Sunday, May 10, 2009

Power rangers

Family = mostly dysfunctional

It really amazes me regardless of how much we are fighting with each other, the minute an outsider comes to mess with one of us, we forget about what we were fighting over and band together.

I cannot tell you how many times i have gone to do power ranger for one of my sisters. My motto when i was younger was fight first and ask questions later. I have gotten in screaming matches with people and after everything has calmed down we find out that my sister might not be so innocent, but still, no one is allowed to mess with one of us. It almost like we can fight and kill each other by ourselves, we don't need outside help.

Reminds me of 2005:
By the time the mad man i was seeing had gotten around to physically assault me, i had managed to alienate my whole family. EVERYONE told me to leave this guy, way before it got violent. I guess because i was in the situation, they could see what i refused to see. Everyone was mad at me and i was mad at everyone.

The night the shit the fan, by the time i got home, my dad was at my house waiting for me (Ms. California had called him cos she heard me screaming on the phone. Long story). He's first words were "if i touch you, you will die". My older sister who i had been very rude to because of the situation drove over 30 minutes at 3am to get to where i was. My dad was like what happened? The police didn't find the guy? Let's go there. 3.30am, me, dad, brother and older sister drove over 30 minutes to the other side of town to go look for this dude. By the time we got there the dude was back home and the police was there. To say he was shocked to see me with my family was an understatement. He thot because i was fighting with my family because of him, i wouldn't be able to tell anyone that he hit me, talkless of call the police.

I love my family sha! Craziness and all.


  1. Amen! I'm glad you have your family. And yeah, they will drive you mad sometimes but when you know they love you and would do anything for you, no matter what or when, that's when you really realize what you've got.

    Have a great week.

  2. that's beautiful!
    I am so happy to hear this, after your posts on your relationship with your mother. After all your family will b there when you really need it and that's what counts. *Hugs*

  3. Well that's what family is for! Being there for each sisters and i can argue for Nigeria but when it comes to standing up for each other, we're there!
    I'm glad to read this from you Sting!

  4. I feel you mehn! As in I don't have older siblings, but my younger brothers are so protective of my mum and sis and I that's it's kinda scary.

    My youngest bro (15+) and my mum were in traffic one day. Danfo driver misdrives and hits my mom's car. She gets down to do the whole 'you are very wrong' bit. He pushes her into the gutter. She's trying to get herself together when she notices that someone has picked the guy up and dealt him a few punches and a hot slap She looks up - it's my bro!

    I was so proud of him!

  5. @Isha I can't believe Danfo driver pushed your Mum into a gutter!!!

    Sting that's what families are for, you lot against the world!

  6. You see! When it truly counts, you are all there for each other. And that's very important!

  7. family is a beautiful thing

  8. Families are always there no matter what. You can always count on them

  9. Sometimes I look at situations like this, even in my life, the only phrase that comes to mind is 'blood is thicker than water' ... most times we have to put aside our differences to protect those people we care about.

  10. i hope your brother beat up the assaulting mofo! or the police booked him! or at least they let you bitch-slap him! the mofo!


    thank God for family

    like your peeps, my brothers (i have 3) fight first and ask questions later!

  11. awwwww parents will always be parents no matter what...

  12. I am glad to read this post from you, and I am glad you can think of the good times that is in families. we fight, we cuss, we quarrel, we laugh, we cry,but it doesnt erase the good times

  13. my family is quite the opposite. i've never had to fight anyone in my family, & i can't remember being fought for either. usually, our philosophy seems be 'stay outta trouble, else OYO'. which is entirely different from my mother's background. several times she'd encourage us 2 fight 4 each other, for where! we'd just keep quite & b watching things unfold. wen we get to the house, major lambasting at d offending sibling. imagine! on top say we no defend am, we still dey rake on top am. LOL. we were too eager to report to my dad dat so & so fought, which means cane!

    Although, in d case of ur bf beating u, hmmmm. dat one, i go fight oh. which kain nonsense. am so proud of ur dad 4 coming out too.

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  15. (sigh)....I hate fighting. I have a ever so tight family, we all stick together. Stay close to your as well...happy to hear this


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