Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I just want to say a big thank you to all those who left a comment when i was having a semi-nervous breakdown or what u want to call it. I truly appreciate ur kind words and all that good stuff. I'm not taking the MCAT again cos that was my third time of taking it. Apparently, i'm MCAT dull. I've accepted it. All i know is that i'm getting into med school next yr. The score that i had the first time would have gotten me into carribean med school easily, so i'm chilling. I'm taking that 20% shot at an american med school and running with it. Miracles happen everyday.

I will be back later tonight to write about Nigerian girls being materialistic (not my personal opinion). It was a quote. Actually the direct quote was "I will never date a Nigerian girl, they are all gold diggers" naija boy

Also, i'm thinking of changing my blog template. What do u think? I'm bored with this one, and even though it's pretty, it doesn't load properly with some browsers PLUS, i'm thinking of becoming semi-anonymous. So what would u like, my real name or my picture without my name? No, u can't have both. (But then again, i might just be tantalising u guys with that offer. It's very possible that it's bogus)

I've been up since 3am cos i went to bed at 4.30pm yesterday and only got up twice in between. Now it's actually time to go to work and i'm tired again. Enjoy this video. It kept me entertained when i couldn't go back to sleep.


  1. I saw that video when it first came out, it was and it still is hilarious.
    MCAT ... it is well. Do what you have do.

    Can I vote for your name and picture? I know I can't but hey, I can always try. I vote for your picture with no name. I'll leave you as Jane Doe (God forbid).

  2. i say real name false pic.
    twenty percent is good enough if you say it is sweetie. x

  3. Follow your dreams hun. It is well.
    I want to see your face o:-)

    How work? Good to see you settling in.

  4. My boo sent me this video...I had a good laugh that day!

  5. yeah, I think you can take that 20% chance. just apply to schools where your score is competitive for. goodluck!

    I vote pictures!!!

  6. Hope you get that 20% shot.

    About your blog what you like. Hopefully the new one would be as nice or nicer.

    Why do you want to become semi anonymous? I'll say your picture without your name cos a lot of people 'google' names and if you don't want yours to be found right next to something you wrote about whoever then that might not be a good idea. Ofcourse you could always get a private blog.
    Can't see the vid. My portable firefox doesn't have Adobe flash 9.

  7. I will like to see a picture of u cos I really am curious

  8. Hey babes...dats d spirit. gd luck. Il prefer ur pix to ur name

  9. buahahahahahahahaha twas hilarious

    BTW i want to see ya face n ya name nothing more :)

  10. i lick my fingerz like a lollipop!!!!!

    First saw dat vid at a friend's house and its been in my head every since!!

    Mm well i wana c a pic of u...with a name, ppl cud easily luk u up on facebook u know.. so they'd hv it both wayz! Abi?


  11. at least u have the caribbean option, thank God for that..

    i dont even know what to say bout the naija guy..waitin for the post sha..

    i'd go with ur pic..but then, u said it might all be bogus.. :(

    pls dont change ur template, me loves it!!!!

  12. I personally dont like your blog template so I'd say yeah change it to something clearer. For starters, the green writing dey pain eye.

    Abt gng semi-anon, I'd suggest pic but no name... that's mysterious esp for those of us dat dnt know u.

  13. post the pic
    i dont care bout the damn
    good luck

  14. I'll say name and no pic. Well, that's what I would have done. I see I inspired your post today. thanks for rubbing it in my face that I wasn't able to embed and you could. Lol.
    How are you?

  15. dt vid is freaking hilarious! u shld see the others...

    as per MCAT? do wat u have to...but i def wish u good luck and God's favor with errthainggg...

  16. Best of luck my sista on the application process. From what I hear, the thing no easy! But you can do it. I have faith in you. =)

    As for Nigerian golddiggers, what rubbish. Gold diggers come in all shapes, colors and sizes. And as a Nigerian woman, I am constantly offended by that insulting generalization. But, let me calm down and do some Buddhist chanting to get my anger under control, lol!

    Hmm, semi anonymous, eh? Why would you do that? Just curious. But, then again, this is coming from the woman who works EXTRA hard to b anonymous and won't even open a FB account in my real name. yeah, its deep like that. =)

  17. OMG, chick, u should put up your name... Not to give myself away, but with the internetz these days, your name will totally at some point help find a pic of you, so I'll have both (*insert evil laugh here*)!!!

  18. ok lemme hit u!..finally u hav updated something "happy" ur last 3 posts were disturbin...as4d template i lyk dis one oh but lets c wat'u ll come up wif...ow u dey? i jst wanna wish u luck sha...

  19. u ddnt make d MCAT? oh boy. so sad 2 hear dat. thank God u r very optimist abt it. cos where there's a will, dez a way

  20. sweerie u know say i give u award shebi??

  21. You are an optimist! I love your spirit. See where you dey now. Osshhe Madam Sting!


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