Monday, May 4, 2009


Saturday: I was called "Africa" like it was an insult. (Africa, not African)
My reply: That's fine. There's nothing wrong with being African.......... Ma'am!

5 minutes later. Same patient. "You are prejudiced! I'm going to report u to Dr. So and So. You have inferiority complex. You are just like this because you are black"
My shocked reply: But you are black too.
Her: I'm Caucasian and Native American, Bitch!
Me: Woo hoo! (I actually forgot myself and hooted. Hey, i was happy for her. She obviously deserved an award for escaping the dreaded stigma of being black or even (gasp) African)
Me (in my mind): But you look black, bitch!

Monday morning: Conversation with brother
He's a certified pharmacy tech at a Walmart pharmacy
Sunday, he had a very angry irrational black customer. After much ranting and raving over a mistake her doctor made (she wanted more pills than he had prescribed), she asked to speak to pharmacy manager

Lady to (black) Pharmacy manager: Why are you hiring all these foreigners? What business do you have putting someone with an accent at the front (referring to my brother who is standing right there). You know he can't understand us and we can't understand him. (For reals?!! Just because someone has an accent doesn't mean they don't understand English) How come this ghetto pharmacy is filled with all these foreigners? Why can't you hire more blacks or whites? (Besides my brother, there two other pharmacy techs who are Asian and they are all college students)

Black Pharmacy manager to Black Lady: All pharmacists in this store are Black..... blah blah.

My jaw dropped when my brother was telling me this story. He went on to tell me how he had over heard a black dude in school tell another black dude dude that he hates Africans and he makes sure he's nasty to us because we sold his people into slavery. Ain't that a bitch!

Someone has asked me this question.
Are you black?
My reply: Yes, i'm black, fool! Do i look White to you? I made sure i held up my arms for inspection.

Question: Why do you Africans think you are better than us?
Why don't you Africans like us?
Turn the question right back at you, bitches.

I'm sure a lot of you can give me examples of how African Americans have been mean and nasty to you. I know i can. A lot!

All the racial discrimination/negativity i have encountered in my almost 7yrs of being here has been from an African American person. Not from a single white person.

This is my thing.

Not all African American's are ignorant and stupid like a lot of the negative ones i've met. I don't stereotype them. Life's too short for all that prejudice. It's a sickness, trust me. When you have so much hate for someone you don't even know, what kind of disease is worse than that. Maybe AIDS, but still.

Yes, i'm black not African American. Just the way an African American won't (or can't) claim to be just African, how they hell do they expect me to claim to be African American. It is what it is and I am who I am.

Do i identify with African Americans, yes i do. To a certain extent. We have the same ancestors, we face similar struggles but i think as African immigrants we have a lot more stacked against us at least initially.

So please stop asking me if i'm black, it's a really stupid and ignorant question and it makes you look like a fool.

Did we sell them into slavery? I don't necessarily agree with that short cut generalization. A lot of people were stolen into slavery. Didn't u watch roots?!!!! Tell them, Kunta! Besides, most people didn't sell their own people into slavery the people who were sold were prisoners of war and stuff like that. I need to brush up on my history, but i know i'm not wrong.

Even if we did, well it's time to get over it. Don't be having such hate in your heart over some bullshit logic. Get the fuck over it!


  1. didnt want to do this, but i will.

    African Americans will (almost) always have problems with africans for many reasons
    1. Africans do not have the same cultural orientation as african american do. One thing that especially stand out is the personal pride we have in ourselves. Africans dont let anyone put them down.
    so u come to america with that strong belief in urself and u see AAs who have a lot of things going against them in America, u really cant relate.
    Forget the stereotypes and all but when it comes to Education, africans take it seriously. so its no surprise when u see a lot of African Doctors, pharmacists, engineers etc.
    the only thing you share with African americans as an african is your skin color. the experiences that have shaped you ar NOT the same, so when AAs believe u should be able to relate better with their "struggle", and u cant, then all this beef comes into play.
    waste of time! pay them no mind

  2. Well said darling Bumight! Its all these prejudice and hatred they harbour that is making them poor. If they applied all that energy elsewhere their lives would be better.

    That is why the whites treat them like garbage. How the hell do you expect people to love and respect you when you don't even accord yourself that respect?

    You must first learn to like yourself and believe in your abilities before others can reciprocate.

    I love me some real AFRICANS! We are proud of ourselves and our heritage. More power to us in achieving our goals!!!

    Ignore them dear. They mostly never see beyond their noses.

  3. frankly even though i know they have struggles and have been through a lot and are going through a lot, they need to get over themselves... so i wont be cutting the AAs any slack!

    We have struggles (loads) in africa too and it dont stop us from doing good... from getting an education, from talking right and living right and staying off drugs! they should go get a life! dont mind them! pshewwwwwwwwww

  4. I dont want to repeat all you said in this post, so I'll just say, I agree with you.

  5. serzly, africans are very different form black americans oh. and AAs canabe racist sometimes referring to africans as primitive.

  6. African Americans always have problem with Africans because according to them, they believe we come to yankee to take their jobs and women..( it doesn't make sense to me too).

    people need to stop being ignorant..

  7. wow - deep one!
    Really hit me. I am somewhat surprised. I was aware but still SHOCKED to hear this.
    As you said, prejudice is a sickness. A real sickness. Lets keep ourselves too good for all that crap.

  8. i love afrikan women more than i do afrikan amerikan women

    i am probably abnormal but i am conscious and i know that there is no difference between us at all except culture and environment

    we have the same ancestors

    i love afrikan people with all of their stuff

    i think many like me too because i am an honorable nigerian blogger

  9. your post has covered it all....... ive been through so much with these African americans.... its not my fault they have low self esteeem and are not as motivated as we Africans o why hate on us?

  10. gosh..every one has said everything...

    ppl just get me all furious!

  11. am having a lot of issues commenting on ur post, why is dat? this is seriously hoping my comment actually gets 2ru! i don't even know what to say again. hmmmm

  12. it posted!!!!! nonsense thing!

    anyways, i think i was going to say that i couldn't relate to d post since i've always lived my life in naija. & here, AA na oyibo as well. we get d same crap 4rm them, & stomach it as they r after all, d saviours of lost africa.

    One more thing, I just started a new blog, BAMBINA ( It’s more like a baby/mom blog & I eagerly need contributors. So, if you have any story u want to share or know anyone who does, please send me a mail. Details are at d blog: Thanks a bunch.

  13. well,me i don't really understand it sha cos i have never had to relate with all this AA and oyinbo on that level.but i thought they said all this discrimination thingy had reduced seriously.e go better sha

  14. I've received the same kind of discrimination against my so-called 'brothers and sisters' (African Americans). One of them actually told me to my face that I should never call her African American again, because , as she put it - "My forefathers sold hers into slavery". Sorry to be insensitive, but doesn't that tell you something about which one is the smarter batch.

    A lot of beef also came from the fact idea that Africans do better than African Americans in school. Actually, someone came up to me and asked why we (Africans) believe that we're better than them(African Americans)? Ummm... That's a trick question right? But I didn't say that to her face.

    Ah well, I'm happy to be out of there, at least for a while. But really though, what exactly is the problem. I don't remember a white person being racist to me either, it was always from the African Americans (Case in point - Ms Fufu)

  15. Oh, another thing on insensitivity. I used to try to feel bad and empathize with them when they talk about the struggle they face in America, but it's impossible.

    We have a different outlook on life, while they believe that the instructor failed them on the test 'because they're black', we learn to understand things for what they really are - 'I didn't put my best into the test'. It's that simple.

    So, we're not in the same boat; the same frame of mind.

  16. Just ignore them.

    P.S..sent you an email. Can't seem to post on the other blog.

  17. The depth of discrimination amidst blacks is intriguing. Wow! I'm really surprised at this beefings amongst immigrant Africans and black American Africans. I don't live in America but lately I'm beggining to get a sense of what the relationship between black native African Americans and their immigrant conuterparts from Africa is. There should be some re-orientaion here. Wow! Africans hating on Africans.

  18. Hmmm...I definitely understand your frustration and can't question it really.

    The tensions between some African Americans and African immigrants in the U.S. are based on unnecessary stereotypes on both sides. Some of us African folk have watched too much American tv and think all Black Americans are uneducated, into drugs or some other silly idea developed over time. African Americans watch American tv and think all Africans are starving, dirty, live with elephants and lions (silly, I know), have flies on them...

    The point is both sides spend so much time stereotyping each other that they never truly get to realize that they are more alike than different.

    The socio-economic issues don't help either. The reality is that the average African immigrant that comes to the U.S. is already educated and given how serious Africans (regardless of nationality, tribe, religion) consider education, these immigrants come to the U.S. and move up quickly professionally. Within one generation, an African family will undoubtedly produce doctors (as is the case with your family and many others), lawyers and children working in other specialized, high paying jobs.

    This can obviously create issues for some whose families have lived in this country for centuries and yet have remained within the same economic class for generations. No one is to blame here - there is a confluence of serious factors (the historical vestiges of racism, sexism and psychological issues) that play a role.

    We have to get over our unfounded fears. Africans need to take the time to get to know more African Americans - we couldn't be in the U.S. if civil rights pioneers (regardless of race) didn't sweat and die to create a society, as imperfect as it is, where Africans could excel. And lets keep it real, we Africans excel here, in general. African Americans, as well, need to realize that their best bet - politically and socially - will be to get to know more Africans and understand that there are clear similarities and thus natural alliances. The political reality is that the number of African immigrants will grow. In 2007 (I believe) the largest group of Black people in New York City where Africans. Nigerian immigrants make up a growing segment of the black and overall upper middle class, and these numbers will only increase.

    At the end of the day, it pays to work together and not against each other, but if we don't get over the silly stuff, it will never happen and good people like yourself, and others who are here to achieve their dreams will only develop more anger and disappointment towards an important sector of the American body politic - African Americans.

    Sorry for the long comment. This is a topic I've been interested in for a long time and appreciate you broaching the issue here.

    Take it easy babe, you hear? Nothing do you at all.

  19. One of my friends from Zimbabwe once said to me..."have u noticed that African American's students hate us or think we are an embarrassment to them?" meaning Africans in my school. I knew exactly what he was taking about because a few (not all) had given me reason to understand that statement.
    The truth is most of them i am sorry to say are intimidated by Africans. They cannot understand why it is that an african would come into their beloved country and get the best jobs and make a fantastic life for themselves within a short period. In my opinion it is pure ignorance.

    It's like you have said, I cannot remember being discriminated by any white person since I got into this country but African Americans have received a dose of an angry Tairebabs.

    Accent ~ if one more person ask me that

  20. My experience has been similar to many of you guys. Frankly I just ignore it and work to the best of my abilities. The good news is that for as many African Americans that are racist towards Africans and extremely ignorant, there are also a lot who genuinely are interested in the culture, or to learn about who you are as a person. Some people feel that me being a Nigerian means I must represent all of Africa, and I'm quick to point out that like some of them, my knowledge is limited, but I am interested in broadening my horizons.

    A similar issue was raised on Sugabelly's blog, the issue about coloring. Being in a HBCU I've noticed that the darker Africans are talked to and treated like they are less than dirt. It makes me feel so twisted inside. and I wish that I can remove those idiots tongues from their mouths. Its disheartening to see that in institutions of higher learning, such ignorance is still widely prevalent.

    Oh, and like Tairebabs, I'm upset about the accent thing too. I'm quite quick these days to tell someone who comments on my accent being different that theirs is different too, and that the world consists of many, many accents. I often talk about it in my classes because there are people who speak with so much Ebonics and slang yet then they turn around and comment on the language difference with international professors, who are darn PhD's for goodness sakes. Disheartening really, but you can choose to educate. This should be done selectively though, so that you guard against casting pearls b4 swine.

    +++ My blog url is now Don't be deceived. There's only one archiwiz!!! :)

  21. Wow! Just noticed that several of us typed out several paragraphs in responding. Perhaps it can be a roundtable post on theafricanwomen.

  22. Wow. Open racism? Such things happen most in Germany, Belgium, Spain, easter Europe, but shouldn't be happening in the US of all place. I bet some of them hate Obama cos his father is African. They are hating Africans when they should be thanking us for saving their country through Obama – an African. I know of racism but I didn't know blacks go thru that silliness with each other. Here in the UK no one will do such openly without being arrested and charged. Your bro should have pressed charges against the brain dead woman who said those silly things to him. I don't walk around feeling white or black. I don't. I am a human being. I do not have to apologize for my presence. I get accused of have a brick on my shoulder. I don’t care even if it’s mount Kilimanjaro! I don’t entertain such question that they ask you lot over there. U didn't sell their ancestors into slavery. U have to be nasty back and shut them up. Each time they open their silly mouth, make sure there are no witnesses, then say, “shut it, you brainwashed slave baby. Look here, we Africans are in this country to take all your money, all your jobs, all your men and all your women. We are not leaving until we bankrupt each one of you and your economy. Now, piss off back to your stinking ghetto”. It will shut them up. As African, they expect you to feel inferior and act inferior. In their ignorant minds, African continent is a massive jungle where Africans wear grass skirts, live on trees, shit in the bush and wipe their ass with green grass. Those useless illiterate people were brainwashed by “those” racists who turned blacks against each other. Next time such ignorant questions arise, with the cheekiest smile u can muster, admit that u personally sold each one of their ancestors into slavery in the sugar cane plantation in West Indies bcos their ancestors were unwanted in African society. Obviously, its not true, but hurtful comments from u like that will definitely shut them up.

  23. since i got here the whites in my school have been so nice to me but the african americans treat em like am below them...cs wen we come here we excell and do well cs our parents will kill us if we summer im moving offcamp and am asking for any roommate apart frm african american.they need to get over themselves..they always blame everything on the whites and african..they just need to start seeing that the world is an openly free place...weni was in naija i used to pity them but since i came here they r just really stupid people hu need to get a life!!!

  24. My long comment disappeared.
    African Americans clearly have an identity problem but that aint the fault of the African. They should put an end to the pity party and move on. If any body should be bitter, it should be the Africans, at least they got good roads and health services and stuff, we don't even have clean water to drink yet we're not hating on anyone.

  25. You have been tagged by moi ! PS I have missed the Fatbusters boat?

  26. No invite yet. Email is

  27. Not surprised at least they come out boldly to let you know. In England, it is very subtle. As for AAs against Africans, I agree with a lot of the aforementioned views.

    We Africans may not have all the infrastructure and all that, but what we have is that inner pride, at least a lot of us.

    So to all those out there in the land of Obama, tell them "at least my brother is in the White House"

    Nice post and God bless

  28. it really is shocking that there are still backward-minded people out there..just when i thought i had heard it all..


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