Wednesday, January 25, 2012

By the Way

This should have been a part of my previous post but book and stress no let me see road. 

*Attention, Attention, At ease*
I have decided to pull a Diddy on you guys and channel the first lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
Henceforth, i would like to be addressed as Dame Sting.
I don't feel like being a Madame this year :)
The choices were between, Dame, Auntie or Inspector lol! I like the sound of Inspector Sting. Maybe next year. 
* You always have the option of just calling me Sting, which some of you rascals do anyway.

Also, in celebration of my 5th blogoversary, and because of my booski Ginger, I will now allow anonymous comments until further notice. 

You people should help me ask her what anonymous comment she really wanted to leave yesterday. lol. Naughty girl. 
So yeah, let's see how that goes ;)

Ginger, to answer your question about how my blogging has changed in the last 5 years....I used to blog about very personal stuff (Hey! I won best personal blogger in 2010), but i'm no longer anonymous so i have left all my drama for my friends in real life to be tortured with.

*I love the new reply feature blogger now has but unfortunately i have seriously tweaked the HTML of this blog template, it can't have the feature and i don't have time to fix it. I think it's a great feature and it would encourage people like me to reply comments. 
Oh well!


  1. I like Inspector too....but Dame it shall be


  2. I second for Inspector too! But Dame you want, Dame you shall be called

  3. btw, I have seen the change in picture. Cute too!

  4. I'll stick with Sting, never got used to the prefix, lol.

  5. Dame Sting so I am a rascal abi? ngwanu come and see me call you dame na... I would have love to read ur old post tho :)

  6. Dame Sting it is.... Hahhaha...Inspector sounds all tough and stuff sha :D

  7. lol! I prefer Inspector Sting though.

    For those of us who keep missing out when u post half pics of ur face, when do we get to see another o

  8. @Beautiful: Yeah, i like inspector sting too. I plan to make a video in the summer so u will get to see me then. Patience, my dear :)

  9. Sting, I will stick with...but Dame is nice too sha

  10. I noticed the 'Dame' in a comment. laughed shook my head thinking ..Sting has come again. Nice one but i'll stick to Sting mostly.

  11. Inspector sting!!! I love it.
    Dame Sting, I'd have to get used to dis one


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