Saturday, June 5, 2010


I had a rough night yesterday but finally i'm at peace. I realize that i can't control everything and things don't always go according to plan but you just have to accept life and go with the flow.

With peace comes happiness. I'm happy and i'm enjoying every minute of it. I was sad for too long, and hope the rest of this year is filled with happiness for me cos 2010 started out by bitch slapping me.

My med school is too freaking strict. My friend's best friend at another med school which shall remain nameless has been failing. Yet, her school gives them chances to re-take exams and remediate stuff over the summer. I didn't even fail anything. It kinda of sucks. I still love my med school sha! I think it's a really good school, but they are too strict!

Remember this dude? He's still calling. Called again today. He is very persistent. I'm not understanding why he just won't give up. Like why?

I can breathe again!!


  1. Hey! sis, it's well! Am glad you have gotten over it...i also have my fair share of pain & depression.. but JOY COMETH in the mornings... am glad you can breathe again..that guy?..hmm...ask him what he wants from you..& SPELL it out to him IF you are not interested...but IF you can TEST the waters...cautiously...& quickly PULL out IF it is not to your careful ok?..xoxo


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