that prejudice. It's a sickness, trust me. When you have so much hate for someone you don't even know, what kind of disease is worse than that. Maybe AIDS, but still.

Yes, i'm black not African American. Just the way an African American won't (or can't) claim to be just African, how they hell do they expect me to claim to be African American. It is what it is and I am who I am.

Do i identify with African Americans, yes i do. To a certain extent. We have the same ancestors, we face similar struggles but i think as African immigrants we have a lot more stacked against us at least initially.

So please stop asking me if i'm black, it's a really stupid and ignorant question and it makes you look like a fool.

Did we sell them into slavery? I don't necessarily agree with that short cut generalization. A lot of people were stolen into slavery. Didn't u watch roots?!!!! Tell them, Kunta! Besides, most people didn't sell their own people into slavery the people who were sold were prisoners of war and stuff like that. I need to brush up on my history, but i know i'm not wrong.

Even if we did, well it's time to get over it. Don't be having such hate in your heart over some bullshit logic. Get the fuck over it!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Okay, i decided to swallow my pride and ask this question. What EXACTLY does bonz mean? I've been hearing this word for years mostly from people in Jand. I took it to mean something that's tush, or teck, or really nice. However, i saw someone use it on facebook yesterday, and i wasn't so sure anymore.

I worked last night at the hospital and a patient stole my novel and Sudoku book i left on the chair while i went to take vital signs. I usually take my stuff behind the Nurses Station when i have to leave for an extended time but today i figured since they were all asleep when i started, i could leave it there. Usually it takes me an hour to get all their vital signs, but the machine behaved itself today and i was done in 45mins. As i walked back down the hall, i noticed my books were gone, only the flashlight was left. In the whole time i was doing vitals, i only noticed one lady come out her room. This was the same lady who kept me for over 5 mins when i went to get her vitals telling me how much her 18yr old daughter looks like me.

So the first thing i do is go straight to her room. I was going to ask if they (her and her roommate) had seen it, but i was kinda pissed, so i just flipped on the light. The first thing i saw was my pencil on her table, but i didn't see my books. So i walk over there, she had hidden the stuff in the corner of the table and put other books on top of it. I just grabbed my books and walked out the door. When she saw i didn't say anything, she said, "I didn't know they were for someone". For reals?! She had come out of her room a couple of times before that and saw me sitting on that chair, reading that book. We have to sit in the beginning of the hallway, so who else would have stuff there, besides she saw my flash light. I didn't respond, i just called her a thief in my mind (in my language, at least i get to make use of one of the few words i know).

Then i told the other staff on the next unit, apparently she must have heard me, cos she got really hot. She came out all flustered, and told me that i should never go through her stuff without asking her, that the next time i do so she'll break my hand. I told her not to take people's stuff then and i also told her i had the right to search her stuff. We are allowed to do that as long as the person is there cos a lot of stuff gets stolen, sometimes if it's important enough, we do room searches. I've never had to do that. However i figured since she hid it, she wasn't about to give it up voluntarily if i had gone up and asked her if she had seen my books. I hate people like that. That's just dirty. They just steal stuff just to steal it.
Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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