Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blog etiquette

I have a poll up on the upper right hand corner of my blog. I've been blogging for over 3 years now and i've never been big on responding to comments left on my blog or even leaving comments on other blogs. There are a ton of blogs i read regularly but hardly, if ever comment on. Most of the time i'm lazy, sometimes, i have nothing to say.  I haven't really paid too much attention to stuff like that.

Miss.fab's most recent post got me thinking and i spoke to another blogger friend. I guess there is an unspoken blog etiquette that i have been blind to. So please, take a sec to participate in my poll and leave a comment, telling me what you think these rules are or should be. Should there be rules, or should we just free style. I've been free styling to be honest, but i don't want anyone to feel slightly or ignored or whatever especially if you are a faithful reader or commenter on my blog. I care, that's why i'm asking.

To those who listened to Vera's show today, i was told by my personal person, after listening that i was too aggressive. My apologies to those who personally got offended. I hope no one did. I tend to get that way when i am passionate about something. The good thing is pple found the show interesting and a few pple said they didn't think it was going to be.

Pls vote on my poll. Thanks guys.


  1. Well I think most people take the blog thing quite seriously... But one thing I know for sure, you will get more fans if you comment and follow up on their blogs as well... but really if you dont have anything to say leave it... when people do the 'FIRST' makes me wonder.

  2. It would be nice to leave a comment as a way of encouragement..but becox of INSULTS, many simply read. I personally follow rules i made myself..Blogging should be freestyle.

  3. There are some etiquette's to blogging it is however not forced. I see it as a do as you please kinda thing.

  4. when i read a blog, i usually comment.i guess its just a way of saying:yes i read your blog and i liked it..if you do.

  5. Sweet,
    You do try to reply comments but there are some people who don't even bother replying you even if once! For me, I take it to be rude..
    If someone comments on an average of 10 0f your posts and you don't acknowledge the person's presence, well whatever.. For me though, personally, I couldn't care less, cause emm.. What truly matters is what you write.. The content.. Not like its an F2F , dig?
    How you? Just seeing that I missed two of your posts, e dey pain me..

  6. Lol well I'm glad I inspired you. 2cute4u mirrored my thoughts exactly. I mean people don't have to reply if they don't want to because if I enjoy their posts, I'll keep reading their blogs.

  7. Thanks guys for your responses. Noted.

  8. i dont think is necessary to reply every blog one reads..i dont

  9. I am guilty of not replying people's comments on my posts... Honestly, I don't think it's a big deal. If you ask me a very important question in a comment though, I'll respond. Lol. Sounds saucy abi?

    It's a blog jo, I cannot come and go and kill myself. This is not to say that I don't appreciate comments o, I don't get enough of them anyway... Lol.

  10. hmmm. i guess i've been rude too

    i used to reply to comments. well, comments dat get me thinking o. not big on replying just to say thank you. but maybe i should learn it.

    now, i don't reply much. in fact, i hardly reply comments. i don't know why. it's not dat i don't appreciate the comment or the person who took out time to comment o. i very much do. but just get kind of lazy to write. as for leaving comment wen i visit blogs, i've a rule on that. i nearly always leave a comment on every blog i visit. unless wot is said is too 'dry', or sounds too made up, or pple r just parayarning too much & i no get energy to contradict the (probably with adverse results).

    i no hear vera's show. pray, na wetin u talk sef?

  11. oops....guilty. i hardly reply comments these days and yes i blame the horrible internet in Nigeria, and the few times i reply comments is when someone asks a question or something...

  12. Most times I leave comments and respond to comments but I do not expect it of others. I do appreciate it when they do. But it's not like rules or anything.

  13. I've probably been doing the same as you Sting. Free-styling.
    I don't think there is any manual or ettiquete book.

    I comment on blog posts if and when i have anything relevant to add to the discussion, and i hardly come back to check comments on the same post, so even if i am replied, i may never know.
    Sometimes i don't leave a comment simply because i read the post 2 wks after it was put up.
    I actually prefer this to people who leave comments that tell you that they clearly did NOT read the post. I don't think it should be roll call or marking attendance.

    I do most of my blog rounds via google reader, sometimes on my fone and i can't comment from there.

    However i read SO many blogs, more than i can count. At every point in time i have about 150 items in my reader. Commenting on ALL these blogs would be impossible.

    About responding to comments, i will if i am asked a question. I could even go as far as sending an email if i feel the need to expantiate.

    Blogging should be happy, fun and do as you please as long as you're not being pointedly rude.

    I'm happy i got to hear your voice on the show. You got a little aggressive in parts but not in a bad way, just in a i'm passionate about what i have to say way.
    Good job dear.

  14. So, what are the results of your poll?

  15. @Isha: So far, pple are saying i should do what works for me, with "It would be nice" coming in second place.

  16. chai, i missed the show, oh i voted whatever works for you, seeing as it is your blog and all. i am more interested in the post


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