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So there are two females in my lab who are very physically active. They work out regularly, eat healthy (salads, carrots, red pepper (raw), oatmeal for lunch), they run 5 and 10k races, go hiking etc. Yet, after all this activity............ THEY SMOKE! How stupid is that? This has nothing to do with ignorance. One got her Phd when she was 26 and the other one is a Phd candidate at 23.

My mentor smokes also. I was pretty shocked the first day i saw him puffing away.

I don't understand. It's really stupid. Why bother with trying to be healthy when u puff away at cancer sticks everyday.

If anyone reading this is guilty of said practice (being a health nut and smoking at the same time), i hope u feel offended because it is a really idiotic thing to do. Senseless, i tell ya!

On a sad note, this dude at my lab just told me of a pharmacist who works where he works (he's a pharmacy tech). She just turned 40, she has been feeling sick for a couple of days. 2 days ago she couldn't breathe. She finally went to see a doctor, long story short, they have found out that she has stage 4 pancreatic cancer which has spread to her lungs, liver and other parts of her body. She has been given 6-12months to live. How sad is that? 40 yrs old is pretty young these day.

I don't know if she was a smoker or not!


  1. First!!!!!!!!!!! sad!yeah I don't understand why people smoke. no fun in it at all. don't know if I told u tho, but I am back!!! hahahahaha

  2. amen..
    it's not about being uneducated i think but about choosing to ignore and deny the truth because the truth is unpleasant. unfortunately htere are also load of STUPID girls who smoke to stay thin. I hear it all the time. So stupid.

  3. I think smoking is a bad habit just like any other. I've always looked at my (very) regular consumption of candy (and the resulting addiction to sugar to the point that I crave it when I don't have it) as just as bad a habit as a smoker's desire to smoke. Both will kill a person after some time.

    I have some healthy habits (eating veggies, not drinking pop ever, walking every now and then) but I can't seem to drop that bad habit.

    I don't think it's stupidity, perhaps just weakness and addiction. It ain't easy to quit an addiction, and smoking seems to be a very strong addiction.

    Perhaps they think that their other healthy habits will somehow lessen the potential impact of their smoking? I think it would actually: it's probably easier to battle any disease you get if your body is at its peak physically.

    But yeah...I'm thankful that I'm not addicted to cigarettes on top of the candy :(

  4. OUCH! I just hate to hear pancreatic cancer! The prognisis is never good. And yes, 40 is very young.

    As for ur smoking colleagues, i won't call it stupidity, instead, i kinda feel sorry for people who smoke, cuz it really is an addiction, a little like a disease even.

  5. I once heard smoking helps people keep slim...I am not a doctor so I do not know how true that is...

  6. Rita is right.iv heard dat ish somewhere too. But its funny how pple wld go 2 d extreme 2 keep fit nd den spoil evrything with a fag...nawa o
    D woman with pancreatic's cancer's story is so sad.....she shld try nd make the rest of her time on earth worthwhile.

  7. People smoke to stay thin because smoking reduces your appetite. As for it being an addiction.... True, it is BUT unlike alcoholism which truly is a disease and which some people might actually be genetically predisposed to, smoking is in no way that type of disease. It is a nicotine addiction, plain and simple.

    Which leads to my favorite question i always ask anyone i know who smokes. WHY DID YOU START? I have never been tempted to smoke, not even to try it. I know everyone doesn't have the same background, upbringing, circle of friends and what not. Still, picking up a cigarette to smoke is a conscious decision, just the way choosing to stop is.

    People can chose to stop smoking cold turkey, i know it takes a lot of discipline to do that, most alcoholics can't.

    The reason i say those girls are stupid is mainly because i believe they are smoking to stay thin.

  8. i don't know if it helps them keep thin or it is that if they quit they will gain weight

    i agree
    it doesn't make sense

  9. i am tired of being a passive smoker sef!

  10. Chai, at 40? what a terrible shame.

    Smoking is an addiction and people find it very hard to quit shah. So I get mad when my friends or family start smoking from no where. Why do that?

    Health aside, what about the smell on your clothes, hair, breath and the EXPENSE!!!! Anyyyyyyyyyyy wayyyy.

  11. I feel sad for that lady. Life just begins at 40. Isn't that what they say?

    As for smoking, It's still a mystery to me why people do it at all.

  12. Smoking doesn't make sense to me. I hate the smell of cigarettes. wow only 40? That is crazy and very sad!

  13. Am going to say no comments here. Not cos i smoke, but cos i don tire to dey vex say people dey smoke.

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  14. nawa o.. i dont get smoking at all...

  15. Yup... that's extremely silly.. but then this just causes second hand smoking for every one else.. sigh...

    awe... 40 is too young to die. Is she a believer, a Christian... can someone pretty please tell her about Jesus before its too late..... :-)

  16. I don't get smoking either? Why would you keep eating blades when you know they'll rip up your insides.

    I'm with Remi, someone please tell her about Jesus soon!

  17. Even heaIth nuts can have a die hard habit 2 quit; I have a 33 yr oId friend that have being smoking since she was 12, she has tried to stop so many times and it didnt work: The dying Iady might have nothing to do with smoking u knw, Iife is funny

  18. i have no clue why people smoke???? i try to educate as many people as i can, its really sad..... ill keep spreading the word... SMOKING KILLS (oh well, they read it on the pack too)

  19. i've got guys at work that smoke..but theres one i really care about..and my heart keeps breakin for him..everytym he lights a stick..i even told him everytym he takes one i'll take one as to make him stop..but he knew i couldnt do it...he thrus the pack in the trash...and went back to remove a stick some hours later..and he really wants to stop.but doesnt know how.i dont know how to help him makes me look at every smoker i see withsome pity..cos u are paying to destroy ur body..smae for alcohol and the liver

  20. What do we call this? Penny wise; Pound foolish?


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