Friday, January 6, 2012

Milk Lovin'

or should i say milk madness
I know...i'm crazy but unlike regular milk, it doesn't go bad after a week (?). These are good until Feb and by then it would have been consumed. I have no clue how long regular milk lasts because the last time i bought or drank it was 2004. For the uninformed, this is Very Vanilla soymilk and you can always bet your last dollar that you will find at least one in my refrigerator at any given time, ALWAYS. It has to be Very Vanilla, Vanilla doesn't cut it. I buy a lot because i don't have time to go to the grocery store every week and not every store carries this flavor. Actually there's a grocery store close to school that carries it but they area almost $2 more than walmart. 'Yay for Walmart even though it's a good 15-20 minutes away.

Yes, u just read a blog post about milk. SMH. Please forgive me.

I am having some serious myalgia (haha! I sound smart. Hey! can i at least act like i'm learning something) thanks to this stupid flu. I have 3 more pathology lectures to listen to and 2 pharm lectures before i'm caught up, then i have to start learning them. I'm going to try to finish listening to the lectures tonight even though i feel like death and my eyes are blood shot (i wonder why the blood shot eyes).

I was made to realize that my picture in my previous post pretty much showed my whole face so i edited it accordingly. So you guys pretty much know or have a good idea what i look like, abi? Okay, back to pretending to be 100% anonymous.

*In case you were wondering what i do with all that milk
  • I wash my face with it - very good moisturizer
  • I brush with it- you know milk has calcium and is good for your teeth
  • I pray with it, just the way you use holy water or anointed oil
LOL... Nah! It just for oatmeal grubbing baby! It used to be oatmeal and Kelloggs Cornflakes but i no longer eat cereal (at least not with any regularity).


  1. ok I usually read your posts and dont comment but I had to for this bcos its hilarious! for a sec I almost believed you saying what you use it for i.e face, teeth and prayer(cracked me up). keep it coming dear, love your blog!

  2. i totally believed this..milk for facial wash..looool. nice one.

  3. Hahaha... this was funny.

    Why did you stop eating cereals?

  4. You Americans suffer from too much orishirishi variety of food joo. *jealous

    I nearly believed you about the facial wash!

  5. @Nutty: When i'm in school i try to eat healthy and cereals are like empty calories compared to oatmeal which is more filling. If i'm home and there's cereal, i will eat it. I just buy it when i'm in school.

  6. I love soy milk, but it's expensive sha oo. Have you ever tried making your own?

  7. Yay for oatmeal and soy milk. I love the vanilla one but will try this very vanilla you speak of. I believed the facial wash thing too... All sorts of home remedies springing up these days. Happy New Year and all the best for the semester.

  8. Ok. So I thought I was the only [nigerian] That used/drank soymilk. I prefer original and use regular vanilla with special kay.

    I get this face -> -__- everytime it is spotted in my fridge. regular milk irritates me with it's thickness.


    I bake eveything with it!


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