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I'm not a feminist, but........................

I've been wanting to blog but can't seem to settle on what to talk about. School is less than 2 months away. Yikes! I really haven't done much studying since January. I couldn't. But i'm going to at least go over block one of Anatomy, i think it will ease the transition back into the MADNESS!!!

Result of the poll: 40% of voters picked "Whatever works for you" and 37% picked "It would be nice". So that means, i will do the best i can to reply comments. Thanks to everyone who voted.

I've been wanting to write on feminism for a long time. I still haven't gotten my thoughts together. I think one of the best decisions i have made in my life was to major in Psychology. Hands down! Psychology of women was an awesome, awesome class to take. You would think there would be a lot more males interested in the class but apparently not. Anyway, that class opened my eyes to what feminism really is.

That's why the people, especially females, who say "blah blah blah blah........ but not like i'm a feminist or anything like that o" or "I'm not a feminist but.......blah blah blah" or anything along those lines irritates the hell out of me. I personally think it is the height of ignorance to say that. I think if you are a woman, and you can wear pants and vote and get a divorce, become a doctor or whatever profession you chose, or work outside your home, or drive a car, to mention a few and you believe in equal rights and opportunities for both sexes, then you are a damn FEMINIST. No, you shouldn't champion the cause or carry it on ur head, if you don't want to. That's not the point. I don't necessarily go up and down the street shouting that i am a feminist. It's not even one of the primary identifiers of who i am, but you will never hear me utter those words that i'm not a feminist and it's not a question that i would hesitate to answer. I am a feminist, no doubt about it. I appreciate the work of the women who fought so that i have the opportunities i currently have.

Feminism is not about being a man hating female, or being the boss in the relationship or whatever negative connotation is currently associated with that word. I just don't get why an educated female in this day and age would preface or end a statement with " not like i'm a feminist or anything like that". Like i said, that is very ignorant and there's no excuse for that in this google age. Google it and stop sounding ignorant. I beg you. Na beg i dey beg. I feel like writing a scholarly article on this issue but i will restrain myself.

ETA: Just so the point of this post is not lost. I'm not saying everyone should self-identify as a feminist. Far from it, do u! What i'm saying is why would a female talk about feminism like it's a bad thing and not want to be associated with it? I think something is wrong with that picture. Society has done a pretty good job of associating a negative connotation to that word that even women (who primarily benefit from the feminist movement) buy into it. I think it's sad.


  1. in as much as you have a right to say that you are a feminist, i think another woman also has a right to say that they are not feminists.

  2. ok leggy.... noted. Anyone can identify with whatever they chose to, the issue i have is with the females who say it like it's a bad thing, something they don't want to be associated with. Why?

  3. Like you said over time the word has come to be looked upon as something negative...and a feminist is sometimes almost seen as an overly aggressive, forever fighting/championing or pursuing a cause...and some women prefer not to be seen as that.

    That being said when taken in its actual context, being a feminist isn't a negative is simply believing in the fact that being a woman doesn't make me anyless of a human being and therefore I am entitled to equal rights as my male counter-parts. With that said, I am happy to stand for my rights and be a feminist.

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  4. Great post! From a personal perspective I will say when I've added the 'I'm not a feminist' disclaimer it's because I've studied elements of feminist ideology and from an educated perspective it doesn't sit right with me. (That's not to say there aren't elements of the first and second waves of feminism that chime with my personal views.)

    I'm a fan of Bell Hooks and Germaine Greer, however I don't like radical feminism. Hence why I'm reluctant to carry the feminist label (or any label for that matter). Also I don't like radicalism in general!

    Personally I don't really occupy one position on the ideological spectrum so I'd rather not label myself as anything, whether feminist, neo conservative, socialist, liberal (the list is endless). I think the danger is presuming that a woman denying she's a feminist comes from a place of ignorance. If she's made an informed choice as to why she's anti-feminist, then more power to her. It may be annoying but to adopt the stance of Voltaire I'll conclude by saying... 'I may detest what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it'.

    Anyway, I've gone on enough!

    Keep up the great work!

    Christiana xxx

  5. Am content to be a woman & ready to fight for any just cause like underage marriages, wife battery, child abuse..& thanks a lot to our fore bearers who made it possible for women to enjoy many privileges like education, right to vote, freedom of speech.... Alas!..when it comes to USURPING THE HEAD,..i beg to disagree!...we should know when & where to draw the line..that is why feminism is looked upon NEGATIVELY! Lets call a spade a spade...NATURE HAS GIVEN MEN THE UPPER HAND!..but we are the POWER behind the power...we control the men..that is the IRONY of life!..A man's life can either be made or mar by his MOTHER, SISTER, WIFE OR MISTRESS!.....we all know the story of our TURAI OF NIGERIA abi? If our fight is justified,most men would fight ALONG SIDE with us..The bottom lone is that 'WE SHOULD NOT OVER-DO IT'.

  6. I think christiana has said my mind to a large extent..really, do not label me, and i totally try to understand the context within which someone used the phrase..'not that i am a feminist or anything..'

  7. I am a feminist and I make no excuses for it. Not for what kind of feminist I am or what the meaning of Feminism is.

    Lovely post jare, you hit the nail on the head.

  8. I think Christiana and Nitty Gritty have made some very good points. So I won't repeat them.

    I think some feminists give the definition a bad name. Just like NBA basketballers who cheat on their wives give those who don't a bad name. An original definition can be usurped by a group of people who call themselves something that the original definition is not.

    Those who try to dissociate themselves probably don't want to associate with the 'radical' acts of certain feminists, like Christiana said.

    I think women should have equal rights. That being said, I must be a feminist but I don't necessarily associate myself with some "feminist movements" of the 21st century.

  9. True talk...I used to be queen bee feminist in a women's organization committee until the other girls started going crazy radical, I ran FAST. I am feminist by definition (really who isn't?)

  10. We all are feminist, our level of feminism differ...A radical feminist i am not but still am a hit the nail in the head with this post.

  11. The 'ignoranuses' (plural - ignorani?) that use that 'not that i'm feminist o' suffix are just confused by the way feminism is described as 'devilish' by society. I don't know why every woman isn't a proud feminist. It's the way to go. It's all about what makes you a feminist, how dyu define it? How dyu live it out?

    I am a proud feminist; AND I love men.

    And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  12. Thank you...someone actually called me a 'feminist' and it was meant to be an insult...hmmmmmm. Well its not my fault that they dont get it

  13. Ok, na so so women full here, make I carry my big head commot before dem break am.

  14. lol, smh sugaking your just eh,ok you're a feminist too. sting like you rightly said, it's the way the media portrays feminism that sorta make them shy away, it's like feminism makes them look like a radical or look like a lesbian (gasp.) I remember one of my aunties warning my cousins and I to "stop talking that nonsense" if we wanted to get married at all. aparently it's a marriage deal breaker as well? (raise eye brow). Oh and thanks for the shout out on your other blog :) wasn't able to comment still.

  15. I'm glad i put this topic up. Some of your responses have made me think. I need to go find out what's up with this radical feminism some of you talked about and the deal with the 21st century feminist movement.

    People equating feminism to lesbianism? New one. Never heard of that one. It all boils down to the negative associations society has tied that word to.

    I think i should do some research and find out what all these negative associations and connotations are. I'm finding this very interesting.

    Thanks to everyone who has commented so far. I'm learning.

  16. @lahlah: You should be able to comment on the blog now. Let me know if you have any trouble.

  17. absolutely love this post. i am one of those ppl who say i am not a feminist after reading this, am never making the statement again. done with celebrating my ignorance.. ha ha. great post

  18. hehehehehe, lol..
    This chic, na wa for you!
    I was here,
    I had fun reading..
    I no get strength today..
    Have a great weekend!

  19. I am a proud feminist


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