Thursday, January 5, 2012

Instead of Studying.....

It's confirmed......being in school definitely brings my mood from 10 to 2, which explains A LOT! I'm two days behind cos i missed Tuesday and Wednesday  lectures. Been trying to study but i'm sick so i'm feeling kinda crappy. I should have picked up some medication on my way back from school today. Besides being sick, i don't want to study but i realise i have no choice in the matter. My not wanting to study = a blog post for you guys, so be happy.

You people should help me see what cornrows did to my hair line. Instant receding hairline incorporated. I no see mouth take talk

Before touch up
After touch up

I didn't have the greatest hair line to begin with but it was more on my right side, not this atrocity. I have NEVER seen my hair line this bad, EVER! But then again, the last time i did cornrows was 2005. I hardly braid my hair either, the last time was 2009 and before then, maybe once the previous year. I usually wear my natural permed hair. I don't do weaves either. I have had one episode of a sew-in, in the last 9 + years and that was in 2006. That disaster lasted for all of 5 days before i ran back to the lady and paid her to take it off then still paid her to wash and style my hair. I didn't care i had paid $150 to get the sew-in, i just wanted it out.
It actually looked good, but i was uncomfortable with it. I didn't feel like myself, i could have gotten used to it, but my scalp itched and i couldn't get to it to scratch it properly. It was horrible. On top of that, i felt like something was on top of my head the whole time, it was very weird and uncomfortable. Totally hated the weave experience. I don't know how you girls do it, i need to be able to scratch my head when it itches. The itching sef was on a kentro level. Nah! Definitely not for me.

Thank Jehovah i wear my hair down. My handicap would have been exposed for the world to see.

I just respected myself after i got my touch up and went to the beauty supply store to get hair products. The only reason i got cornrows (twice back to back) was because of laziness. I didn't want to bother myself with my hair. To be honest, my hair is very low maintenance, all i do is wrap every night and comb out in the morning. I had some serious breakage in the back last winter but i realise now (after doing some research), i need to moisturize and seal in the moisture daily.

The moisturizer in the white container was given to my by my stylist FOC
I didn't buy the Goya olive oil. That was actually sent to my sister by her in-laws to pray with (catholic people things?) and she had no intention of using it so she let me have it for hair purposes. I also have coconut oil i got from the farmer's market but it's chilling in my refrigerator. I have some more hair products besides these but i know i only need a couple for daily use. My Olive Oil conditioner is the best i've ever used. It's not pictured, but it is great! Let's see how this goes, hopefully i get my hair line back sometime soon. No more cornrows for me ever again. They were too tight and my hair can't handle it.

Would u believe the madness that lies underneath? Took this yesterday actually :)

My spice collection is sick! Like i have time to cook, but i still love it. I have a lot of indian spices too.
List of foods i added to my "I really know how to make this" arsenal
  • Meat pie
  • Chin chin
  • Fried rice
  • Egusi
  • Pepper soup
  • Emi Aki (It's pretty much moi moi made with ripe plantains, don't know what it's called in other languages but this is what Etsako people call it)
I've always known how to make all this (except the meat pie) in theory, but you know how they say practice makes perfect? I needed validation :) My mom harasses you to be in the kitchen when she's cooking but she never lets you take charge, she likes to cook and she's a great cook but it doesn't help my cooking skills if i just stand there and watch and pass the salt. I didn't start cooking regularly until i left home for Med school and i love it and plan to be exceptional at it.

What i did on New Year's day.  One of the best Chin chins i've ever had. I'm still surprised i made it. Recipe was mom's so there are no actual measurement. You know how we Nigerians do. This is the second time i made Chin chin all by myself. Made some for Christmas also.
Next soup i want to learn how to make - Ogbono soup but that would have to wait until summer. Until then, Path, Pharm and Board study calls... Urghhhh!!!!

*A food blog i really like is (look for the link in my side bar). I really like her blog because she features recipes from all over Africa. I'm interested in learning how to cook dishes from other African countries so her blog is awesome for that purpose. She also has a youtube channel. I was pleasantly surprised to see her comment on my blog for the first time today :)

I just remembered i have some research proposal bullshit due soonish and i have no clue what i'm doing because i never read the background stuff over the break like i planned to. Wahala. Oh lord help me, i'm not ready for this.



  1. oh my days! that's some serious hair chop now artfully covered! well done. Like you said, you hair must be either extremely soft and tender or the braider had 'hair cutting hands'. There are pple that braid my hair and it chops, there are those that braid and it grows. You just gotta keep testing.

    Goya Olive oil...some people believe in the efficacy of annointed oil... not restricted to Catholic faith I'm sure

  2. Yeah, i like the concept of anointed oil. It shall be anointing my chopped hair and hopefully help it grow. That woman's hand must have been a hair cutting hand. Ahn ahn! I've not seen this kind of thing before.

  3. I'm not even gonna comment on your hairline because mines is not beauriful at all!! But in any case your spice collection and the hair products are sick!! As per the weave 150 whaaaaaa and you took it out!! Double whaaaaaaa!! To each their own sha as for me I'm purely braids can't deal with hair out.

    Why are mothers like that?!? They want you in the kitchen but they don't want you too cook it?!? Erm what is the purpose? "So that when I call you to prepare you will know what to do" How does that work if I'm not doing the actual cooking? In any case I will doing some side cooking with your food bloggers list! Arrigato (thank you) very much!

    Good luck on the studying. I don't know what to say to help because I'll probably be making a similar post 2 weeks from now but I really hope you catch up and I know you will because ahhh you are the one and only Madame Sting!

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  5. A team natural gives your hair the side eye as she passes by silently.

    P.S your chinchin looks SO good. Biko fedex me some.

    Happy New year by the way...hehe :D

  6. Sting please I want that chin-chin recipe... :D

    Kai that hairline has to be sorted o...I have that olive oil serum in the middle and I love the it working tho...I don't know...I always hear of the wildest ish...that yesterday's pic of you is really pretty...:D

    Here's hoping you mood lightens up and you catch up with school sam-sam


  7. you jumped from hair to food...#ImProud.. lol
    But that hairline is serious... I stopped cornrows a LONG TIME AGO... (that does not include what goes on under a sew in. Its hard to find equilibrium when wearing a weave which i love.
    Sew ins break my edges but allow my hair to grow.
    Glue ins save my edges but tend to break the rest of my hair.. here is what I did,

    For the first time I had my tracks sewn in the back and glued up top near the front. Pray that it does what I want it to do...
    p.s. That Chin chin looked good.
    however my mind is on learning how to make Scotch eg.. Pls share recipes :-)

  8. Please, even if you change your mind to braid or corn row again, never ever let them do it too tight. Your hair doesn't seem like one that can take lots of stress.

    I think you should try castor oil, it helps in strengthening hair strands

  9. I've just recently found myself losing interest in weaves (cautious yay!). Ultimate hair goal is to go back to my natural hair and rock it. Right now I wear it permed. Baby steps...

    I hear shea butter is good for hair.


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