Monday, January 9, 2012

Occupy Naija and Facebook Tings

Foxy P from the African Today Show makes a lot of sense in this video. I have nothing more to add. Please watch.

I haven't been on Facebook for a while. I find it to be such a huge distraction when I'm in school. I went back towards the end of the break and since I've been back in school i have left and gone back several times (boredom). I finally made the decision to leave permanently (or until this semester is over) when i signed in this morning and was greeted with a picture of a dead body with bright red blood all over his lower half. His pants had been pulled down on his thighs and his crotch was exposed. I don't know why. From the comments it seems like it was an occupy naija protester (?). I'm not sure but that is what the comments suggest.

It seems like Nigerians have no regard for the dead. What if i was a family member who had no clue about the death, so that's how i will sign in on Facebook and be shocked. I can't handle all of that. I need some sort of warning before i look at dead people. Most times on Linda Ikeji's blog i don't even proceed beyond the warning. I can do without those images in my head. Facebook is turning into something else.


  1. Its a social media...dont expect much from it

    I left on the first of January till further notice... its just too much distraction for my head right now.

    Second time i'm leaving since 2007 when I joined...this time I haven't missed it. Till further notice jare

  2. 'Ginger yourself? I noticed he used the phrase very freely. Abeg oo! make una no touch me.

    Guy dey vex no be small. He made a lot of good points but what we have to understand is many many Nigerians have never experienced better. How can you fight for something you've never had?

  3. lol Ginger. Na really Ginger yourself.

  4. i guess d people who posted d pix were too busy with tryna pass d msg behind #occuyNigeria that they dint stop to think of d content of d image

  5. cant view the video... can u send d link


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