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Opinion poll.


Comments, thoughts, opinions, rants, tirades are welcome. MY opinion coming soon.


  1. Hmmm, I depends, I think. Some are for sure and some aren't.
    I don't know how to know who's who though. I just watch their behavior and what not but once a girl starts asking for this, asking for that, hmmmm, my warning bells go off. I don't mind giving stuff but I hate when a girl starts asking for things as if it's my duty, pisses me off and that's when I get stingy. Let me spoil you on my own, don't make me spoil you, that's my rule.

  2. Oh hell no!

    cant put my thoughts together ryt now..have too much to say...but i definitely know that in this day and age where women are being given as much ryt as men in the workplace and can earn as much or more than men, there should be no gold diggers.

    Nigerian women have the tendencies to be seen as gold diggers, but i think it is because they always want to be taken care of and because Nigerian men are somewhat cheap, they see them as gold diggers!

  3. Nigerian women are just other women.. but they are sometimes a little bit more beautiful....

  4. Haba!!! Una no even let the post land sef.

    I think it depends. Some are and some are not.

  5. I like Invisible's 'rule'. I think more naija men should adopt that rule. As long as they also do not treat women like possessions or 2nd class human beings.

    Love is takes two.
    Sex does not count as 'giving'.

    Yes a lot of naija women are materialistic but society made them that way. In a society where women have no rights, they will take...grab what they can get.

  6. I don't think gold digger is the right word, but yeah there are a lot of women out there that feel it's the man's job to pay for everything, even their own underwear. I have met chicks who make a lot of money but won't even buy their own credit, so yeah I guess it depends. Cos I've also met a lot of them like a few of my friends that love to pay for their own things. *shrugs*

    But doesn't that happen everywhere though?

  7. Not all...only some...reduces as women get older and more empowered...but there are still some few that never give up materialism...

    @Chukbyke: LOL @ ur response

  8. Some are and some are not. Women love to be taken care of and some just perceive taking as a sign of caring on the guys part.
    The men nowadays are cheap and have no respect for women. They can't differntiate the shaft from the grain I mean real ladies from the hangers on.
    A lot of women are materialistic, but most are that way because they feel the men don't care anyways, so they want to get all they can out of the relationship before it goes sour.
    Also some of them came from homes where their mother toiled with their fathers only for things to turn around and they abandon their mothers. In the face of this, they are out for all they can get if their fathers can abandon them, what might other guys do?
    Then there is the occassional materialistic woman.
    Poverty also has a lot to do with it. Imagine if a girl has a starving family and she wants to ease their suffering, rather than put out for someone for love she would rather do so, for a man she can get things from. Putting out is putting out.(Smiling and shaking my head at all these)

  9. i generally have a problem with stereotyped or generalized statements. there r millions & millions of Nigerian women! they all can't b all of these things! these characteristic has nothing 2 do with nationality. i remember most of my non-igbo friends going on & on abt how igbo love money. d beauty of it is dat igbo men don't say d same thing of dir women. there r certain traits some people, n dis case igbos, r raised with. a man is expected 2 take care of his woman! pure & simple. a man 4rm another tribe where dat isn't emphasized may den misunderstand d igbo woman wen she expects of him to 'take care of her'. so really, it's all about perspection.

  10. I returned for part 2. Thanks for endorsing my rule naijalines. I agree with you also on love is giving and IT TAKES TWO. Sometimes, I forget that rule and it becomes a one way road with the traffic coming from my side but personally, that doesn't bother me. Just like FFF said, "a man's supposed to take care of his woman".
    On being materialistic, I can't stand that either. Why can't people just be plain and simple. Long story short, I'll be scrutinizing my naija dates very hard. Na wa o. Sting, you don start something o.

  11. Flo did u just speak my mind???

    I do not agree with generalizing things. We have materialistic women everwhere. Not just in Nigeria abeg!

  12. That B.S. is one of those stereotypes like Asians can't drive, and Africans are poor.

    It's unfortunate, yes there are some men that are stupid enough to be swindled by some Nigerian women, but some of us *ahem* are self-sufficient/independent. If a Nigerian man steers clear of Nigerian women because he's trying to keep his pockets full. He didn't deserve us in the first place.


  13. even reading from the comments its evident, the African mentality is that A man has to take care of his woman. there's nothing wrong in believing that. anyways, so thr girls want their men to provide for their needs.

    now, there's a difference between needs and wants, that is somehow lost inbetween.

    some women are, some are not.
    I dont expect any man to provide for my needs. if he does, its all well and good. I appreciate gifts and all, but I dont expect them. I also give as much as i get.
    I'm digging invisible's rule!

  14. hmmm......that statement prolly came from a naija dude.
    Fact of the matter is there are gold diggers in every race not specific to naija females alone.
    Women are making more money than men now and any woman is lookign for a man to support her is just plain lazy.

  15. as most have said, some are n some arent..

    i think it has a lot to do with the person's background n character..

    materialistic women are everywhere mehn!

  16. I think Naija women are just women. I don't think we're more materialistic than any other woman. It's all relative. It's a personal thing, I guess. If she's materialistic and gold-digging, it's all about her (not her NigerianESS).


  17. i have alot to say abut this so i'll just come back.

  18. Some are and some are not.This is the same everywhere in the world.

  19. it's a two-way street here now o, men are also gold-diggers but i digress...

    NOT all naija women are. I for one am not.

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  21. there are two things that can be done with that sentence to make it a little less flawed:
    Put "Some" before Nigerian women or
    Take out Nigerian, and leave "women are..."

  22. True. Some are...
    but not all of them.

  23. And that reminds me...
    which one are you? lol

  24. Well, it would have been easier to give a straight answer if these were about women generally, notwithstanding their nationalilites. But then, we'll only have to give considerations to anthropology.

    ... and who says some men are not materialialistic too? ;)

  25. all boils down to the girl in question

  26. Why limit it to Naija Women? Why not all Black Women? In fact remembering Anna Nicole Smith, Cheryl Cole and Heather Mills why not all women?

  27. A male friend of mine that lives in the US told me that he thinks there is that "unspoken" agreement with Nigerian women.

    You spend money on them, and you in turn, get pussy(From the man's perspective). He said he finds dealing with Nigerian women easier cos at least you know, you'll get something after all that spending unlike American women(his words, not mine) that do not think they have to sleep with you even if you spend a whole lot on them...he says thats why he prefers Nigerian women...he knows what he is gonna get. He says most of his friends think the same way too.

    So it seems many Nigerian men have the perception that spending money on a woman = getting laid.

  28. Lol @ all the comments. My opinion on this issue is rather controversial. First of all 9ja men think spending money = getting laid, so basically 9ja women esp d hungry ones settled for this. And we as africans generally have the grab all i can mentality, so the typical 9ja woman will chop even to the point of ruining the man. And 9ja men thinking they will get d goodies will buy this n that!!!!. But wat do i know?

  29. captial NO. Do pple still generalise these days? I believe in individaulity and I think individual preference are so different.

  30. captial NO. Do pple still generalise these days? I believe in individaulity and I think individual preference are so different.


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