Saturday, September 27, 2008


Today was a CRAZY day at the hospital. Pun very much intended. If i had any doubts that i worked in a psychiatric hospital before today, after the 16 hr ordeal i have been through those doubts have been put to rest. It must be a full moon cos there is no other explanation for the madness that occurred today. Once again, pun intended. One patient was involved in 3 fights with 2 pple that sent the recipients of his sucker punch to the hospital. One ended up with a deep cut close to the eye and another one ended up with a sprained arm and swollen head.

Another patient was wilding out all day to say the least. Think about all your stereotypical images of a crazy person and she was it. She slapped a fellow patient and jacked her head on the wall, she also smacked that same patient with her shoes. Then later one she went a bitch slapped an unsuspecting patient who was sitting minding his own business for no reason. They she almost broke a chair on a staff, and then proceeded to start punching another staff who forgot herself for a moment and hit her back (staff is not supposed to fight back). This was just the highlights of the day. I cannot even begin the skim the surface of the events of the day. We had four patients on intensive watch and we were short staffed. It was total chaos!

It's so easy to forget that i'm in a mental hospital cos sometimes majority of the people are normal or having a good day depending on the unit i'm on. Today was bastard. Their craziness was in full force and i hate to use that word, but there's no other word to use. Then for some reason i was so pissed off by the 21 yr old who was very disrespectful to me and kept calling me a little girl whenever i asked him to do anything. He said why should he listen to a 13 yr old. Normally i wouldn't be pissed cos i know i look young, but today was just a bad day. He managed to get on my nerves and i told him my baby brother is older than him and he needs to shut up and get inside like i told him to. I just didn't care about professionalism at that point. I had had enough. I have to be back there in six hours so i need to go get whatever sleep i can cram in.

BTW, i have concluded that guys in ATL ain't about nothing. There are a couple of them i'm very tempted to slap right now, but they are not even worth that energy. Idiots! How are u going to email me when u have my number, ask me if i'm still interested in going to the aquarium and i reply in the affirmative then you don't bother replying back for 2 weeks?!!What type of shit is that? Then there's the other one that has even managed to annoy me more that this one. In fact, he is dead to me, so no need to talk about him. Bloody fool!

Jesus! I just discovered that my dog snores like a human being. Fear catch me. I would never have thot that. Has anyone ever heard a dog snore? I was shocked just now cos i heard snoring and it's just me and him in the room. I turned down my TV, lo and behold, Monsieur St. Lenie Esq is snoring like an old man. Chineke, God in heaven, wonders shall never end.


  1. 2nd!!!

    Mehn, babes, i don't envy u @ all, @ all. I guess we shd give glory to God that u were not mauled today. Goodluck with dis ur work sha.

    As for snoring dog, hmmmmm, me i know i can divorce a husband for snoring, it will now be dog that i will let to disturb my sleep.
    Anyway, i know u love lenie and love endures all things, so just grin and bear it, or maybe u shd sleep with earplugs!

  2. and you're sane after all that?
    seems ur atl fellas should be locked up in a kolomental home for a bit. learn some manners.

  3. pele o. i wish you the best. you'll be fine.

  4. sting's anatomy. have u identified any mcsteamy and mcdreamy yet? they should have those in mental wards too now

  5. Lol! Pele! I get that little girl thing a lot and its so annoying. I feel ya!

  6. This cannot be good for you @ all, Sting. You that you're not even sane. By the way, how do I know that you're not a patient with delusions of grandeur who thinks she's not a patient but a staff? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I have my suspicions.

    As for Ikechukwu, lol... sorry oh. That dog is a human. You shoulda named him like a human: Ikechukwu.

  7. The only thing I can think of is that working in the mental hospital will surely better prepare you to deal with these crazy men you tend to meet! I'm not even sure who I'm insulting by making such a comment.

    You're a trooper o; I think I would have decided this wasn't for me a few weeks ago.

  8. shuoooo!!! I DO NOT envy you at all!

    ur dog snores like a human? maybe he is! now u see why I said u should name him Saibu?

  9. A dog with human qualities...just what one needs, lol.

  10. Lol at your kolomental patients. I can feel your pain. My mum works in the psychiatric wing of her hospital and when she's sharing some stories, it's hilarious. She said one patient called her a monkey from Kenya. lol. Of course my mum wanted to show her what a Kenyan monkey looks like but thank God for Jesus.

    Funny enough, I was in ATL for like 4 hours yesterday afternoon. I could have taken you to that aquarium. Where was I in ATL? The airport (a layover), lol.
    By the way, yup, some dogs do snore.

  11. sting..this your job is demanding to say the least but i like your attitude..

    lol@snoring dog....thats kinda cute :)

  12. You hav to do something about the snoring dog o! Don't let those kolo people drive you nuts o!

  13. ehn..stay out of mad ppl way o! dnt let them mess up our pretty face...

    Lenie snores? interesting.

  14. i think i shud be prayin for ur safety specially offense at all to the patients, i really do feel for them..

    awwww lenie!


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